Toxic Domains and Pablo Picasso

Morning Folks!!
We have heard about toxic assets that the banks have on their books, this
is about toxic domains that domainers have on their books. Domains that are liabilities, not assets. I have long said that
the FIRST domain you buy is the most important. So if you had the chance to
start over again right now would you do it? Would you do it better?

Well you have that opportunity right here, right now. Forget about
yesterday's failures and focus on today's success. The first thing is to STOP.
Stop and take a deep breath. Stop and then start again but believe it is your
first domain. Believe this is the most important purchase ever. Believe this is
so important that you can't screw up. Believe you have to work for the next 30
days just to find it. Believe it, do it, repeat it. Leave the failures of
yesterday behind. Start anew. Build that side of the equation up to balance the
other half. You don't need thousands. You need dozens. Walk away from this
downturn with real quality. You can buy art from an unknown and pay whatever.
But if you have an opportunity to buy a Picasso, the rewards will be much
greater. The satisfaction will be much greater. You will find just a few
Picasso's will trump walls full of art. Buildings full of art.

Accumulate $$$ and in 2009 focus on a Picasso. They will be out there. They
will be on sale. The value will always be there and that Picasso will be
priceless in time. So for those that say they came to the game late, opportunity
is coming your way. Circumstance will allow you to buy a Picasso. But first, you
must know what a Picasso is.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Toxic Domains and Pablo Picasso

  1. Francois

    Hey readers!
    Don’t lost your time checking if is still available.
    I just did it for you!!!
    And you know what?
    Someone already did it few years ago :)

  2. fp

    Good post…thanks for reminding us who are listening. I spent 20k on what I belive to be a few solid names and two bona fide Picassos in the last few months. For the two Picassos, these names would have sold for 5-10x higher two years ago and I believe would have been bargains then. So I am super stoked that the crisis brought this opportunity and been on cloud 9 all month because of what I had finally been able to acquire.
    And for some reason, I suddenly became obsessed over the last couple weeks with hand regging decent drops and ignoring development on the Picassos or stalking the next Picasso this year. THANKS for reminding us that not all 1,000-10,000 plus portfolios are equal and helping me get back on track..

  3. Kevin M.

    Very nice, and written, analogy posting. There is, and is about to be, some great garage and rummage sale opportunities to had, to those willing to go, and who know where and what to look (and dicker) for! I picked up a nice Rembrandt, just by inquiring at the right time!

  4. Jeff Hawkins

    There’s a lot of domainers out here who own lousy or even”toxic” domains. I’m probably one of them but I do read your blog and I’m glad you decided to start posting again. If I keep reading here and absorbing your wisdom, just maybe I’ll get it right yet.
    Just a suggestion to think about but maybe you could take 10 newbie domainers by the hand and mentor them over a couple months.
    Make them bring 10 dollars to the table to register a domain you approve of. Make them do their homework.
    Send them back to the books if they fail or their homework is incomplete. Then, show them how to make that new”first purchase” profitable.
    What’s in it for you? Do a contract where you get a good percentage off the top on the domains they buy/sell or park while under your tutelage and you might use what they learn and their stories in a book or some other effort later.
    By the way, I think somewhere down the road you should consider taking all you blog posts and reformatting them into a”self directed course” about domaining. A little editing and an infomercial maybe?
    Domaining should be more lucrative than buying repo’d houses, tax certificates and/or selling items on Ebay anyway.

  5. Doe-mainer

    I think it interesting that you refer to domaining in relation to art. I guess I typically use the real estate analogy (lots of land vs. lots of the Internet). However, I do see your logic in artwork as many times people do not appreciate an artist at the time of creation, but later the pieces are worth millions. Perhaps this is what we are seeing now with domain names that are maybe”out of the box”….the masses are not getting on board, but those that do will reap the benefits.


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