Back from Fishing but forgot to Vacation…..Here is what I Caught

Morning Folks!!

On the first day of fishing I bagged one by noon. Fishing? You mean outdoors with water? No, no, no. I meant “Fishing” to get away from the
confines of the domain industry and out into the business jungle. Just a few days to drop out of this world and drop into another world. I went fishing for a deal and I found one. My investment $300,000. My take $800,000. $500,000 profit and in and out in 4 days. How? By seizing opportunty. By recognizing it. By timing it to the tee. By learning that history repeats itself. By following the money. By following my gut.

I did that just so I would not feel guilty by taking a few days off and slacking a bit. I can't say it was a relaxing week. It was still pretty damn intense and I had multiple negotiations going on both inside and outside the domain world. I don't think I ever had so many simultaneous negotiations going on and each were at the most critical of stages. It was a whirlwind. I have deals and contracts I have not even gotten to yet. Matter of fact, after the least amount of domain inquiries between March and June that I can ever remember, I have had more in the past 45 days then the past 2 years combined. They are literally coming out of the woodwork.

I am hoping
after so many years, so much we have all learned that actual business people
may be more interested in what we have to say. My blog has always been about domains and domainers but it never stopped there. We may be the players in the production, but it is for the folks in the seats that I am aiming for. The audience that is not really here, YET. The business owner. The CEO. Corporate America and Main St. The person that can actually make a decision. The folks in all types of businesses that can employ what it is we do to transform their businesses.

Domains are my vehicle. Traffic
is my expertise. Closing sales is my specialty. Putting it all together and
interpreting into the Internet is my gift. What that means is that I can
transform the business of anyone willing to embrace this dimension and have their MINDS leave
the confines of their brick and mortar business. Show me any business on Main
Street that is able to take advantage of the Internet and I’ll show you a
business I can double, triple or quadruple the size of in just 18 months. If I
fail….it will take 36 months. But even in failure that business will double in
volume and even more in raw profit earnings.

Here is what I found out with Mr. business owner on Main
Street. He is no longer in control of his destiny. He has outsourced his
lifeline to folks that understand lifelines but don’t know jack about making a
sale. He is like a car dealer but has no license to drive his own vehicles. Never took a lesson and does not know how to drive. Tell me how that guy sells cars?? Tell me how he out manuvers his competition? Tell me how the public could even take that dealer seriously?

So Mr. Main St. business owner, get you ASS in gear and pay attention.
The survival and thriving of your business now depends on YOU getting under the
hood and exploring and understanding the Internet. If you leave it to your son,
daughter, mechanic, IT, secretary, dog catcher, I mean anyone else, you are going
to eventually go out of business. Why? Because you are no longer in control of
your business. Your store is laid out a certain way for a reason. A reason
having to do with making sales. You have competent sales folks for a reason. If your website does not do the same thing, it
is like having all your inventory shoveled into some dark garage and expecting
your customers to wade thru all that crap without organization nor anyone that cares enough to help them.

Your website can’t just take orders. It has to sell. It has to educate. It has to define. It has
to sell and it has to find people interested in what you have to sell. It’s not
rocket science. It’s lining up 3 or 4 components into an engine. A sales
engine. A cash register that rings itself up and ships itself. Autopilot once
you learn how to fly and manage it.

Listen to the words. If you have physical store you should double your sales in the worst of
times by getting with the program. It is your human nature as a store owner
that is preventing you from getting to an exponential level. If you can get 100
visitors and close 1 of them you can do the same with 1000, 5000, 50,000. Your
real world limitations can be removed. Your geographic limitations can be
removed. But the one limitation that only YOU can remove is the one embedded in your mind. That has always proved to be the biggest obstacle. I believe once you close your mind to new frontiers and solutions, you lose.

I am amused to see so many believe that Wal-Mart is their
big competition. They are WRONG. Wal Mart competition? Your problem is you may
be blind to who your REAL competitor is. In the case of Main St. it is not Wal
Mart. It is Amazon! Oh your laughing?? That’s why I write this. Let me know
when you stop laughing and figure out that you should be crying for not being
in the game. Come on Main Street, wake up.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz