Cash for Clunkers Crashes

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After just 4 days and after months of advertising it, Cash
for Clunkers is coming to a crashing halt. In 4 days, they ran out of money.
It was supposed to run until November! Another successful government program. Not! Many meetings, great projections and look where we are. Meanwhile local dealers are holding
the bag as their ads are on TV, contracts are sold and they are screwed. Of course
they will extend it as soon as they can run and print some more money and have some more meetings. I can’t
wait for them to be in charge of my health care. Let’s see how they do with
getting the flu vaccine out to us before it is too late.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

20 Year Plan enters the 4th Quarter.

Morning folks!!

My family (mom, wife, 2 brothers and 2 sister-in-laws and sometimes
my niece) meet on Sundays for breakfast for the past 15 years or so. We have a
9AM breakfast about 35 Sunday’s a year. So more often than not. That is nothing
unusual. But what is a bit quirky, is that if you are not there by 8:15, you
are late. Go figure.

I love getting up early on Sunday and out the door by 7:30. No traffic.
No stress. The only day of the week I have to be somewhere early. It
makes me appreciate not sitting in rush hour traffic Monday-Friday like
I used to do and most people still do. Every 6 months I have to go to
the doctor for bloodwork. That is the one day I have to deal with the
real world. I hate it, but it makes me appreciate not dealing with it on a daily basis.

That’s kind of the way the domain business works for me. I
retired back in 1998. But in my retirement I work more than ever because it is
no longer work. It is a hobby. A passion. A way of life. A great love. Maybe even a calling. A
lot of different things. I can remember only one time I did not check my email
in a 24 hour period. That was only because I was on a plane and could not get
online back in those days. That does not mean I will answer the email at that
time. Some emails need time to think about or check with others or a host of
things that would make it a different timeline for answering. Sometimes I just
don’t feel like it but since I prioritize things, I always answer things that
are pressing. 24/7/365

One time in all these years. So do we really ever get a day
off? I watch folks online with different business ethics. I don’t get it. If
your cash register is open your customer service has to be open. Servers are
down for hours and they don’t even know about it. For $30 you could have your
servers monitored 24/7. I have used those services since 1997. I would not live
without it. I even put it on SPONSORS SERVERS before I even use them to see if
they get bogged down with traffic at peak times. Sometimes I know more about
that part of their business then they do. ISP’s are the worst. MOST ISP’s are
down for considerable amounts of time. MOST. Don’t argue unless you have tested
them. I have. MOST.

So if their basic work ethics are still based on real world
bankers hours, their customer service is only open part time, they still depend
on their techie to make sales and they don’t know how often their servers are
down… can see the Internet has a long way to go to mature, develop and
expand. Hey, let's have another meeting in which we fail to make timely decisions and file a report to the higher ups who can also have a meeting and make no timely decisions. Where the hell is the 'Sense of Urgency' in all this?!!

Life as we know it is changing. Those that see the change, embrace the change, understand
the change, will be able to harness the power that change is making. Domainer’s
too must change. But I don't have the patience and my posts are not geared to
people that buy and sell 4th class, low quality domains. They play a
game that may make them a living, but won’t make them wealthy. I do try and
reach them and hope they raise their game. The opportunity is there. Just like
the pretty girl in the room. But for some reason they are afraid to approach

The point of all this is there is so much opportunity, so
much room for improvement, so many mistakes being made, so many ways to fix
things and make them better. But one thing keeps standing in the way of
progress and success and that thing is called “Human Nature.” The greatest
asset and the greatest enemy. The good news is that the worse things get the
more of a chance you have to crack and change human nature. That my friends is where OUR
opportunity comes to life. We are on their path. They just don’t know it yet.
Many of you don’t know it yet. I just decided to set up an umbrella on the
beach, have a Pina Colada, and wait for the masses. I KNOW where they will end
up, so that means that if I chase them for 20 years I will be wasting time and
energy. I can just sit on the beach because I already found what they are
searching for. When they finally get here they will be in shambles. But they
will get here and they will be ready to do business when they do.

I will be announcing 4 new deals that I did in July alone. I love a recession. The pain is yet to come. That is the best part. Pain equals opportunity. The next 5 years will be the years and the recession only helps. I will demonstarte before your very eyes deal after deal after deal and it will be when folks think I am taking about doom and gloom. Folks that think that are not reading my posts correctly. It's about catching record amounts of fish during a great storm. When you are prepared for the storm you can fish. When you are not prepared, you have no time to fish. Some play offense, some play defense. I play both at the proper time and do it in my leisure becuase in life if you are one step ahead you can be on cruise control with no worries. One step behind and your life is about scrambling. Catching up. Never being ahead. Are you always late to an appointment? Set your watch 15 minutes ahead.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Argument to end all Arguments about Domainers

Morning Folks!!

Sometimes you realize you just can’t explain an issue better
than somebody else already did. Such is the case with the DNJournal article on
Michael Berkens. What happens when
you can’t explain something very simple, but complex and abstract is that you get frustrated. But when you can articulate something to your own
satisfaction, that gives a sense of calm and control.

Recently I have written a few blogs about human nature. But
I never dug deep as Mike did. This is what he wrote and I think it helps
explain things in a calm and understanding manner:

you read TechCrunch
any time they have a post concerning domains, read the comments and you will
see what I mean - people hate
domainers. Although all of them wished they registered back in the day and sold it for $12 million they hate you for
having the foresight
. This mentality is not exclusive to domainers. Human
nature is highly jealous of success.'

'Somewhere along the way we went
from a society who looked at success stories and used them as inspiration to create their own, to one
that looks at successful people and eagerly awaits and looks forward to their
fall. If you could get the honest answer of the American population,
almost all would say they admire Donald
, almost all would love to be like him, enjoy the success he has, but
almost all would say they would be happy
if he lost it all

'Everyone would love to have 100
great domains they could have registered in 1995. Everyone wants to have what
Frank has. But 99.9% of the general
population missed the boat and now
they’re pissed off at the one’s who
got onboard, who thought of it first, who beat
them to the punch

'People who own a lot of
apartments are called “slumlords.' People who take over public companies
are called “corporate raiders.' People who practice law and get large
verdicts are called “ambulance chasers.' People who have sudden success
are dismissed as being “Lucky.' People who own a lot of domains are call
“cybersquatters.' This is human
nature,' Berkens said.

the domainers I know are extremely
hard working
. Honestly, I don’t remember the last day I had a whole day
off. Its certainly been many years ago, and probably because I couldn’t
get a connection or my computer’s hard drive failed. However, I think that is typical of domainers. The domainers
I know work, or worked, when they were building up their portfolio, 7 days a
week, 10+ hours a day, 365 days a year,' Berkens said.

'Yes, the best thing about being
a domainer is you can work anywhere, the worst thing is you work everywhere. Domainers by and large
are self-made. I don’t know
of any domainer who grew up with a ton of
money. We either made money in a previous business or in the domain
business but what we have, we earned.'
'Domain holders created
an industry
. An industry that didn’t even eThixist 10 years ago. A very
profitable one. We’re living the
American dream
,' Berkens concluded.

This is just a tiny part of the article Ron Jackson did on
Mike Berkens. Mike is one of the few people in this industry that “I” actually
pay attention to. Besides, Bandit was one of the biggest motivations for
getting Freddy.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS> Want to easily look up and scan my last 200 posts back to 2007? Check out

Big 3 are Dead and replaced by Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Morning Folks!!

The Big 3 are Dead and replaced by Google, Microsoft and

That small sentence is a mouthful and basically describes
2009 and the shift that has occurred. We are about to watch an epic battle
between 3 Titans. Apple is the wildcard and Microsoft is losing market share when
it comes to their software as Apple gains and Apple will continue to gain and
erode Microsoft in that arena. Google will always be vulnerable.

Microsoft is likely to lose a large share of their
environmental Windows audience to Apple. By this time next year Apple market share will reach double digits. If will control 25% within 3 years. That is one hell of a comeback! But “Office” will continue to lead on both platforms.
Bing will be a pretty nasty thorn in the side of Google as Microsoft sees what
is happening and makes the shift. Bing is better in some areas and improving in others.

It would take all day for me to go into all this in depth.
But what I wanted to point out is the interesting dynamic that is manifesting
itself here between these 3 powerhouses of this century. This is something to pay attention to
and study. GM, Ford, Chrysler........the big 3 no more. Replaced by Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Of Google, Microsoft and Apple, I see Apple as eventually coming out #1. They are the IDEA people and IDEAS is what will win.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

When in Doubt….Reach Out. What do you think?

Morning Folks!!

Howard and I have always listened to the wisdom of our
friends in the domain industry. When we have tough decisions we reach out to
see what you think as our shows are designed for you.

In May of 2008, when we had our Orlando TRAFFIC show we agreed to do
another show at the hotel starting January 12th 2010 as our 2009 schedule was
already set. The January 12th Orlando show was our plan until this
past fall and winter when the economy changed things.

At that point we decided that Las Vegas was a better fit.
Only problem is that week was not available. So we have an opportunity to
dovetail our show right before GlobalFest so domainers could have one travel
expense. However, being away for 7-10 days may not be that easy for some.

So we are strongly leaning to follow last years pattern and
try for the end of April. Comments?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Sunday Morning Politics and Business.

Morning Folks!!

When I grew up there really was free speech. The tone of the conversation was different. There was right and wrong. Good and bad. Not today. Today, the water is muddy and that is not a good thing. Today it is 'Intimidated' free speech. You really can't say what you think without a host of accusations and insults hurled at you. With Government now inside of business to a degree we have never seen, on the verge of the taxes going over 50%, it becomes increasingly hard to separate things. Imagine getting the quality of health care determined by your party affiliation. Scary thought no matter where you stand on the issue. Your life may depend on the party in power?

But that is not the motivation for this post.

I listen to all the babble about what happened last week in Cambridge between the Police Officer and the Harvard Professor. Lots of excuses and lots of rhetoric but few have taken the time to read the police report, which is supported by the eye witness statement and those of others.

Let’s cut out all the crap. Pretty sick of it. If the same thing were to happen to me and I was found jimmying my back door and the cops responded to a call, I would gladly show them my ID and I would THANK THEM for trying to protect my property! I would thank them over and over again! That seems to be missing from the conversation. That is what I would do. I think that is what most folks would do. Especially since Mr. Gates himself said his home was burglarized in the past. Sorry, I just don't get it. Maybe the professor was loaded for bear before the office ever arrived. This is not Selma Alabama. This is Cambridge Mass. Arguably the most progressive area in the entire country. So what is really go on?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

P.S. I purposely left a lot out of this post. I am sure what I left out will be stated. I do want to share some interesting insight. Today Donna Brazille, a high up Democratic Party Strategist made an interesting comment. She said that when she grew up her parents instilled in her that when she was pulled over by the police was not to argue. Just pull over. Answer his questions and cooperate. She said that because she believes that her parents told her that because she was black. And being black I won't argue that you have much more problems. However, my parents told me the same thing. Everyone I know was taught you don't run from the police, you do what you are told in a 'Situation' and that you don't mouth off. So many things are just not racial and you can't wrap up life in a racial wrapper. There is right and wrong and it cuts through race and religion and nationality.

$1M domains for $10,000. How many will YOU buy?

Morning Folks!!

Every once in a while “Joe” as in Joe Biden says something that folks may laugh at but are true. Last week he said, “You have to spend money to avoid going bankrupt.”

That was one of the smartest things he has ever said. Another way to say it is “Go for broke.” That really is what you have to do when things are bad. Prime the pump. Make things happen. That is what my posts have been about this year. Don’t pull back. Those that pull back will be swamped.

As I write this I am negotiating more 6 and 7 figure domain deals than any time in 14 years. Offers are flying in. One after another. Real offers. Solid cash deals. Folks know this is the time to make things happen. To change their own destiny. To reach out. While some like Hershey’s are in retreat, others are just coming out of their shell.

Does this mean the recession is over? Hell no!! It just means we have reached a stage I have talked about for quite some time. This is a “Working summer” for most. Folks may get away here and there, but this is a summer where folks will be at their desk. Where they are fighting for survival. Where they are looking at everything that passes their way.

The TRAFFIC auctions in October will be the last time 2 major auctions happen at one show. I predict you will see a blowout. Each auction will do more than $2M. It could rival the biggest ones we have ever had. Why? Timing!! The amount of quality domains will be at an all time high and this may be your last significant chance to buy a premium domain at a down and dirty price. Whatever bargains will be out there this fall will be evaporated by next fall and I would imagine much sooner. This window of opportunity is open, but it will close in the foreseeable future and never open again in this lifetime.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

BULLETIN! Cavemen spotted on TechCrunch!

Morning Folks!!

Before I get started on the Neanderthals (Lighten up, I have been called much worse), I want to thank for following the deal. They have written about it twice now and that is a good thing. Their articles have been good. So I have nothing bad to say about and want to thank them for following the sale. What this post focuses on are the comments, the readers, the closed minds in light of years of evidence.

Now what is funny is about 2 hours after I write this blog post and decided to sit on it for 24 hours to see how the comments developed, Mike Berkens wrote a great analysis that frankly I would find too frustrating to actually invest the time to articulate what he did in a pretty calm manner. So my tone is slightly different……but then again I am a lot more frustrated after 14 years and it shows. I really hate when folks ignore facts. I give them points when they make sense, we deserve the same.

You would think after so many years of the Internet, the booms and collapses, folks would actually progress. But one just has to look at the comments and see that the same ones were posted a dozen years ago. However in face of all that evidence and progress, they remain locked into their box and the only thing they can do is lash out. The difference today is instead of me fighting a lone battle, this has erupted into a great opportunity to educate by an entire industry.

I don’t see why it is so hard to grasp the concept of making more sales with a recognizable and targeted domain name. You pay a premium for a great location in the real world. Where is the disconnect? The great location provides more traffic and more opportunity to make sales. But it is important for domainers to keep things in perspective. These attitudes still exist and they are hardened. It does not matter that they are wrong. These type folks never look for answers. They are locked into beliefs as if both feet were in cement and they become prisoners of their own close mindedness. It illustrates why things are the way they are.
Now they make some valid points but have a bad habit of dismissing our valid points. So until that changes, we are stuck in 1997. Opportunity missed.

Imagine folks out there running businesses, marketing for corporations, in charge of sales and when you show them 500, 1000, 1500, even 50,000 customers lined up at the front door of your store (Domain Name) before you even open it and that happens with a different set of people each and every day, week after week, month after month, year after year and they don’t see GREAT value there, well what can you say? It would be like talking to a rock, a rock in a cave. They seem so proud to remain ignorant. How does one justify remaining ignorant in the fastest moving business environment the world has ever known? It would be laughable if it were not so sad that so many companies actually listen to these fools like they were oracles. They listen to them because they too are ignorant. Hey Mr CEO, Hey Mr. Owner, kick these folks to the curb and start LEARNING the Internet for yourself. YOUR survival depends on it. It is no longer okay to say so and so takes care of that part of the business. You best get involved because just like 15 years ago, TECHIES are making BUSINESS decisions and techies make lousy business people. They don’t get it. They don’t see anything but a screen and a keyboard and have no concept of consumers and human nature and sales and customer service. They need to be locked in a room and YOU need to tell them what to do not the other way around. Some folks hire lawyers and listen to every word they say. Others hire lawyers and direct them. Both have value given the situation. But if you don’t know the difference from one situation from another, GOOD LUCK!
A Great domain name does not guarantee success. It just puts the wind at your back and increases your chances of success. If you are successful, you won't be mildly successful, you will be wildly successful. How many of you heard of Melville Candy Company before the deal?? How does it affect their stature in the industry? Will it open doors that may have been closed to them before? Does it cary some heft? Does it give you some credibility? No guarantee, but if you tap into all the assets associated with a great domain name, you won't be at the mercy of an overpriced and underperforming media. I could go on for 2 hours and not repeat a single benefit. If you don't see all the benefits, take off the blinders and read some of the comments over there. I rest my case. Still not convinced? Go watch some GEICO commercials.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Sweetest Day in 14 Years! Many more to Come……

Morning Folks!!

I always had a vision that I would come to the table as a landowner by owning the domain name and I would hook up with a developer or end user and together we would make money. So on July 18th one more distant vision became a close reality. With the opening of a new era has begun. Days of selling category killer domains for just cash is over. We have reached the point where an “Equity stake” will become common place. How do you find partners like that? By saying “no” an awful lot of times. No to this, no to that and no to everything in between. joins as a non-ending sale. represents something special as together we will watch this most basic of domain names blossom into a major powerhouse. Melville Candy Company has been in business for some 38 years. However it was July 18th that will be the day of their re-birth. In the same month that Hershey’s decided to put their tale between their legs and close their online operation, opens their doors. WOW!!!!! WOW!!! and WOW!!!!! What a vivid picture of the future and the past. How a company like Hershey’s can fail online is absolutely mind boggling. I would love to grill the CEO of Hershey’s. I would turn up the heat so high I would chase him out of his own office. At the end of the day, he is the one responsible for their failure. Responsible for keeping them in the last century.

So we have the Hotel industry that failed by not figuring out and now we can add the candy industry big shots who failed for missing out on I see these failures as inexcusable. Not one exec at any of these companies could figure out why they needed such a domain. Why that “Strategic Asset” will prove to be their biggest collective failures. Make no mistake the candy industry has failed in the vision category. Two guys from Mass. are going to clean their clock.

Let me take it even further………none of the founders of these companies would have screwed up like this. Today, corporations are just not in sync. Few have strong leaders. CEO’s come and go. The rack and file is caged in their cubicle. Decisions are hardly made. Dare they speak out? No way! Let's have a MEETING!!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Bing Bong Google. The arrogant Giant gets challenged.

Morning Folks!!

Many folks in the industry don’t think Bing will be a big deal. I am going to explain why they are completely wrong. Bing is the first TRUE challenge to Google. Bing is good for the domain industry. Bing is good for the consumer. The only ones Bing is bad for are Google and SEO guys that have yet to figure out Bing.

Make no mistake, Bing is here to stay and Goggle is going to suffer. The first indication will be visible to the “Insiders” when the 3rd and 4th quarter numbers that show Bing eating away at Google. Now it is time to explain why Bing is going to hurt Google in a BIG way.

First of all when I hear the guy that washes my car talk about Bing, I know this is more than just another search engine. A waitress. Four retirees eating dinner. This is meaningful. When I hear commentators and people just talking about Bing, that matters. But besides that let’s look at who is behind Bing.

Of course Microsoft with a few billion to invest. But mightier then them is who boasts the Bing logo on all their home page maps. Why Well then you have to follow and since NBC now owns you can add NBC as they are in bed with Microsoft with MSN. Then of course General Electric owns NBC and when you have established players like this with DOLLARS……you are going to see a serious challenge. That challenge will produce a bidding war in all types of directions. This is as big a challenge as one could get.

So those that think Bing is not here to stay and not going to take substantial market share, will be proved wrong within 18-36 months and indications will be obvious much sooner. Bing is an alternative and Google is going to have a huge fight on their hands. This is a battle of Titans. Those that think Google will walk away unscathed will be proved very wrong. Those folks don't understand numbers. The numbers prove this just a fact yet to happen. Every point that Bing gets as market share is a costly one for Google.

As for Yahoo! They will fall a distant third unless they field an aggressive team awfully fast and team up with other giants to make it a 3 way challenge. In TV it was NBC, ABC and CBS. Are we about to see the same thing online? As they say.....'Stay tuned.'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz