Sunday Morning Politics and Business. Part 2

Morning Folks!!

I have stayed away from politics when I can but with the government getting into the business of business in the way that has happened makes it hard to separate. These are very unusual times and we all need to pay attention. Today I am going to go where none of us are allowed to go. But common sense needs to return and sometimes we need to 'Recalibrate.'

You can’t talk about race in this country. You can’t talk about race because if you express an opinion
not supportive of some on any issue, they just go off on you and you are labled a racist, or a bigot or a homophobe or whatever. So lets look at what happened
this week and last.

First, as several have mentioned and I agree with, the
biggest mistake was by Obama. The most damage was done by and to Obama. That halo came
off in a hurry. He still does not get it and frankly, I am sick of racial stuff
hogging the airwaves. His “Teachable moment” was a wasted and staged Photo op.

The good professor Gates acted badly. He should apologize.
If he had any class he would apologize. Have you ever seen an apology come from
somebody after they call you a racist? I never have. Not once in all my life.
Not once did I see that. Have you? I was hoping in this case the good professor would
realize that he should have been thanking the police not attacking them as even Colin Powell suggested. Maybe he was tired from the long
flight. Maybe he was just wrong for calling someone the “R” word which is a
WEAPON that gets used like “Deuces are wild” in a card game. Maybe the good officer went too far. But the way this could have been a 'Teachable moment' would have been an apology by Gates that would have most probably prompted some words of 'Over reaction' by the officer and THEN we might have had a 'Teachable moment.' Instead we got a phoney and staged Photo op. That is what I call a 'Missed opportunity.' That was a bunch of crap. That was a slight of hand to take the focus off other things. The woman that called in the report did everything right and she was the villan? Is THAT what we want to teach people?? She should have been celebrated and thanked not victimized. Didn't see her at the Photo op. I did not hear the president thank her for being a good and concerned citizen. The teachable moment? If you see something DON'T call the police. Just mind your own business. THAT was what many learned.

There will always be racists however the vast majority of
people are not. We have come a long way. The election of Obama proves it. Election of many governors and that of congress. But
please Mr. Obama, don’t drag us back to a period we thought we have
transcended. Your agenda is beginning to be exposed and it ain’t flying well.
You are anti business. You are anti police. You are anti military. The “American way” seems to be something that you are less than comfortable with.
Please Mr. Obama, don’t destroy what took hundreds of years to build. I thought
your election would have us look to the future in the sense John Kennedy did. A
certain hopefulness that was genuine and futuristic. A figure that could bring
folks together. Something we desperately needed.

Sorry sir, you are no John Kennedy! I think you could have
been. I think you had a unique opportunity. More goodwill than any President
coming into office in my lifetime. An historic moment. An historic era. Folks
really ready to move on and get a fresh start. I think you blew it. The contempt
and arrogance you show at times just can’t be hidden. The USA really is the
greatest country and has done so much good. Please stop apologizing for us when
you can’t even apologize for yourself. Sir, it was YOU that needed the “Teachable
moment” with all due respect. My fear is you learned nothing. You want to
engage dictators, murderers and thugs but shun half the population of America because they 'Cling' to values that were taught to us. There is right and wrong.
Talk to the jerkoff in Iran? Please!

We are told the stimulus was to “Jolt” the economy when you
were selling the program. Now we hear it is to be a long term deal. Then we hear the recession is over after
only 10% f the money has been spent. All this in a 10 day period. Do you think
we are all that stupid? “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit. Then
you want my money??? Want to “Re-Distribute wealth?” Raise my taxes? Have me carry water while others drink it?

Make ME a slave?? Sorry, but when any government takes 50%
of your money, you are a slave by definition. The government is turning into a
pimp and we the people are becoming their whores.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: My default in life is we have more in common than separates us. The media and the government are the only ones that focus on what we don't have in common and then they EXPLOIT it to their own advantage. We should be smarter than that. We just get caught in the crossfire and they use us.