Will 2009 make you Stronger or Weaker? Here is a Roadmap to Avoid the Latter

Afternoon Folks!!

My dad used to say that if your neighbor was unemployed it was a recession.
If you were unemployed, it was a depression. Can't argue with that. Perception
is everything. This is not my first recession and I had one depression in my
life. That lasted for 3 weeks. It was awful. Losing what you love to do is like
a death. A romantic death.

But it was those 3 weeks that would point me into my life's direction.
Through adversity great things are inseminated. The seed of almost all great
success came from the greatest adversity. That is a pretty interesting
phenomenon. Have you experienced the same?

So I want to know how things are in your area? Are stores closing? Are you
living in a tourist area? Are you seeing indications of decay or expansion? The
best way to really find out the state of things is to ask a lot of people and
listen to what they report.

So while we are going through this storm, the good news is most will come
out stronger. The strong will get stronger because they get great strength from
adversity. They rise to the occasion. They work better under pressure. The weak
do just the opposite. They either get weaker, or some will get stronger because
they get great strength from adversity and they may not have known it. It takes
a real disaster to see what folks are really made of. Most rise to the occasion.
Weak or strong, most will find their soul and dig deep when it really counts.
THAT is the difference between everything. The true test.

So as we go through 2009 and what is coming, know you will come out of it
much stronger IF you can understand it and harness it. Harness the mood. Harness
the fear. Harness the energy that times like this produce. There are always new
ways to make old money. There are always old ways to make new money. There are
always ways.

That brings us to us and how lucky we are. We have been challenged before
and come out stronger each and every time. This will be no different however you
can position yourself for the rewards to be much bigger and much sweeter.

If you posses the right mind set, you will sit back, relax, observe, engage
and excel. But knowing where you are at in this down cycle will have a great
impact, if you act too soon, you could be at risk. If you wait too long you could
miss great opportunity. So observing is the key and when the TIME IS RIGHT (and
EVERYTHING is about timing) then you can swoop in and make the deal that can
change your life. It only takes one deal. The right deal. If you are busy making the wrong deal, then you will likely miss it.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Will 2009 make you Stronger or Weaker? Here is a Roadmap to Avoid the Latter

  1. DP

    I live in Orlando. I went to Magic Kingdom on Saturday night expecting it to be quiet because of (a) the economy and (b) colder weather. The place was absolutely packed, one of the busiest times I’ve ever seen it. You still can’t get a table in a restaurant around here on a Friday/Saturday night unless you wait for at least an hour. I was sure that if nothing else some of the huge number of salons/day spas that sprung up around here in the past few years would have closed by now, but nothing. The only stores closing are those big chains where they’re all closing (Circuit City, Linens and Things).
    Note that I don’t live anywhere near the tourist part of Orlando. Other than the Magic Kingdom visit none of this is tourism related. Maybe Orlando is unique in some way, but according to the numbers in terms of property value we’ve been one of the worst hit. Maybe there just hasn’t been big layoffs here yet.
    Whatever the reason, we’re simply not seeing it.

  2. Scott Alliy

    You should consider yourself lucky that Orlando has not yet been adversely affected. Your experience does not seem to mirror my own. Circuit City and Linens and things right down the street have vanished. A local family priced steakhouse opened and closed in just six months. During a recent trip to a vacation resort in Acapulco where normally there was 1000 people at the pool. We had hard luck counting anywhere near 100 people in the main area. Here in Houston I have noticed considerably less patrons in restaurants and at multiple golf courses as well as a significant reduction in staff.
    Rick, I agree with your suggestion that this is a time to sit back ride the storm, observe matters, look for real opportunity and seize the moment only after careful consideration. Rush decisions are seldom the best ones. The roulette wheel of opportunity is spinning, the chips are in each of our hand and we alone must decide what chips to place and when and where to place our bets on the spinning wheel. I see some domainers touting this as a good time to shop for value drops. That is a good use of time and resources thanks to their bargain prices (assuming they are good names of course)
    Thanks for the reminder that patience is truly a virtue.

  3. RegFeeNames.com

    I stay in a town called Motherwell in Scotland based between Glasgow & Edinburgh the two main cities in Scotland.
    In Motherwell we have seen many small retailers close down and many large retailers enter administration (similar to Chapter 11 in the US)
    This has seen several now go out of business leaving large stores closing down and shops empty.
    We havent seen restaurants close down but many have prices reduced and offering specials all day.
    In Glasgow & Edinburgh the tourist spots it is very similar story these large chains are leaving empty stores in the high street when entering administration – The restuarants have held there own slightly better but still many have large discounts even Burger King in the UK is offering a meal for £2 normal Retail price £4-5!
    Im just glad that my fiances Coffee House has been ok – Loyal customers who have kept comming back for the past 10 years+ but again loyalty only lasts for so long.
    The main part of the UK the construction industy is SCREWED! I consult to a construction manufacturer and I have never seen so many large house builders in trouble – Developer has shut down so many operations it is unreal!
    This has had a major effect on jobs which in turn shall effect retail and things wont improve for months to come!
    Glad domains are so buoyant!

  4. Millionaire Maker

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  5. John Colascione

    I live on Long Island, which is one of the most expensive places to live in New York aside from Manhattan. The people here generally need to be aggressive to maintain a good standard of living but you see a lot of hesitation in new spending and the attitude of many is to be conservative. Shopping centers are a lot emptier while dollar stores and Wallmarts are very busy. Restaurants are also much emptier, but weekends still do draw big crowds as people try to shake off the negative.
    As far as our advertising customers, ad spending is down, budgets are being cut across the board, but new advertiser spending is increasing which seems to balance things out.
    I guess overall out here on Long Island sales are down but business has not stopped. People are noticeably changing the way they do things. They are not stopping, but they are trying to get smarter about the things they do and I would imagine that’s a little bit of what is happening everywhere.


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