@DomainKing Rick Schwartz Returns to Twitter. Led Exclusively by Brand Protection.

Morning Folks!!

As some of you may know Valentine's Day was especially sweet this year. I can't go into the details, but Capitalism is alive and well. I was able to get my @DomainKing twitter handle and my trademarked name back on Thursday afternoon.

When I left Twitter on 12/312017, there was a note that in 30 days the account would be permanently deleted. However, if you are a verified user with a Blue Check, (which I was), you get 1 year. So I put a reminder on my calendar. 10 months later I tried to reactivate and no way Jose! Maybe I should have tried a direct contact but I don't have much faith in contacting twitter directly.


There are some advantages to having a new and clean Twitter account since anything and everything you say on Twitter can and WILL be used against you. So a Twitter re-birth may be a good thing!

Until the other day, I had been under the impression that once a twitter handle was retired it was never available again. That would have been okay and no need for me to get it back. But just like the 1-year deal, that was not true either. So once it was out there again, I had no choice but to secure it. It's embedded in me. Branding is about not having leaks. If the @DomainKing door does not exist there are no worries. But if the @DomainKing were to bring you to another destination, that is a huge branding faux paux.

Domaining for investing and having a "Domain Strategy" as an end-user is the holy grail of the Internet and what we all do. End-users have a DUTY to protect themselves in every way they can on the Internet. So that includes domains that are close or might be easily misspelled or are confusing.

That's why a gTLD without the corresponding .com exact math is DEAD IN THE WATER. They can point to whatever success they like, any funding they want but they are FOOLS, FOOLS FOOLS and they are FOOLISH when they IGNORE gaping holes in their branding strategy. Would you get on a ship with a captain that wants to leave port with a gaping hole, water pouring in and he just ignores it?? There is NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever! Both are fools and what does it say about professionals that don't realize something so SIMPLE??

For years there has been a battle between Facebook and Twitter. I have to anoint Twitter as the absolute winner as far as identity and business. Facebook is for the family. Everyone I see in print and TV uses their Twitter handle. 2 years ago it was not that way. Facebook led and Twitter was second string. No more! Facebook has been exiled and Twitter rules. The International conversation is on Twitter!

I have 5 pages and many years of blog posts about Social Media and the effects. The way to see the future is by calibrating the past and seeing how it dovetails with the current reality. You will see warnings from many years ago that are clearly evident today. You or I don't have to get it all right. But we do have to get the big stuff right. In business, Marketing, Branding, and SALES are the big stuff followed by LEAKS! Who ignores leaks?? FOOLS! And "Branding" is about circulation and how good your product or service is. My brand is my solid advice and different ways of looking at domains and business and being way ahead of the curve with a record of nearly 25 years. I add to my brand with every post or bit of info that helps me or my readers with valid and tried and true info or when events I predict long in advance actually materialize. On the record, for the record.

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “@DomainKing Rick Schwartz Returns to Twitter. Led Exclusively by Brand Protection.

  1. John Colascione

    I worth while grab. I believe Twitter is one of the most useful and relevant social media services today. Despite the rise and popularity of others as well as their challenges in earning revenue, the massive use and promotion by the news media is a driving force for Twitter. Almost every political figure in the country has a Twitter account and they are using it more and more to communicate their messages.

  2. Domain Boss

    Social Media will finally ruin the mankind.
    People soon will get Basic Income sitting on their butt while doing nothing and just spend time on social media. They will become obese and start rumors and riots because in my home language they say “A man with nothing to do has the brain of a devil”.

    AOC already has a plan (Green new Deal) where even the “Unwilling To Work” will also get guaranteed income security from government.

  3. Cash

    Congrats Rick! Yes, it is important to own our brand, especially the dot com. Only the other day, my web host offered free domain registration for .xyz and I went like, what the heck. I insisted on .com and yeah, they were smart biz people to give me dot com.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      The phony baloney nGTLD registrations are so fake. So it costs them 17 cents for every domain they GIVE for FREE??
      If domainers WANTED to know the TRUTH, it’s right in front of them but they are not very bright.

      The TRUTH is very few new GTLD’s are in use by end-users. I mean VERY few. And the ones that use them, ABANDON them!! At least the smart ones once they wise up.

      Domain investors listened to and swallowed BULLSHIT! Cheers!


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