Toys to Men, Dot com that is…..

Morning Folks!
!n 2004 I sold for $1.3M. It was during the darkest days the domain
industry has known. It was a big sale and covered around the world. Fast Forward
to last week and the sale of It was not the most expensive domain ever
sold but certainly is one of the most important. is a mega sale. Not so
much because of the name which of course is great but because of the buyer. The domain name now in the hands of the people that should have bought it years and
years ago. Like so many things in history things just end up where they are
supposed to be in the first place. and Toys 'R' us is a marriage that
should have happened in the last century. Better late than never. A great wrong
has been righted.

But it will be this sale of that
circulates through every board room in the universe. It will be this
that ignites a new outlook and will have many companies
revisiting this subject. Why did they buy this domain now? One
word......'Survival.' That is why bad economic times come with a silver lining.
THIS is the time to do bold things. This is the time and this sale is going to
be a game changer. Another mile marker. Another milestone as we enter the 4th
quarter of a 20 year plan. Don't underestimate the power and importance of this sale. It says more than I have or can ever say. It will be the sale that is pointed to where destiny and domains finally came to meet for all the world to see.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “Toys to Men, Dot com that is…..

  1. JB

    Now we will see companies wake up to survival online. I would suspect that we will see an increase in companies going after the generic terms that would help their cause in search online.
    We will also see an enormous increase in UDRP because these companies think they have entitlement to generic terms in their selected fields.

  2. Anunt

    thanks to domainers Frank and especially”GuessWho” at A-1 for giving toysrus a bidding war!
    If it was not for these top domainers, would have been sold for under $2 million.
    This tells me that the real world still has no clue about domain names…which is great news for domainers…why???…because the domain game has just begun and we are in it!!!

  3. Kevin

    Yesteryear’s Million Dollar Domains are now becoming today’s MULTI-MILLION Dollar Domains and in 5 years from now the Domains that will be selling for Tens of Millions.
    I know of no other investment asset capable of generating the returns that high quality domains provide investors.

  4. EM @ KING.NET

    This is a huge acquisition for Toys R us. It is now redirected to the website.
    Keep in mind this specific sale is only a fraction of millions of domains that we can’t get close to seller’s asking price.

  5. Steve

    Yes, newspapers closing, real estate companies moving all of their advertising dollars online. I even spoke with our local Director of Tourism and they are not spending a penny on print ads this year. All of the budget is being spent online! As well with google business listing’s you can basically find hotels, restaurants and events right in your car from your phone or ipod! Amazing.
    Hold on for a tough ride, but those that can survive this current mess will be rewarded.
    Best Regards,
    p.s. thanks Rick for keeping us in the loop. much appreciated.

  6. Kristoff Barnes

    The first thing visitors to my site read is a headline…
    “More Than 875 Million Consumers Are Actively Shopping Online…
    Are They Finding You? OR Your Competitors?”
    It’s not a question of if businesses (Corp. America to the mom-and-pops) will need to transition many of their operations online to remain viable, only a question of when.
    The current downturn is only accelerating them towards the obvious answer.
    Watershed moment indeed.

  7. Scott Alliy

    One way out of this huge recession is to bring the money that is on the sidelines back into circulation. This sale is one more example of what I have been saying since the recession hit hard, which is”The internet is the single most powerful business arena yet to be fully exploited that provides the reason and opportunity for currency to flow”. This sale is proof and I hope that more domain transactions and other Internet related business deals will be announced soon. I agree with the posters that most people still do not get the internet which is why I agree with Rick that the future is in front of not behind domainers with good domain names.

  8. Danny Pryor

    This may be a time for bold moves – and as the maxim goes, fortune favors the bold – but I can’t help but recall when you stood in front of a panel during the Madison Avenue debate in late 2006. You asked the ad experts why nobody at Radisson or Westin or Marriott thought to buy – do you remember their answer?”It wasn’t in the budget that year”.
    Let’s see: $35 per year … $5.1 Million … WTF?
    You’re right – better late than never, because this sale finally puts a very different, corporate perspective on the value of domains!


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