to be Auctioned at Santa Clara T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Evening Folks!!

Hot off the press!!

Moniker has sent me a few blockbuster names and I am happy to announce that will be auctioned off at the Silicon Valley TRAFFIC that will just so happen to be held in Santa Clara in just a few weeks. Won't that be interesting? Here is an open invitation for the Mayor or City Manager of Santa Clara to attend the auction. Make sure to bring your Budget Director. Same with the local newspaper, travel agency, or anyone else that has an eye to the future and a sense of opportunity.

This is just an example of some great names coming to market. The submissions we have been getting are extraordinary and many more will be announced over the coming weeks.

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “ to be Auctioned at Santa Clara T.R.A.F.F.I.C.


    I sincerely hope that Monte and his crew are smart enough to personally invite the Mayor, City Manager, Newspaper and other end users of interest to attend the auction. This is a headline maker and can change the way all residents of Santa Clara do business in the future.

  2. Gazzip

    Nice, should be very interesting indeed.
    They should place a big ad in the local newspapers saying its up for auction – get a buzz going !
    Lets see if they get it when its staring them right in their face :)

  3. Adam

    This name has changed hands a few times. Think it will sell for more than the last time it sold? That was just short of a year ago at the Geo conference for $82500


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