Hear Rick Live Tonight….

Morning Folks!!
I’ll be a guest on DomainSuccess.com’s Gratitude series from 9PM til 10PM
EDT tonight. I want to thank Owen for continuing to get on windmills no matter
how many times he has been thrown from them. This time
he found a winner and I am honored to join such industry thought provokers and good
friends as well.

I look forward to talking with a diverse crowd from the domain world and
especially those from Main Street and Madison Ave. Going on 15 YEARS and you
really wonder when they are going to 'Tune in.' When they are going to figure it
out. I always say nothing like a good collapse and meltdown to slap folks upside
the head and get their attention. They can search for the answer to 2 + 2. But
while they try every other number, I will stubbornly stick with my answer of 4.
It is not for me to change my number nor is it for you. It is for them to
recognize it is not 3. It is not 5. It is not 4.25 it is not any of those
infinite numbers. The answer is 4 and maybe it is time to find out why.

Here is the link to join the conversation:

And who knows, I just may ruffle a few feathers. I don't have much value in
giving politically correct answers. I always give folks a choice. 'I can tell
you what you want to hear or I can tell you the truth as I see it.' Some folks
can't handle reality so I give them a choice. Tonight, no sugar coating.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “Hear Rick Live Tonight….

  1. Terence Chan

    The last time I installed the GoToMeeting client, my 64-bit Windows Vista crashed.
    Sorry if I am taking the wrong channel to reach you here, but question”Has your thoughts on .info and .biz changed? or is it still business as usual?”

  2. Scott Alliy

    As frustrating as it is, it is anyones guess when advertising agencies and business owners and marketing folks will come to the realization that the print media world is drying up faster than a puddle in the desert and if they want to reach a market they better go where the market is.
    I would have thought that the depth and velocity of the economic crash would have woken up even the most sound sleeper among them to the facts that
    The internet is here to stay.
    There is no other medium or vehicle that can reach more qualified consumers literally at a moments notice and at such tremendous cost savings over print advertising.
    The waiting game is on and we hold the winning cards!

  3. M. Menius

    The only thing I’ll add to Rick’s comments from last night is that the public awareness, and use, of alt tld’s has grown over last few years. Aftermarket sales don’t reflect this, but it is true from my perspective.
    While I agree with Rick that decision-makers in large corps don’t get it yet, I believe the smaller business circles do/are. And from there, the awareness and acceptance will move to higher levels day by day.
    The”patience & timing” philosophy that Rick endorsed is a powerful reality. And that’s why the 20 year time horizon offers the most realistic angle for domaining. Not that it will take 20 years, but momentum within the larger market builds on its own terms. Things can change (and quickly), but only when there’s a convergence of factors. That might be this year, might not. No one knows for sure. Thus patience and readiness. Prepare with the future in mind.


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