They Made Domains Great Again!! Thank you Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter!

Morning Folks!!

Want to be in charge of your own destiny on the Internet? There is only ONE WAY to accomplish that. It starts with EVERYTHING revolving around your Domain Name. EVERYTHING!! I mean that IS your front door is it not?

Many of us have been talking about how big a mistake it is TRUSTING these 3rd parties with your content and with your future since Day 1. Now the world knows why.

So with the recent bannings and the fact that third parties control YOUR destiny has finally woken people up inquiries are going thru the roof. This was something I could see coming and my first post when I started to blog again may make a little more sense now. My shortest post ever:

The Life, The Death and The Rebirth of the Industry of Domains.

"Coming this summer."

Welcome to the rebirth! 8-8-18. Mark it on your calendar.

Sorry, but free speech is free speech and as we burn the books and words we don't like it sure reminds me of another time. I thought that was a lesson learned. I guess not.

But be that as it may, it is GREAT, for domain names. It is great for those that invested wisely in domains. It will also be a tough lesson for those on the sidelines trying to sell worthless crap.

Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter have "Re-Birthed" domain names. It won't do crappola for the "Domain Industry" but it is doing wonders for solid and in demand domains.

These events will challenge EVERY brand and entity to rethink their social online strategy. While first contact may be made on social media, follow up contact should be done within the confines of their own website. It is a HUGE business mistake to allow these third parties such control of your business and lives.

If you are opening an online business and you dependent on Google for your traffic, GOOD LUCK!! Google traffic is a BONUS. Your job is to use all other sources FIRST! If Facebook or Twitter is where you conduct customer service, it's FOOLISH at best! Their #1 job is to transition them off of these platforms and to their website!

These 3rd parties are TOOLS, they are not FOUNDATIONS! The domain name is the ONLY foundation you can control on the Internet.

This is a tough lesson that MILLIONS of businesses around the world are learning TODAY! It will take a while to manifest itself further. Many board meeting will be setting new agendas and that is ripe with the fall business boom!

The "Masters of the Universe" are they YOUR master? Do they control YOUR destiny? They do and will if you allow them. Unfortunately millions of businesses have been blind to it. But they are blind no more. They are TERRIFIED! As they should be.


Rick Schwartz

When you’re an Early Adapter, it’s not a Surprise to be Early on the Exit as well.

Morning Folks!!

When you are an early adapter, it's not a surprise to be early on the exit as well. That means you move on from Technology and Fads earlier than those that show up late.

As a group we were among the first to use social media. We will also be among the first to move on. That's what early adapters do. They adapt before the masses. They move on before the masses.

Another one is the amount of time we spend online as early adapters. But that also means we will be the first to spend less time online. And that is already happening. Do online companies understand this dynamic?

It took more than 50 years for folks to adapt to driving a car. But I bet the early adapters were also first to use a Taxi.

And early never means you have to be the first. I have even come into industries last and was able to make my way and make my mark. Entry point is important, but don't focus on it.

I don't think I have ever been first. But I have always been in the first 5%-10% and that works.

But to be an early adapter you have to have an open mind to things you might not want to open up to and you have to differentiate between fads and true opportunities. In my experience it takes some time and thought to adapt. Adaption accelerates with knowledge and success. And part of that knowledge is knowing the things that are not adaptable. They may not even make it to fad status!

People did not adapt to "New Coke". It was a product failure but a huge company success as Coca-Cola got more shelf space at stores and squeezed some of the competition right off the shelf. They never relinquished that space. So you even have to be adaptable when you fail. Failure is a step closer to adaptation.

Since you have early adapters, you also have LATE adapters. Case in point, Domains and Bitcoin. If you were an early adapter of bitcoin you may have done very well. If you are a late adapter, chances are you blew your brains out and bought at $19,000.

Late adapters of domains ended up chasing all types of shiny objects and the vast majority blew their brains out too. Even some early adapters of both did not have a strong belief in what they were doing and sold way too soon and blew their brains out like that.

Why do people adapt to begin with? We get back to my favorite saying: Need, Want, Desire, Value. In other words there is something in it for THEM. To make their life easier or more efficient or other great benefit. That's why GTLD's fall short. It's an example of a Fad without consumers and few end users.

A fad is when something gets hot. When the fad is over, they get dropped like hot potato's and without notice. Early adapters are also keen to spot fads that die. Fads that have a short lifespan if one at all vs those fads with staying power that become staples. I love staples!

Adaptation's sister is rejection. We adapt or we reject. We recognize something life changing or we don't. I hope as long as I live my gift of adaptation and rejection stays strong and true. I simply look for the intersections of the future and seize them. What's the next thing to adapt to? Stay tuned. Jumping on the fad bandwagon does not make you an early adapter. It usually makes you broke.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz Hijacking by Frands Jepsen of Knud Jepsen, Denmark, Foiled by WIPO

Evening Folks!!

The SECOND to last thing I want to do is blog again. But the LAST thing I want to do is allow a THIEF like Frands Jepsen of Knud Jepsen from Denmark and his attorney  Marie Lykke Kristiansen of Patrade A/S Denmark to get away without paying a substantial and LONG LASTING price!!

So I am minding my own business and read that my domain, that I bought in 1997 and was first registered in 1995 was the subject of a WIPO action claiming Trademark Infringement! I laughed cuz whoever the FOOL and the INEPT attorney representing the fool was to go after a name that I owned for just short of 20 years was going to have their lives altered in a way they could never even imagine. Like a mugshot permanently hung up for the entire world to see. Blogs, news, social media. All out of their control but allowed others control of THEIR reputations. A costly mistake by THIEVES to try and steal a multi-million dollar asset. Cute! Caught! Game over for YOU, just starting for ME.

For the record, I am a TERRIBLE steward of reputations for THIEVES and would-be hijackers. No reputation repair company can EVER help them. They EARNED the name "Reverse Domain Name Hijackers" by an esteemed International panel of 3 and they will bear that moniker for eternity. My problem is now THEIR problem.

Here are the employees of Knud Jepsen from Denmark and doing business at Led by Frands Jepsen (below) ceo/owner and I assume other employees that are responsible. Now CONVICTED of "REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING" (RDNH). Represented by Marie Lykke Kristiansen of Patrade A/S Denmark who should have known better! SHAME ON YOU and your LAW FIRM! "Accomplices" in a hijacking. Like driving the getaway car!

Since there is no prison time nor is there even a monetary penalty for their attempted theft, it is up to domain and business owners like myself to tell EVERYONE.

Cattle Rustlers used to be HUNG! The only tool we have is public shaming and humiliation. The Internet is written in INK. Their names will be forever associated with their Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Even though it was not successful, it cost me $5000 to defend my own property and time and all the other crap! Well, I am here for my POUND OF FLESH Frands Jepsen and Company. You had your turn, now it is my turn!

$2 Million was the price I quoted your representative Karen Mogelvang from your Marketing & Branding Department in 2015. Matter of fact, I never even answered her first email. I blew her off. She had to email me again before I responded. Glad I did, helped me win the case! In the decision it states:

  1. The Complaint (That's you Frands) lacks candour (That means: the quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness is MISSING) in that it makes no mention of the Complainant's unsuccessful approach to buy the Disputed Domain Name from the Respondent.

I sent an email (see in italics below) and tried to warn Frands Jepsen of the consequences he and his company AND his lawfirm, Patrade A/S, Denmark would face after their conviction. Now Frands you pay the price for trying to STEAL a domain you did not want to pay $2 Million for. The 3 member panel that UNANIMOUSLY convicted you called it a classic "Plan B".

"In the Panel's view, this is a classic "Plan B" case where a party, having been frustrated in its negotiations to buy a domain name, resorts to the ultimate option of a highly contrived and artificial claim not supported by any evidence or the plain wording of the UDRP. This stratagem has been described in many UDRP cases as "a highly improper purpose" and it has often contributed to findings of RDNH"

In lay language. You are CHEAP BASTARDS that abused the administrative proceeding of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). You tried to use them to STEAL from ME! And for that, you get what Frands Jepsen, employees and their lawyers deserve. To be exposed throughout the world. My job will be done when your NEIGHBORS know you are a THIEF!

Did I get an apology? NO! Did they send me $5000 to reimburse me? NO! Scoundrels and THIEVES seldom do. But I am entitled to bring a Federal action with a minimum $100,000 award PLUS attorney fees etc etc.

Frands Jepsen of Knud Jepsen, Owner and CEO tried to steal my business. I am going to teach Frands Jepsen and all connected an Internet lesson they will never forget. There are now multiple articles about this attempted hijacking of Twitter discussions. Linkedin discussions. Blog posts. My job is CIRCULATION Frands! I want the world to know you tried to HIJACK the QUEEN!

Hope you comment. But I am sure you are a COWARD as well as a THIEF! Oh well, there is a dictionary of adjectives I will use to describe you in the coming years.

So with that in mind, you have been inducted into where I list Reverse Domain Hijackers like Frands Jepsen. You may want to read my article on Procter and Gamble who did a similar thing for a $30,000 domain. Now that is a STAIN that even Clorox can't get out. Was it a coincidence that the CEO and his team were fired 90 days after the Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision and MY articles? The biggest company shakeup in 100 YEARS!!??? I DON'T BELIEVE SO!!

Let me share my UNANSWERED email to Frands with my readers. I am a man of my word:

Hello Frands,

I am going to file suit against YOU and YOUR COMPANY for interfering with my business.
YOU will be labeled a "reverse domain name hijacker" (GO LOOK IT UP) and the world will see it. Your lawyers and employees too. 

Check out what I did to the last MORON that tried to STEAL from me. 
And I have reserved a spot for YOU, YOUR EMPLOYEES and your Attorney on where it will be for eternity!

Campbells tried to get from me. THEY LOST!
Lilly Company tried to get from me. THEY LOST!

And you, YOU will be the BIGGEST LOSER EVER because we are talking about a multi-million dollar domain.I don't like THIEVES and sir, that is what YOU are!

I will exercise my right of FREE SPEECH on Twitter so folks FAR and WIDE know. Your NEIGHBORS and FAMILY will know. And after I win and you are slapped with a "Reverse Domain Name Hijacker" moniker, I will present in Federal Court for substantial DAMAGES. I am going to make you infamous to all in DENMARK and beyond. Present this as evidence I don't give a crap. I HATE THIEVES!

Good thing YOU will be CAUGHT and in front of the entire world! The Internet is written in INK and this attempted theft will follow you, your company and your family to the day you die. 

Can't wait for your WIPO complaint so I and my attorney can make you look like FOOLS and THIEVES! And when it is over, the answer is NO. No, I will NOT remove any reference to what you and your company did and I will make you and your company the NEWEST POSTER BOY for DOMAIN HIJACKING! I will call YOU a HIJACKER for many YEARS! Ask around Frands, Do some research. YOU picked the wrong guy to steal from! Please don't blame me for what is to come. YOUand your ATTORNEY brought this on yourself.

btw, check out the Clorox stories of Procter and Gamble I wrote about:
  They will NEVER remove that stain. CEO got fired for it!


So, a PROMISE KEPT! I tried to warn him. Fell on deaf ears. Just crickets! Ignoring concerns on the Internet is a recipe for disaster no matter who tries it. Every single time and folks NEVER learn. They watch others go down in FLAMES and just follow the same idiotic path.

And this exercise is for the next FOOL, that tries to steal from ME or possibly anyone else!

Frand Jepsen and his company Knud Jepsen are hereby awarded the distinction of Poster boy for 2017. In the coming days YOU will have YOUR FACE and your attorney plastered on HOME PAGE as well as Frands, you will be the STAR of Or shall I say the QUEEN of But only until circulation hits critical mass. Then back to where it was pointed before! So don't think you are any better off then you were. Eventually you will figure it out and know how badly you screwed up. The screwup of a lifetime! Only about 35 companies/people a YEAR are CONVICTED of Reverse Domain Name hijacking out of some 300 MILLION domain names WORLDWIDE. That puts you in a very exclusive group of ASSHOLES, FOOLS, MORONS and IDIOTS! I am sure my readers could spend DAYS pinning adjectives on you and your attempted hijacking. Remember to update your résumé with your new title Frands.

At least we finally found out WHO is "Rotten in Denmark", Frands Jepsen and his company Knud Jepsen and attorney Marie Lykke Kristiansen of Patrade A/S Denmark. Did you guys learn anything or are you just jumping up and down angry?

And should ANY of you threaten me for circulating FACTS, then I will go into HIGH GEAR! Believe me, I am still on "Cruise Control" guys.

Poke a SLEEPING Lion once and he may keep sleeping. Do it twice he will DEVOUR ALL of you in whole!! BURP!

Here is their Facebook page in case you would like to wish them luck. I used google translator to post in Danish:

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

PS: A big THANK YOU to Zak Muscovitch for presenting a MASTERFUL case. I may even release our entire argument. Text Book PERFECT!

PS2: If your comment is "Long" the "Post button" may disappear on some browsers. We are addressing the issue but may be a few days. Please try and separate into smaller posts until then. Thanks!

Danish Translation

Aften folkens !!

Den anden til sidste ting, jeg vil gøre, er blog igen. Men det sidste, jeg vil gøre, er at tillade en TJOR som Frands Jepsen fra Knud Jepsen fra Danmark og hans advokat Marie Lykke Kristiansen fra Patrade A / S Danmark at komme væk uden at betale en betydelig og langvarig pris !!

Så jeg tænker på min egen virksomhed og læser, at mit domæne,, som jeg købte i 1997 og blev registreret første gang i 1995, var genstand for en WIPO-aktion, der påberåber varemærkes overtrædelse! Jeg lo cuz hvem den FOOL og den INEPT advokat, der repræsenterer idioten, skulle gå efter et navn, jeg ejede i bare kort 20 år, ville få deres liv ændret på en måde, de aldrig kunne forestille sig. Ligesom en mughot hang permanent for hele verden at se. Blogs, nyheder, sociale medier. Alt er uden for deres kontrol, men tillod andre kontrol over deres omdømme. En kostbar fejl ved THIEVES at forsøge at stjæle et multi-million dollar aktiv. Cute! Fanget! Spil over til dig, lige begyndt for mig.

Til posten er jeg en FORFÆRDELIG steward af omdømme for THIEVES og ville være kapere. Intet omdømme reparationsfirma kan nogensinde hjælpe dem. De har EARNED navnet "Reverse Domain Name Hijackers" af et anerkendt internationalt panel på 3 og de vil bære den moniker for evigheden. Mit problem er nu deres problem.

Her er medarbejderne hos Knud Jepsen fra Danmark og forretninger på Ledet af Frands Jepsen (under) ceo / ejer og jeg påtager sig andre medarbejdere, der er ansvarlige. Nu BEKRÆFTET af "REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING" (RDNH). Repræsenteret af Marie Lykke Kristiansen fra Patrade A / S Danmark, som burde have kendt bedre! SKAM PÅ DIG OG DERES LOVFIRM! "Akkompagnementer" i en kapring. Kan lide at køre flugtbilen!

Da der ikke er nogen fængselstid, og heller ikke er der en monetær straf for deres tyveri, er det op til domæne- og virksomhedsejere som mig selv at fortælle alle.

Kvæg Rustlers plejede at være HUNG! Det eneste værktøj, vi har, er offentlig shaming og ydmygelse. Internettet er skrevet i INK. Deres navne vil altid være forbundet med deres Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Selvom det ikke lykkedes, kostede det mig $ 5000 for at forsvare min egen ejendom og tid og alle de andre crap! Nå, jeg er her for min PUND OF FLESH Frands Jepsen og Company. Du havde din tur, nu er det min tur!

$ 2 millioner var prisen jeg citerede din repræsentant Karen Mogelvang fra din Marketing & Branding afdeling i 2015. Faktisk svarede jeg aldrig selv sin første email. Jeg sprængte hende ud. Hun måtte e-maile mig igen, før jeg svarede. Glad jeg gjorde, hjalp mig med at vinde sagen! I beslutningen hedder det:

Klagen (det er du Frands) mangler godhed (Det betyder: kvaliteten af ​​at være åben og ærlig i udtryk; åbenhed er MISSING), fordi det ikke nævner Klagerens mislykkede tilgang til at købe det omtvistede domænenavn fra respondenten.
Jeg sendte en email (se kursiv nedenfor) og forsøgte at advare Frands Jepsen om de konsekvenser, som han og hans firma OG hans advokatfirma Patrade A / S, Danmark ville møde efter deres overbevisning. Nu, Frands betaler du prisen for at forsøge at STEAL et domæne, du ikke ønskede at betale $ 2 millioner til. Det 3-medlemspanel, som UNANIMOUSUS dømte dig, kaldte det en klassisk "Plan B".

"I panelets opfattelse er dette en klassisk" Plan B "-sag, hvor en fest, der har været frustreret i sine forhandlinger om at købe et domænenavn, er den ultimative mulighed for en stærkt konstrueret og kunstig påstand, der ikke understøttes af noget bevis eller Klart formulering af UDRP. Denne strategi er blevet beskrevet i mange UDRP-tilfælde som "et meget ukorrekt formål", og det har ofte bidraget til resultaterne af RDNH "

På sproget. Du er CHEAP BASTARDS, der misbrugte den administrative procedure fra World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Du forsøgte at bruge dem til at stjæle fra mig! Og for det får du, hvad Frands Jepsen, medarbejdere og deres advokater fortjener. At blive udsat i hele verden. Mit arbejde vil blive gjort, når dine naboer ved, at du er en tøf!

Fik jeg undskyldning? INGEN! Har de sendt mig $ 5000 for at refundere mig? INGEN! Scoundrels og THIEVES gør sjældent. Men jeg har ret til at bringe en føderal handling med mindst $ 100.000 tildeling PLUS advokatgebyr mv mv.

Frands Jepsen fra Knud Jepsen, ejer og CEO forsøgte at stjæle min virksomhed. Jeg skal lære Frands Jepsen, og alle har tilsluttet en internet-lektion, de aldrig vil glemme. Der er nu flere artikler om dette forsøg på kapring af Twitter diskussioner. Linkedin diskussioner. Blogindlæg. Mit job er CIRCULATION Frands! Jeg vil have verden til at vide, at du forsøgte at HIJACK DROTTEN!

Håber du kommenterer. Men jeg er sikker på at du er en COWARD såvel som en TYPE! Åh ja, der er en ordbog med adjektiver, jeg vil bruge til at beskrive dig i de kommende år.

Så med det i tankerne er du blevet introduceret i, hvor jeg nævner Reverse Domain Hijackers som Frands Jepsen. Du vil muligvis gerne læse min artikel om Procter og Gamble, som gjorde en lignende ting for et $ 30.000 domæne. Nu er det en STAIN, at selv Clorox ikke kan komme ud. Var det tilfældigt, at administrerende direktør og hans team blev fyret 90 dage efter domænenavnets kapacitetsbeslutning og mine artikler? Det største selskab shakeup i 100 år !! ??? Jeg tror ikke så !!

Lad mig dele min UNANSWERED email til Frands med mine læsere. Jeg er en mand af mit ord:

Hej frands

Jeg skal klage over dig og din virksomhed for at forstyrre min virksomhed.
Du vil blive mærket med et "reverse domain name hijacker" (se det op), og verden vil se det. Dine advokater og medarbejdere også.

Se, hvad jeg gjorde til den sidste Moron, der forsøgte at stjæle fra mig.
Og jeg har forbeholdt dig, dine medarbejdere og din advokat på hvor det vil være for evigheden!

Campbells forsøgte at få fra mig. DE TABTE!
Lilly Company forsøgte at få fra mig. DE TABTE!

Og du vil du være den største LOSER, EVER, fordi vi taler om et multi-million dollar domæne. Jeg kan ikke lide THIEVES og herr, det er det du er!

Jeg vil udøve min ret til GRATIS TALE på Twitter, så folk, FAR og WIDE, ved. Dine naboer og familie vil vide. Og efter at jeg har vundet og du er slået sammen med en "Reverse Domain Name Hijacker" -moniker, vil jeg præsentere i Federal Court for betydelige skader. Jeg vil gøre dig berygtet over for alle i DANMARK og ud over. Præsentér dette som bevis, jeg giver ikke noget skit. Jeg hader dem!

Godt, du bliver CAUGHT og foran hele verden! Internettet er skrevet i INK, og dette forsøg på tyveri følger dig, din virksomhed og din familie til den dag du dør.

Kan ikke vente på din WIPO-klage, så jeg og min advokat kan få dig til at ligne FOOLS og THIEVES! Og når det er overstået, er svaret nej. Nej, jeg vil IKKE fjerne nogen henvisning til hvad du og din virksomhed gjorde, og jeg vil gøre dig og din virksomhed til den nyeste POSTER BOY for DOMAIN HIJACKING! Jeg vil kalde dig en HIJACKER i mange år! Spørg omkring Frands, lav lidt forskning. Du har valgt den forkerte fyr til at stjæle fra! Vær venlig at bebrejde mig for, hvad der skal komme. Du og din advokat bragte dette på dig selv.

Btw, tjek Clorox historierne om Procter og Gamble jeg skrev om: De vil ALDRIG fjerne den plet. CEO blev fyret for det!

Så, en PROMISE KEPT! Jeg forsøgte at advare ham. Fæld på døve ører. Bare crickets! At ignorere bekymringer på internettet er en opskrift på katastrofe, uanset hvem der prøver det. Hver eneste gang og folk lærer ALDRIG ikke. De ser andre gå ned i FLAMES og følg bare den samme idiotiske vej. Og denne øvelse er til den næste FOOL, der forsøger at stjæle fra ME eller muligvis nogen anden!

Frand Jepsen og hans firma Knud Jepsen bliver hermed tildelt sondringen af ​​ Poster-dreng i 2017. I de kommende dage vil du have dit ansigt gipset på såvel som Frands, du vil være STAR Eller skal jeg sige QUEEN of

I det mindste har vi endelig fundet ud af, hvem der er "Rotten i Danmark", Frand Jepsen og hans firma Knud Jepsen og advokat Marie Lykke Kristiansen fra Patrade A / S Danmark. Har du læst noget, eller er du bare ved at hoppe op og ned vred?

Og skal nogen af ​​jer true mig for at cirkulere FAKTA, så går jeg ind i HØJ GEAR! Tro mig, jeg er stadig på "Cruise Control" guys.

Poke en SLEEPING Lion en gang, og han kan blive ved med at sove. Gør det to gange, han vil DEVOR alle jer i helhed !! Bøvse!

Hav en god dag!
Rick Schwartz

PS: En stor Tak til Zak Muscovitch for at præsentere en MASTERFUL sag. Jeg kan endda frigive hele vores argument. Tekstbog PERFEKT!

Seth Godin, The Single Best, Most Valuable Blog on the Internet

Morning Folks!!

There are a lot of very good blogs out there. But the one that never wastes my time, always has something important to offer, is an education in and of itself is Seth Godin's Blog. He's been around for years and most folks reading this know of his blog. For those that don't, he should be on your reading list.

Seth always gets right to the point and the point is almost always immediately useful. It's PURE GOLD!! And it is EVERY single day!

I wrote a post that I did not post yet. I think the main point of it and life is that if you approach things from the wrong way, the wrong attitude, the wrong side, then your chance of success is very low. Approach with a good attitude and a strong desire and your chance of success is great.

A recent post he made is about trust and word of mouth. Something many need to pay great attention to. He explains each and every point below. All valid. All proven. All inclusive.

"How is it that someone sees your website or your social media presence or your email and decides to interact? The decision to interact happens before someone actually listens to what you have to say. Here’s a way to think about the factors that kick in before the browser even hears what you have to offer them today:"

  • Word of mouth

  • Direct interaction

  • Graphics

  • Tone of voice

  • Offer

  • Size of leap

  • Fear

  • Social ranking/metric

  • Tribal affiliation

  • Perception of transparency

  • Longevity

  • Mass acceptance

If you are not reading his blog each day, you may be starting off on the wrong foot. It's pure and I have yet to see

Rick Schwartz


Breaking: 40% of Mobile Traffic Either Fraud or Mistake According to New Study!!

Afternoon Folks!!

They are starting to pay attention to sales and traffic and making money. According to this Fortune article, that just came out minutes ago, a BIG portion of Mobile traffic is worthless. Imagine that. Worthless traffic? Where have I heard about that?? Oh yes, I started writing about worthless traffic back in the 1990's and about every few days soince then. Long wait with this Pina Colada on the beach. But they are coming.

'A study by Trademob, a German mobile-marketing company, found that 40% of all mobile clicks are either accidents (buttclicks, perhaps?) or fraud. And mobile-ad click fraud is apparently growing fast, the company says. At the start of the year, fraud accounted for 10% of mobile-ad clicks. Now it accounts for 18%, according to the study'

I make money from Facebook, but Facebook does not make money from me and are still trying to figure out how to make money ON me.

But this email I got that I have plugged in with fictitious city name to protect the privacy emailed me the following and it is straight from the end user:

'I recently opened a restaurant in 'Mid Size City USA'. Wasted $6k on a social media expert to get 600 fans. Half don't live in the market.

Spent $1500 on and get 1,000 plus uniques a month from active local restaurant seekers.'

That's first hand evidence that I got just the other day. Real world testimony that trumps all the BS you hear.

It's all about 'Targeted Traffic' and SALES from here on out and the game is changing.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Domain Investors are a MINORITY in an Industry Turning into an Octopus.

Morning Folks!!

There is a HUGE problem in the domain industry and has NOTHING to do with the value of our assets. It's the FACT that as Domain Name Investors we have gone from the majority to a SMALL minority. They have more people working at than there are full time domain investors.

The number outside of the small investor circle is growing at a rate bigger than our entire community every few days or few weeks. That is the level of expansion we are gearing up to see.

The biggest enemy for domain investors is not the value of domains. It is not seeing and not understanding what is happening around us. The oxygen is in jeopardy of being sucked out if you are now keenly aware of what is taking place. If you don't understand the different sectors with different motives. What's worse, SOME don't play by the rules. They take a short cut. They LIE and CHEAT and FOOL to get ahead.

Just yesterday I went to a restaurant that was rated #1 and had rave reviews. Alina and I went to lunch there. The place was fine. No problems. Pretty strange menu. But ok. Just ok. I would be willing to BET that those reviews were PAID for. Paid for! Bullshit! Propaganda. Hook, line sinker. We took the bait.

So we are seeing that at every level. But in the domain industry if you don't see it, then your financial future is at stake. Just look at the 'Comment Whores' that are unknowns without a real name or email addy, spewing shit all over the blogs once anyone dare say anything not liked or are not wanted. Like barking dogs. Agenda driven drivel. But you are seeing some blogs like Elliot's that are rejecting that stuff and that's a good thing. Invisible voices, fake names and emails that are agenda driven and add nothing to the conversation should never see the light of day.

There are basically 3 groups of domain names. By far the biggest and most important are those used by businesses around the world to identify themselves, brand themselves, sell things and grow. That is the BASIS for VALUE to begin with that many forget about.

The next group is you and me. The domain investor. We have a limited audience with collective value that can't even be measured. Tens of Billions, Hundreds of billions. Who knows. The ONLY reason we exist is because of the first group. Without them, we would have sand in the desert!

Then we have the 3rd class or group. They are the masses trying to do anything in their power to duplicate something that is not duplicate-able in THIS medium. They want to repeat what group number 2 did. US. But they CAN'T because they don't have group #1. We do! They would almost have to invent their #1 all over again. Good luck with that. Should be complete about the time your children's grand kids get married.

Let me prove part of that. I got in at the tale end of the 800 number business. But even then their was a path to success. I was the very last guy to come in that industry before it basically collapsed. The LAST guy. But it taught me what was to come.

Many people made tens of millions of dollars with 800 numbers. Many. Hundreds. Not to mention the big companies like AT&T who invented the 800 number and the end user that sold many tens of millions in extra new sales because of the stigma associated in those days to spend $2 a minute on a long distance phone call.

The 888 number's came out. Sure there was new opportunity and many made millions. Not many. Some. Few. But the point is many more participated only to realize it was a smaller pie. Hello!!?? See what is coming now?? They came to a dying industry. Dying because if the Internet. Not because if a new extension.

There are anywhere from 350-1000 men and women that you could truly categorize as 'Domain Investors' on the entire planet. Then you could categorize those into several groups. But for this example, we don't have to.

How many will that number grow by with 1000 new gTLD's for example? Let's see it goes to 100,000 or even 1,000,000. The point of this equation is that the gtld's will have 1000 times as many participants as we all have now, splitting a pie that will never even be 10% the size of .com. That's a damn crowded pool!!

There will always be successes. But they will be fewer, wider and not as great. The pool just is not that deep. The crowds will make it even difficult to find clear water to dive into.


The pool will be deeper, bigger and EMPTY.

Either way.....

Just an equation that gives an answer years before the event. I would even like to be proven wrong because wrong means new opportunity. So just like 800 and 888 I don't see the threat. I just see an expansion. Expansion is not a threat even tho many react that way. 888 was never a threat to 800.

.TV, .ME, .whatever even in success will never be a threat to .com. NEVER in OUR lifetimes.

But behold, that is just one leg of this Octopus. A leg that will give birth to other legs. Thousands of legs from that one.

There is no way I could even write about the other legs of this octopus in just one blog post. Lots of legs to talk about. Registrars, PPC, Lead Gen, SEO, Social Media, Fake Social Media, aftermarkets, valuations. I think I might need a blog post just to identify all the tentacles.

But guess what?? None of this matters unless you are oblivious to what is happening. Unaware of the changes and motives and propaganda to make you weaker or even to doubt yourself.

So if you are at a point you are doubting yourself.....STOP! You are just falling victim to BULLSHIT! You are listening to all types of DRIVEL as folks STRUGGLE to keep their companies in business. Allied companies.

The only thing going on is folks are selling their souls to repeat what we did and are doing! If you are a domainer that thinks your domains will be less valuable in the future, YOU ARE A VICTIM! Hook, line and sinker. Spit out the bait you fool before it is too late and you swallow it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

What Does a”20 Year Plan” Really Mean Through My eyes?

Morning Folks!!

I don't have all the answers and I don't have to. Just a few will do. Like you, I can only guess. Speculate. Put my money on it and see how it all unfolds.

When I was a kid I remember when the Empire State Building was sold for $12 Million and everyone was stunned how anyone can overpay so much. sold for more than the Empire State Building. Fast forward and now we are talking many billions. They are even taking the building public to raise a Billion Dollars.

Las Vegas years ago had nothing but sand and a vision. A longshot vision.

I can tell this story 100 ways from 100 views and another 100 paths on each. Here is only ONE of many ways I see what I do and domains in general.

I would describe what my business plan like this as a real world type parallel..
1. My first hurdle was to figure out how to afford to hold and maintain many domain names for 20 years.

2. Buy raw dotcom land in many places throughout the USA with potential for commercial development.

3. Focus on Oceanfront, Riverfront, close to ocean or river.

4. Try and target Times Square for advertising and Las Vegas for sheer people power.

5. Study the development of places like Times Square and Las Vegas.

6. Since I was too late, too young and too broke to participate in that game, I found one that has parallels in a new dimension.

7. So imagine it is 1948 and you are in Las Vegas. There is just SAND! There is nothing else.

8. Build it and they will come and so they do.

9. I see this new thing happening and realize that there may be many ways to capitalize on something like this if it were to work even if gambling is not your business.

10. So the first road is paved and now there is a street.

11. Let’s call this street (Las Vegas Blvd) Dotcom Blvd

12. I have a few extra dollars and decide to buy some land on Dotcom Blvd.

13. I decided it will be many years before it will have any value because right now it is just sand and wind.

14. I think if this idea were to unfold the way they say, millions of people will come to Dotcom Blvd in Las Vegas.

15. But SHIT!!! That will take TWENTY YEARS!!

16. I decide it is now or never. If I don’t buy it somebody else may come and buy it. Act NOW or it’s over!

17. I go have lunch and decide to buy the piece of land I was looking at.

18. SHIT!!! Somebody else bought it within the hour.

19. I better go look for another dotcom property.

20. SHIT!!! That one is already sold! (Maybe I can grab his sand and move it?)

21. The third is a charm. I now have my own dotcom sand.

22. Gee these guys are buying multiple properties. What do they see?

23. Gee, these guys are pretty sharp.

24. I think I am going to buy some more dotcom sand

25. I tell others in business, they just laugh at me for buying sand.

26. I try and explain that in 20 years or less this sand will be very valuable because a lot of people will be passing by everyday.

27. They laugh

28. I buy more sand

29. More people laugh

30. I keep talking about this 20 year plan.

31. They laugh

32. I explain about it being a “Unique opportunity in time”

33. They laugh

34. I explain you MUST get the land first if you are to even have a chance at success.

35. They laugh

36. I explain this was an opportunity that my father and grandfather and their fathers before them never had and they should pay attention.

37. They laughed.

38. I bought a major corner on Dotcom Blvd in Las Vegas

39. They stopped laughing but now thought I was insane.

40. I repeated the process 1000 times

41. Others started repeating the process

42. Sand turned into activity.

43. I stood on my sand. I looked at the hotels being built

44. I put up a few billboards on my sand with no advertising

45. The new casinos in town see the billboards

46. One hotel asks to put his name on my billboard

47. I say ok

48. He gives me $1 Million check

49. People passing buy laughing at me for not building.

50. I put some more billboards up

51. More people give me more money

52. I learn about effective billboards

53. I learn about ineffective billboards

54. I learn where folks are going

55. I learn what folks are looking for

56. I open up a short cut to the hotel via a sidewalk on my sand.

57. It saves the folks time and money

58. Casino is willing to pay me more to be exclusive and have all my sidewalks lead to his casino

59. Next thing ya know they need parking spaces

60. They pay me more for my sand then I can earn selling water in the desert.

61. I abandon idea of opening up lemonade stands and decide to open parking lots instead.

62. Parking lots have low overhead and are cash cows

63. That’s what gets me to New York. San Francisco. It’s been YEARS since I was in San Francisco, at that time the rate was $70/day. Most people on earth don’t even make $70 a day. Go tell those parking lots they don’t have a legitimate business and own the priciest of real estate.

64. Gee, that sounds like a good way to do it while I pass the 20 years.

65. Gee look at etoys

66. Gee look at

67. Gee, I think it is smarter to wait and learn from their mistakes than pissing away billions of investor dollars on a bag of smoke.

68. Gee impression based advertising is stupid.

69. Gee impression based advertising was like a parking lot stealing all the cars

70. Gee how come that model collapsed and took many down with it?

71. Impression based advertising was like driving a bus down dotcom blvd and simply pointing out the casino. The casino paid to get pointed out but could not have a benefit because the bus and customers were long gone along with the money the casino or all other businesses paid. The bus never stopped to be=ring them the damn customer!

72. Gee that was dumb.

73. Gee, I talked about it constantly in 1998 and 1999.

74. Gee that was what collapsed things in 2000. It had to collapse using that model and it did. It was a flawed and worthless model but they all bought into it.

75. Many walk away

76. I just shrug it off as a learning experience for the totally ignorant and a rip off of epic proportions from those providing those worthless impressions that were not aimed at making sales.

77. Why do I just laugh and shrug it off?

78. I have a 20 year plan.

79. Many laugh

80. Many can’t plan 20 seconds ahead let alone 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days, 20 weeks, 20 months, 20 years.

81. Why get educated if you can’t think 20 years in advance.

82. When you look at things like that, everything is merely a blip and the important things are easy to pick out.

83. Those that work real hard and went broke get pissed

84. Those that did not see what was coming get pissed

85. Those that laughed are now pissed and they know the difference between our 2 plans.

86. I will start my projects as sand turns into concrete

87. I don’t even have to open a casino in Las Vegas to make money.

88. Where there are people there are always ways to make money

89. When you understand traffic on Dotcom Blvd. that gives you power and insight that very few have.

90. When you watch and understand that traffic for 20 years you learn things others have never even thought of or questioned.

91. That leads me to buy more sand in more places.

92. See I think developing for the sake of developing is not something I ever wanted to pursue even though I tried numerous times throughout the years.

93. I plan develop by NEED and audience size matched with a profitable good or service.

94. But the dust on the Internet has yet to settle although it is now taking on direction and shape.

95. Something that I envisioned would take 20 years because of the enormous size of the change of habit and it would be worldwide in a way that nobody can really understand. Never in the history of mankind have so many adapted to something new so quick. Yes 20 years is a FLASH. Nothing ever became so universal so fast. Not electric, not phones, not TV, not even the computer itself.

96. How long do you think it would take for the Internet to evolve back in 1996 when less than 1% of the world’s population was online?

97. So the way I see things is very different than perhaps anyone else as I am sure your visions may be unique to you and what you want and the lifestyle you are striving for.

98. While I saw domains being something that would bring many people together, I don’t ever think I saw that just selling the picks and shovels could be such a multi billion dollar business and still expanding.

99. While I thought domains would parallel real estate, it did so faster, deeper and more mainstream than I thought would happen.

100. I think social media only enhances this in an exponential way.

101. So I still believe we are in our adolescence. But it won’t be much longer that adolescence begins the journey of maturity.

102. So just like a boy or a girl takes 20 years to mature and THEN blossom, so was my approach to Dotcom Blvd.

103. Graduation day is not the day you reach your full potential. It’s the day you start your journey.

104. It’s the day you mark when things really begin

105. It’s the day that starts life as we know it.

106. So I have this 20 year plan and folks still laugh.

107. But I have the “Luxury of time” to decide which parking lots are turned into Skyscrapers or Department Stores or just keeping as a parking lot until there are no more cars to service.

108. Real Estate, Oil wells, Mineral Rights, Parking Lots, Store Fronts, Billboards, Message Boards, Gold Mines, Diamonds, name your poison. Name your path. Name your trail. Never has any single item had so many faces and possibilities and parallels as a domain name.

109. So we can be condemned for seeing things early but that won’t change the facts of acting on a hunch and taking a huge risk when the next guy with the same opportunity passed on that great risk

110. Great risk receives great rewards when the risk you take just happens to unfold as you saw years ago.

111. So what would you call somebody that bought in the desert when nobody else on the entire planet wanted it and everyone laughed at him? What do you call the guy today with an acre of sand on Las Vegas Blvd that is just a parking lot? Some old fat guy at the gate with a cigar hanging from his mouth. Each night he collects $20 each for the 5000 cars that fit in his garage. Oh didn’t I tell you, he decided to focus and build on that parking lot a 12 story garage capable of holding 5000 cars at $20 each and turns the spaces an average of 2.5 times a day. Gets $50 on special event days.

112. The fat guy at the gate just keeps laughing as each car hands him $20. Another puff on the cigar, another laugh. $250,000/day business and he did damn well for his $100 investment. The garage he built that was a simple skeleton paid itself off in just 4 weeks so there is no mortgage.

113. They told the old guy he no longer had to collect the cash. That now they had machines to do the same thing and he could go to Florida and just lay on the beach.

114. I heard he declined the move. He just loved laughing his ass off. Every 5th car would pay off that original $100 mortgage.

115. Ok, so that is one path. One parallel. Now let’s talk about the oil well parallels.

116. Then the Gold Rush Parallel.

  1. And to be fair, don’t forget the tulips. The greatest BUST in history and to some, domaining is exactly like that. Don’t know about the tulips? Look it up!

  2. There is also the collectible parallel.

  3. The TV parallel

  4. The Hollywood Parallel

  5. The stock market Parallel

  6. The Location, Location, Location, parallel

  7. The Monopoly Game Parallel.

  8. The Game of Life Parallel

  9. The Radio, Newpaper, Magazine Parallel

  10. More parallels in one commodity than all others combined and I have barely scratched the surface!

There has never been anything quite as universal and VALUABLE as a meaningful domain name and 2012 marks the year that the cat is out of the bag. Predators from every corner will come out like cockroaches at night trying to undermine your efforts in any way possible. Some of my friends are way too nice and find themselves on the short end. My only suggestion is to grow some balls and learn how to tell people to shove it up their ass with a 2 x 4.

See there are efforts by scammers that don’t take 20 years. They can fake out the system in 2 or 3 years or less and then just walk away with your property. Folks it is time to stop being naive. The next jackass that contacts you that you never heard of that wants one of your domains is likely not who they say they are and likely have an agenda. Why pay for a domain when they can PLAY the domainer?

Good luck and go grab your share of the pie! But don’t be a victim of those predators. They play with an empty hand, don’t play with an empty offense. You don't need a lawyer all the time, but you do need balls every moment from this day forward.

As investors in domain names we have done nothing wrong and worked within the system to capitalize on something just as they have done for hundreds of years on millions of items. Buy a $10 piece of art at a garage sale and a Picasso is behind it, well it’s yours and nothing will change it unless it had been stolen to begin with.

That brings me to my last point. Even if you lose a domain, track it!!! If you lose a domain because of wrong doing and it is years later, learn from the case. I believe in the years ahead we will see domain returned to their original owner and whatever business has been built will collapse overnight.

If you pay your annual fees, and don't do infringe or do anything intentionally wrong with your domain, then don't be intimidated by companies large or small. The smallest guy can defeat the biggest guy with WORDS and THOUGHTS and IDEAS as well as public opinion.

Your only limit is your 'Life Expectancy'. So something maturing in 100 years won't do you a whole lot of good in life. You'll be long dead. Depending on your age, you may have 20-40 year horizon to accomplish what you want. Life is not as long as you may think.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Defining a New Mission, New Path for a New Era vs.”A Kodak Moment”

Morning Folks!!

Mission Accomplished. I had time to think, reflect and verify. Mission Accomplished. So what I have tried to do is re-adjust and re-evaluate to a world where Domain Names are no longer an unknown. Quite the opposite. The entire world now knows that it all starts with a domain name. Every business, every idea, every child born. That's the first step. It is also a step they may need to repeat and revisit if they did not get it right the first time and found any degree of success. That is happening already.

We live in a world today where domain 'Evangelists' are in every corner of the world. Where there are more 'Domain Bloggers' than there were domainers back even as late as 1998 or 1999.

So where do I pivot to from here? What do we as domain investors see? That has been the question I have needed to answer and have wrestled with. I am not looking to create work. That is never a consideration. I retired in 1998 and even the thought about being trapped again is enough to make me run. I do 'Missions.' I don't do 'Jobs.' Is there a difference? You bet your sweet ass there is.

I don't look at domains as a business where I buy and sell. That is always a fallback plan but not the main plan. I look at it as a gold reserve that protects my financial independence. Strictly as an investment with expansion potential when and as I see fit. Each year I buy many more domains than I sell. I don't need a lot of new domains, I just need to invest in some every year that I see as safer than owning dollars and will rise in value faster than other riskier investments.

I defined my financial needs for a lifetime back in the 1990's and my gold bullion came in the form of a .com on the end. Storage was easy and very portable. It had so many faces I am still counting. Many parallels with many things. All making domains exponentially more valuable than the very things we can compare it to. As a commodity. As a collectible. As Real Estate. As the Yellow Pages. As the 800 Number. As Social Media. As Media. As an Address. As a Business. As a Movement. As a Stock. As a Location. As an Investment. As a TV. As Gold and Oil. So many more. What is yours?

I have sat behind a number of monitors and keyboards for 17 years now and I still don't see anything so universal, so meaningful to the future, so multi-faceted as a great domain name. Plus the annual overhead is something paid within the first days of each year.

We are entering an exciting time. It's akin to going to the playoffs. The regular season is over. Domaining now is entering the 'Playoff' stage. A stage that I would guess would last up to 3 years. Possibly less. Then we go to the 'Super Bowl.' The 20 year plan.....EXECUTED!

In the face of naysayers and laughter, my plan is still intact and right on target. What I have had to do was take the 20 year plan and now redefine the last 3 years of that plan to get everything in focus for the trail ahead.

I wish folks could see things in true focus and since they can't, they not only laugh, but have no patience whatsoever. But where was the Telephone after 20 years? The Automobile after 20 years? The Airplane after 20 years? The TV after 20 years? It would be 20 years more before these industries exploded and they are still exploding. Bigger and better and faster and more refined. Point is we are still on the frontier of everything to come. That insures that domain values in the future will continue to rise exponentially.
We are DECADES from a ceiling but we are only months away from the outer edges of the 'Sweet spot' in many cases.

We all now have a collection of FACTS to work off of. proved another fact. You need just 1 entity on earth to want and NEED what you own. The only thing between that being a $5000 domain and a $1 Million domain was the seller and the buyer. The other 6,999,999,998 folks on earth don't count in that equation. That was what you call a 'Perfect Match' and that is what you want and need and have to have the patience to achieve.

It has long been argued who has the power and actually sets the price. Some think the seller is in charge, some thing the buyer is in charge. I have found the TRUE answer. The seller sets the price. The buyer sets the value. When those two either overlap or are close, a deal can be struck. Ultimately the seller is the decider. PERIOD! He is the only one that can actually pull the trigger and say 'Yes.' So I think we can finally put this argument to bed.

More domains were sold in the aftermarket in 2011 than any year in history. More dollar volume was done selling domains in 2011 than any other year in history and the increase from 2010 was staggering. How do I know this? Just like I knew everything else. If you wait for certain things to be reported as fact, you will always chase yesterday. These are just facts that have yet to be reported because they can't be reported. Most deals are private. We hear about a fraction of what actually happens. Nobody has to believe this but me, and I do and I will, and someday it will be reported as fact.

Let me put it bluntly, there is no longer an EXCUSE for Corp America not to get it. For ANY company for that matter, not to get it. Not to make the real world connections and parallels. That dog just won't hunt anymore. Folks either get it and get it NOW, or they will forever be lost in the wilderness of a past century.

At this point you have to use a lot of energy to remain ignorant. It's one thing to be ignorant when you don't know something, but the thresh-hold of fools and moron-hood start at the point you are no longer ignorant but act that way anyhow. Cling to that ignorance. Make decisions still based on that ignorance. Refuse to accept new facts and see how that affects the overall picture.
Companies should have had a 'Domain Strategy' over the past years. They were so busy is short term gains via SEO that they missed the long term strategy that would have given those SEO folks the wind at their back. Short term planning at the expense of the long run.

If you were buying a boat or even a yacht, the FIRST thing you would verify is that there are no LEAKS. The first thing. In domains it is not only the last thing, in most cases it isn't even a thing. Some are completely unaware. When their ignorance is cured, certain domains will have more value.

The FIRST thing anyone should do when buying a domain name for a business is to make sure when that domain is promoted it does not LEAK! With a domain, leaks come in the form of confusion. In the form of misspells. In the form of hard to remember. In the form of the wrong extension. In the form of how it sounds.

Those are just a few. So when I see folks that don't even consider these things, I have to wonder. If he were buying that boat would he still be so foolish? Yes, that person is a fool. Why would that fool get mad at the person for pointing out the leak? That behavior clings to foolishness and ignorance as opposed to understanding it. A moment to climb a step on the ladder of knowledge is lost to losing many steps as folks fight to remain ignorant.

Some folks have a pass and can remain ignorant if they choose. However, CEO's, VP's, Marketing, have no excuse whatsoever to stay ignorant any longer. The buck stops with them and most have failed their companies miserably. The only question now is whether they will cling to ignorance until they are obsolete and looking for a new gig. Budgets are no excuse for staying ignorant. Leaders must lead. They must make decisions others have no spine to make. They must recognize the difference between a 'Time sensitive' decision and all other decisions and make their case. If they can't persuade and sell their own folks, then they are weak and they are not qualified to hold the position they have.

I have said since the 1990's that sometimes doing nothing trumps all the busy work in the world. Sometimes just setting up an umbrella and waiting for the masses makes more sense than trying to hunt them down. But if you do hunt, wait for the hunting season coming soon. Once their ignorance is cured they will beat a path to where ever you decide to camp out or they will have their own 'Kodak Moment.' What's the recipe for a 'Kodak Moment?' Have your company run by Dinosaurs, Lawyers and Accountants. No leader. No vision. No direction. No excuse! We are even seeing it in the domain industry. Corpoations in domaining and not a NATURAL domainer in sight.

Corporate America can't sustain itself without understanding why one of the best run companies at one time has gone south. They won't be the last. But I think many people had a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach when they heard that one of the mainstays of business for over 100 years was going south.

The 'Domain Industry' has been abused and misused for many years. Some are fairly good stewards and some use a 'Scorched Earth' approach. Just like the real world. Some folks felt a responsibility to throw their trash away while others felt a need to just throw it out the window. Some saw a need to keep the water supply clean and others just pissed in it. The Industry is now a Multi-Billion Dollar one and expanding faster than most. Those that sell the tools keep inventing new tools and that draws more and more folks into domaining. This industry is getting bigger. But it is getting bigger on the edges. The core business is hard to penetrate. You can do it either socially or financially.

I think on the financial aspect more folks will get into the industry the way I did. Slowly. Deliberately. Targeting specific domain and specific types of domains. Not to flip. But for security, for growth, for future development. While I started in 1995, I did not start earning anything substantive until late 1996 and then did not really hit pay dirt until 1997 and 1998. I never sold a domain in that time. Never wanted to sell a domain at that time. I just wanted to accumulate them like little Savings Bonds and Mineral Rights on the Property I owned as well. I learned when there was no information and it blows me away that so many are having a hard time with so much information out there.

The way I look at domaining is like most would look at a savings bond. You don't buy them today and sell tomorrow. You buy and you hold. And eventually, it matures. That's the domain game. That's the way to play and win. You don't quit your day job to buy savings bonds. You have your day job just for that very reason to collect as many as you can and put them away. When you have more savings bonds then you know what to do with, then you are in the domain game. In the center of it. Not on the edges. But it won't happen unless you look at life via years not hours and days.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


The Problem is about the Problem. But if you Don’t Identify the Problem, you Can’t FIX the Problem. Problem Solved.

Morning Folks!!

Sometimes the Title says it all. But sometimes the meaning is lost.

'The Problem is about the Problem. But if you don't Identify the Problem, you can't FIX the Problem. Problem Solved.'

There are Four basic things you can do with a 'Problem' after you identify the problem to begin with and that in and of itself is sometimes challenging. You can'Ignore' the problem. You can make the problem 'Worse'. You can 'Talk' about the problem. Or if you are wired like I am, you try and 'Solve' the problem. No matter how big or how small. Try and solve the problem.

I am rarely told I am right before the fact. My critics rarely tell me I was right after the fact. But facts are facts and records are records and on this I just ask you to await judgement while I do my best to FIX the Live Auction process we ALL agree is BROKEN and is a 'Problem' for buyers, sellers and attendees.

The multitude of problems are very deep and multi dimensional. In other's a mess and I will show you why at each and every point. Then you will see that I have a solution that DOVETAILS with each problem. That is the key to all this. It's a recipe. It used to be a SIMPLE recipe and it did well. The recipe got bastardized over time. That's when you must go back to basics first and rebuld.

Here is how 'I' see this and then folks will see each one has been addressed. And if you think I missed something, wonderful. Let me know. Some things you can do all at once, some things take time. Restoring credibility to a broken system takes time. But there will be no doubt about the result after the show. This is about being SERIOUS about a problem and that is what builds confidence.

Folks can talk about one element or another however I am in a unique position to tackle nearly all of them as 'I' see it and actually do something about it and do it in front of everyone because I am going to TRY and explain it each step of the way. I may need to do a video. lol. But this is about as transparent as business allows. These are just the problems I have identified for this blog post. These are some of the biggies. There are several not on this list.

Problem: Live Auction system is broken

Problem: Live auction integrated with Internet is even more broken

Problem: Audience is BORED

Problem: Auction is BOOOOOORING!

Problem: Crappy Domains

Problem: Prices too high

Problem: Prices too high on CRAPPY domains

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Live auction needs Large Audience

Problem: Live auction needs Qualified audience

Problem: There are 'Auctions' and there are 'Prices' there is a difference

Problem: Ridiculous reserves Make it an 'Advertising Opportunity'

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Non-Domainers picking Domains to auction

Problem: Crappy Extensions of domains with little to no value

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Showboat bidders

Problem: Anonymous Bidders

Problem: FAKE BIDS!!!!

Problem: Face saving 'Prearranged sales' at auctions

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Unreasonable expectations

Problem: Domains prices for end users when no end users are bidding.

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Confidence

Problem: Trust

Problem: Nobody that can say 'No'

Problem: Ridiculously High to the point of insulting 'Opening bids'

Problem: Money being left on the table for everyone.

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY and that takes away the TRUST that MUST be restored for domains to sell at their full auction value!

Problem: Problem is there are so many problems to be addressed and I have addressed as many as possible at ONE time as I can. FIRST you have to identify some of the problems. I have identified 2 DOZEN areas that are being addressed. Not talking about it. Doing it. Now I can't always control every aspect. But if you are not aware, then you fail automatically. Period.

I will pick the best domains I can from what is presented. I can't hold a gun to folks head. We have had thousands of domains entered so far.

Just for the record. I approached this show as if the auction was not even going to happen. If it did, it had to be driven by itself. I could only set a new course and a new standard. If folks like the direction, they will trust us to try and sell it for them.

They know my record of selling. That I have a purpose for doing what I do. It is well thought out and I can't tell you how many BRAIN HOURS I put into this stuff. Of creating the right conditions for a success. Because I identified the PROBLEMS!

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY and THAT is about to change for the TRAFFIC auctions. I can't control any other auction. But I sure as hell can control this one. And when folks see the result in a HORRIBLE economic time, they are going to take notice.

Those worried about a domain not bringing in the most money must be forgetting the FACTS about me. I am sure I have left $$$ on the table. But I am also sure it was much less than most would leave on the table.

Quality audience, that takes the venue seriously and TRUST. Folks lost trust because the way the auctions were done before, during and after.

The 'Guaranteed Placement Program' has exceeded our expectations. For the FIRST time ever, the domainer REALLY has some control. Those that believed in their domain, paid up front and as you can see, some are very interesting and all are priced right and many will sell. But they added an ingredient. 'Certainty'. They took control out of MY hands and put it in their own hands. Frankly, they have all been a pleasure to work with because they understand EXACTLY what they are getting and they LOVE it!

Some are very actively marketing their domain to new channels. They can point to a top notch venue to give credibility to their asset. They have a date and time certain to approach their prospects. To look professional. To advertise and use social media to circulate. They have the true opportunity to target end users. THOSE are the folks that we are targeting to be on the phone. They supersede a domainer. Wouldn't you think? But they still have the most qualified audeince in domaining right there in the room.

It's ALL on ME folks. So why is anyone worried? All on me in front of everyone in the industry. Again! I have fixed what needed to be fixed and the rest is out of my hands. But I have faith that if you have a clear formula and do things right every step of the way, then the chances of success are EXPONENTIALLY higher. That is what I believe. That is how I do It. That is why we are at the Ritz Carlton. EVERYTHING and EVERY ingredient, MUST be right and as good as you can get. I won't argue that point with anyone.

Rick Schwartz
CEO & Co-founder T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

----- 4th Anniversary Post

Morning Folks!!

I started my morning posts that way since 1996. But it was not until 4 years ago that I entered the 'Blogosphere'.

4 Years
1460 days
208 weeks
Posts: 525
Just a little over 2.5 posts a week
Comments 8125
Average 15 comments per post
Over 850,000 Page Views
Average over 1500 readers per post

The last thing I wanted to do 4 years ago was start a blog. So let me take this time to blame those responsible. First we have Jarred Cohen. He told me about dropping. I could care less. Somewhere along the line he convinced me I should care.

Then we have Sahar. He kept prodding me to start a blog. After years of essentially posting a blog before there were blogs I was less than enthusiastic about the thought of starting again to get as much as I could even remember on record.

Then there was Owen. Don Quixote himself. I was just another windmill for him. He explained blogs and social media and all the rest and now my head was ready to explode. But I got that bouquet and here we are. Thankfully Owen was also able to dredge up some of my old posts from 2000 and 2001.

Someday I would really like to uncover those Ynot archives of 1996-1998. I think folks would be stunned by the conversation. Both as dinosaurs and as folks 20 years ahead of what was unfolding. A very diverse group all pulled together by some common threads. Still some of the sharpest folks I have EVER met.

Point is, trying to reconstruct some of that was a monumental task that I was not looking forward to. The readers changed but the conversation was and is largely the same in spite of all that has unfolded and the very proof as it lays for all to see.

But today I feel good. I am on record for eternity. My thoughts are my thoughts. I just share what goes in between these ears in real time and that always keeps the wind blowing. The conversation going. The passion on both sides. Some do it in a constructive manner and some do what they do. But they illustrate the vivid difference in view and thought and vision and values.

I never understood why folks can’t step up and just “Disagree without being disagreeable”. When you do that you find answers and solve problems and make progress one stride at a time. The rest is all a side show to distract from what I described above. You can clearly see it in the comments at times. And this is one time in which the written word and this screen is more powerful than meeting in person as you get to really look into their minds by their word.

I wake up each day evangelizing my thoughts on domain names. Each day we adjust for the progress the day before. The picture constantly changes and now it is changing so fast NOBODY can actually keep up with it.

I write for like minded people who share their positive energy and know that quality will always trump quantity. I write for those with opposite views to share them in a responsible way. Pure thinking. Pure digging. Pure searching and exploring for things unknown looking for answers what ever the true answer proves to be.

And the other clowns, well, I see them as only getting in the way. Trying to distract at a precious moment in history. A 20 year moment.

But the core of so much of how I work is pretty simple and old school. “Make hay when the sun shines”. Which means work your ass off when there is plenty of business and you will be able to enjoy life when things go south and others are forced to split a much smaller pie with many more mouths. (Like now)

I love the blog for one great reason. It is on record, time stamped, my name, my thoughts and over time I hope it gets discovered because there may be a lot of crap, but that fertilizer has some of the most fertile and long lasting thought soil that is available. Discount at your own peril. But the words here will long outlive me and prove valuable to those that WANT to understand what I see and how I see it.

I am used to folks telling me how wrong I am every step of the way. It is a way of life for me. Always has been, always will be. I remember how my friends and even my family thought I was crazy for taking jobs that were commission only back in 1972. But those were the only jobs with no ceiling. That would pay me upon what I produced and the only limit was the one I placed on myself. The goal I set. I learned one thing early. The gift of setting goals and knowing which ones are obtainable and useful. Which goals would waste too much time while other goals were more important.

I learned a lot on this journey. Mostly about human nature. That is the one common thread. So some of my readers I try and take on a great and interesting journey and some I fuck with in the head. But the journey they take is not up to me. The power is with them regardless of how loud they yell it isn’t.

Glass half full or half empty. My words can piss you off when you look at it as half empty. Those folks are easy to spot. Human nature. You can spot them with the words they use. Their reactions to things. Their judgment. Winners view the universe one way and losers view it in a much different way. If something like that pisses you off, don’t play poker. You just gave your hand away. That is why you lose. The winners are all laughing. The losers are angry. I aim for the winners. They get what I just said. The others think I am talking in code.

That is how I see the universe. If you don’t, tough. What do you want me to do about it? I can only tell you how I see things. Share what I deem important. You can tell me how you see things and do it in a manner to persuade by facts and numbers and history. That takes a certain amount of credibility.

Some of what I see ahead is not very good. Some are things that dreams are made of. You have to see it all. The road is not smooth. It is littered with pitfalls and storms and unexpected events. Navigating those challenges is what life is all about.
I think corruption and conflicts of interest are the main challenge facing our industry today.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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