Rick scores a sweet deal. Candy.com to sell for $3 Million…Developing

Good Evening Folks!!

In what will be another landmark deal, I am able to report that Candy.com is set to sell for $3M plus an ongoing percentage of sales to a US based candy company. I hope to give details of this deal in the weeks ahead.

Rick Schwartz

29 thoughts on “Rick scores a sweet deal. Candy.com to sell for $3 Million…Developing

  1. Perchboy

    Congratulations, Rick.
    I want to read your book once you write it. I can only imagine the interesting situations you’ve witnessed first hand in selling IReport.com and now Candy.com.

  2. David Rosenbaum

    I hope we all look back in a few years and wonder how such a great name sold so cheaply.
    Congrats on the sale Rick. You and cash are indeed king.

  3. UFO.ORG

    These top draw domains are a goldmine for the biggest of players in the Market.
    $3m + royalities sets you up for retirement. Nice one. Although I’d say there will be no retirement… just more deals.

  4. M. Menius

    Way to go! 2009 is looking like a history making year. Especially newsworthy when domains draw investment dollars like this. Buy an asset –>”Buy a category leading domain”.

  5. Ed

    You know that feeling; once you’ve done it, the only way to recapture that feeling is to teach another.
    Well, here I am :)

  6. Rob Sequin

    iReport that is one sweet deal sir!
    I think the auction.com, toys.com and now this candy.com deals will get rolled into one nice big juicy mainstream media news story.
    All eyes, in a good way, might be looking our way soon.

  7. RF

    Congratulations Rick.
    end users are finally getting it!
    I look forward to seeing who is the buyer of the domain.
    Still more great sales to come Im sure!

  8. Bob

    The Domain King has a new title to add:
    The Domain Sugar Daddy!
    Congrats Rick – another excellent score! You continue to inspire us all and raise the profile of domains and domainers worldwide….

  9. IQ

    That’s incredible Rick!
    There’s been more high sales recently than ever before, in this economy! Auction, Toys, Candy, proprty etc
    BTW, You can afford to buy ‘KingsBlog.com’ from me now. It suits you more! LOL

  10. Oskars

    Can you reveal when and for how much did you acquire this name?
    If not, I’ll just congratulate you with another great sale!

  11. Not A Fan Of The"Domain King"

    Too bad you haven’t been doing any kind of development. If the domain had been ranking in Google in the top 5 you certainly could have gotten more. But honestly you’re the laziest domainer in history, so it’s par for the course.

  12. Hope

    also congrats on not getting tied into an NDA, i respect how you get sales prices revealed. it aids the industry

  13. In Response to Not a Fan of the"Domain King"

    I agree about Rick’s lack of development. If you look at the”Top 50 Domains in Development” on erealestate.com all the ones I checked are parked and have been for some time. For such a huge player with a huge amount of money at hand it is pretty poor that these domains are wasted so much. I’m a small one man show and yet by the looks of things on your site (may not be the case though) have developed more. There’s also a 0% chance I’d ever want to trade places with Rick due to his making money in adult domains but this is a whole different story. Just that I’d rather be able to look my kids in the eyes and have a clean conscious then have to know how I made my fortune. Even if I were to struggle through life financially that’s OK with me in comparison to that.

  14. UFO.ORG

    In response to”Not a fan of the”Domain King”.
    Sure, Rick might not have developed his websites. But just like trees they are always growing in value.
    The problem with Entrepreneurs is they have lots of ideas generally and with all the best intentions in the world they can never chew everything they take a bite of.
    While Rick may have got more by developing these domains, the fact remains he got a great deal more than most of us would have with the same name. So, even without development he made more by effective bargaining.
    Nb: As Rick is not a manufacturer of Candy then the best he could have achieved is some sort of affiliate arrangement, and how much of an uplift in cashflows would that have achieved (for the outlay) relative to making what he already makes off the site? Also, this new company would have cleaned the site, so what residual intrinsic value is this URL based on? Rick is a land owner; he lets the developers do their bit.
    Furthermore, development of sites is the way to go when it’s not a category killer or an absolute high end domain. But when you have the best, the true value of that domain is when the end user can fully exploit its true potential. If you as the domain owner cannot do this (Is Rick a multi million/billion confectionary manufacturer?) then in reality you might as well do the minimum as your buyer is likely to appear within a 3 year time window.

  15. GFYthetwononRickfans

    To the two clowns who took jabs at Rick maybe you need to get a life, and do not preach your holier than thou attitude about how he made anything, I am sure you are perfect though.

  16. Claude Gelinas

    This means at least one major corporation in the US has noticed that the internet is dwarfing all other medias combined, in some segments.
    It’s nice to see a domain selling for its true value.


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