Why Rick Posts about the Economy and now Politics

Morning Folks!!

Back in the 1970’s we saved one company. Chrysler. 30 years
later we still hail it as a great success and it was. But times were different
then. People actually took responsibility. Iacocca came in and turned things
around. Compare that to today. Who is running GM?? You can’t name the guy.
There is no “Point man.” No true responsibility. Ok now to the buring question. 'Rick, why are you writing
about politics?' The answer is an easy one. Many folks asked me the same
question last year when I started writing about the economy. I heard over and
over again, “What does the economy have to do with domain names?” To me that
was a pretty silly question but I was surprised so few saw the link back then. Any questions now?

First I expanded into general economic issues and how they would
affect us as people, not necessarily domainers. Most thought we were immune from the economic collapse. Now they know differently.

Then the government entered the business universe in an
unprecedented way we have really never seen before. At first we thought it may
be a good thing. Then we saw the strings come out and eventually the tangled
web that followed. We also saw a
total lack of controls and oversight. They gave away the money and THEN made
the rules. Not too smart. They were going to make sure there was no waste. I
guess the $18 million website shows more than all the words do.

Eventually the debate turns to taxes. If you are still in
fairy tale land let me explain how this all works. The government gives away
trillions and WE get to hold the bag.
We get to pay for the party. We get screwed. But you won’t see it today.
Hocus pocus wait 2 years.

Point is, time to pay attention. Forget about the arguments.
Does not matter who wins and who loses. It is your WALLET that they really want!
If they take all your money how much power do YOU have?? At what point does the
power shift? Again, it is a NUMBER not an ideology. Not a party affiliation. Not anything but a number.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz.