Going Fishing! Enjoy the Summer!

Morning Folks!!

Time to take some time off and recharge the batteries for
what will be the most interesting Fall ever in the history of business. We are
at the “Everyone is full of shit” stage in the recession. The “Experts” that
did not see it coming even though that was what they were paid to do now say
the recession may be over. So let’s rip theses folks a new one.

First of all
even if they are right and the recession is over, the pain is just starting.
Let ME guess where we are at. My gut says we are in the “Eye of the storm.”
Folks that know about hurricanes know that the worst part of a hurricane is the
backside. After the “Eye” passes over. The eye is a calm period. Then WHAMMO!
With things already weakened it all comes again from the other direction.
Destruction is the end result.

What we are facing may mirror that storm. It
starts when the benefits and extensions for those that are unemployed run out. That
is the day the pain begins. Savings are gone. No income. Bills. Not a pretty
picture multiplied by 10-20 million. Compound that with a weakening dollar and
an out of control deficit and even if things are great there is a huge cloud to

Health-Care? You MUST pay attention. With negotiating so many contracts I know, we all know, just one sentence, one word,
one thing that can be twisted in that bill that nobody will read can be
monumental. Remember, these folks in Congress will all be gone by the time we
actually have to pay for it. By the time it takes effect in 2013. When the shit hits the fan. So what do they care?
Democrats and Republicans both expect them to know what they are voting on. Read the bill? Are YOU insane? YOU must be part of the NEW MOB! That MOB of
Americans that DARE ask their elected officials questions and expect a STRAIGHT
answer. Expect them to use good
judgment on OUR behalf. Please don't report me for making a 'Fishy post'. To indimidate folks from discussing this most important issue is the worst type of thuggery I have ever seen coming from so high up. Nobody should accept that! Disagree fine, shut folks up and intimidate them??? PLEASE!

Anyway, I will pop in for a couple posts in the next couple
weeks as news from TRAFFIC is released and we have a LOT of news to announce. I
should be able to release the domain name I sold this week as early as Monday. The selling price was $200,000. First contact from the buyer was a year ago. Hand registered in 1996.

Have a GREAT Day!
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Stay Healthy!

Rick Schwartz