Toys to Men……Dot Com that is…Part 2

Morning Folks!!

There has been a lot of talk about domaining 1 2, 3, 4 etc. I don't buy
into that and I am going to tell you why and what I see as the eras. First, I
believe it will be pre sale and post sale. This sale marks a
new era. Let me also state that they got a bargain. is one of the
single best domains in the universe. They bought it on the very cusp of
domainer/enduser boundary line. This is a domain with a value in excess of $25
million. We can debate by how much in another post sometime. Maybe in THIS era folks will start to compare the right things. How
much to build a new store? How much to close a poorly performing store? How much
was I rest my case. Plus I have yet to even mention the traffic. The natural ability to perform when matched with the right company. The advertising
power. The world reach. The status. So when companies and advertisers look at this in the RIGHT
LIGHT, many things will happen and the ground will begin to shift faster than
you can imagine.

Until now and still now folks compare the wrong attributes and then they
come out with a wrong answer. Madison Ave has just been kicked in the balls. Maybe
they will wake up. Let's see the ad campaign they come up with. Others are now
sure to follow. I pray that Toys r us does not mess this up. A success here
changes everything. The sale changed everything. This is a fuel for an industry
in a time of uncertainty.

Folks, the equation of life is changing. Taxes are going up. Fees are going
up. Income is down. This creates an entire set of new circumstances. So please
don't underestimate the importance of this sale and also more importantly what a
bargain they got. Lastly, a tip of the hat to all involved in this transaction.
You guys did a real 'Solid' for the industry.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Toys to Men……Dot Com that is…Part 2

  1. Ms Domainer

    Actually, this trend of companies buying generics in their specialities started with the sale of to Old Country Buffet.
    This was a brilliant move by a restaurant chain; they seem to be very successful. It doesn’t hurt that they serve a good product at a decent price.
    I’m fairly certain the domain name helps the bottom line of this company.

  2. BullS

    “This is a domain with a value in excess of $25 million.”
    That domain is worth 10x than that.
    Here the reason why..
    a toy store with a physical asset worth 50million $$$ with a domain name but we know they are not going to get the traffic.
    Here comes BullS, I paid $5million to get that and viola, I can practically own all the toy business in the world!!
    The name of the domain is the name of your company …the name of your company is the name of the domain.
    What so hard to understand??!!Even me-whose Kinglish sucks but knows the power of one word domain name.
    I can practically outsource the toys distribution any where in the world!!!

  3. Sergej

    Hello Rick,
    the domain industry is”small industry”. 2008 were sold world wide domains for only USD 100 millions. What is USD 100 millions in our global world? Nothing!
    But in the next years good .com names will be more expensive!
    Best regards

  4. Kevin

    The best thing about our industry Rick is it’s been placed like a”6 Pack” of no label Beer sitting way up on the shelf of”Business Depot” in the aisle called”Marketing Tools” for so many years.
    As each year has gone by the sizzle in our little”6 Pack” has been fermenting and bubbling away creating more and more pressure.
    Madison Ave and large corporations saw our little generic labeled cans simply called”” sitting up there on the shelf all this time but never bothered to reach up and open them and take a sip because they didn’t have a fancy brand name label like Budweiser or Heiniken.
    So now the pressure is on in the world of business and our generics are ready to blow sky high in value like a volcano. The corporate titans are seeing and hearing those generic cans rattling on the shelf and wondering what’s that Sizzle coming from those cans simply labeled
    So now begins the KABOOOOOOM period after all these years. The titans of industry are reaching up and popping open the generic brand 6 Pack with it’s simple labeled and realizing WOW this stuff is GREAT, why the hell didn’t we try these sooner!

  5. Gary Taylor

    I like your views on the sale of, the price paid is negligible compared to its intrinsic value, of which the attributes you mention clearly define.
    With the”global recession” hitting hard I think 2009 will see some premium domain sales of similar size, as large companies similar to Toys’r’us follow suit in snapping up the top domain properties for their industry, thus reducing the need for the high fixed cost of owning/leasing physical property on the high street or in a shopping mall. Look at the demise of Woolworths in the UK, they are turning to a complete online proposition

  6. EM @ KING.NET

    This is definitely a bargain. Toys is a generic and common language for everyone.
    You can control the distribution of toys and always on top of the pyramid. You can’t go wrong with this purchase. I wish I have Millions $ to take it.

  7. UFO.ORG

    Yes, I said so on my site what a steal was. The funding stream to support that price is a fraction of what they pay for physical floor space per annum. Also the domain locks out a competitor Aceing them in their own channel. Great buy.


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