Here Comes #12, Rick Sells

Morning Folks!!

In the not too distant future I will be announcing my 12th domain sale is Another multiple 6 figure deal plus other
considerations. There should be a press release forthcoming and the
buyer will decide how much of this to go public with as there will be a
confidentially clause . There is some real interesting developments out
there and this recession will just make great domain names more and
more important and meaningful and eventually many will become
priceless. Many already are. But when the investors of the universe
understand all the facets of a domain name it will render so many other
investments and collectibles secondary to what a domain name means.

The economy is in turmoil, some domainers are struggling to keep above
water. Great domains have never been in more demand. Folks, this is
report card time. The working equation has changed drastically and
therefore many business models have been blown to smithereens. All I
can say is that it is never too late to start doing it right. Never too
late to adjust to new times and new opportunities. Last August the
bottom fell out of the market. Look how much has changed in just 1
year. Look at your own attitudes when I began writing about the
impending economic meltdown. 1 year ago, most readers here were not
affected by what we have gone thru and really thought I was going off
the deep end. In retrospect you can see that what I saw coming was
accurate. Just another event I clearly defined before it occurred and I
did it in front of the world. Many told me to cool it. But my job is
not to paper over reality. My job is to articulate reality before it
happens. To take advantage of that information before others. That's
your job too!

said at that time that you can't pull back on the throttle. That you
have to gun that baby if you expect to survive and thrive. Those that
did not heed those words have quietly disappeared. I listened to my own
advice and while I had my very worst year in ppc since the beginning, I
also put more meaningful deals together than ever before. Planted seeds
that will sprout into fruit trees not just fruit. Aligned myself with
successful people and companies. All that before I even get to the huge
changes in TRAFFIC
to bring the event around the world and around the corner. Not just to
domainers. If you want to continue your incest then you will only do
business inside the industry and the other shows will be better for
you. Have fun with the masses! But for those of us that understand what
we have and where the future is and where the opportunity is, we will
focus on end users. Focus on folks and companies outside the domain
industry. Engage those that we choose to engage. Those of you that are
stuck in the domain world, I see no shackles on your legs, just ones
imposed in your minds. TRAFFIC will evolve into a show that attracts
people from outside the industry as the Internet hits the next stage.
New blood, new money, new opportunities. We lead, everyone else
follows. What am I talking about? I am talking about things in the
future that are coming that others don't see. Why don't they see it?
You'll have to ask them. But my record is pretty damn clear and I see
it and they eventually will as they follow in our footsteps and trace
the new path we blaze. So the choice in life is to follow leaders or be
stuck with the masses following followers and never having a clear

me be as clear as possible. IF you KNOW what elements constitute a
great domain, then all I can say is there are more domains out there
than any one of us can actually buy. I see an incredible amount of
quality domains for $500-$5000. When I say quality, I mean a domain
that has 10x, 20x ,100x the value it is being sold for. The same work
and money to buy those as all the CRAP I see people buy.

I have a post buried in this blog from the spring. It was like giving the keys away to the joint. That was close to what Mike Berkens
said about that post. I explained in detail what constituted a great
domain as opposed to a worthless one. It was one of my least read blog
posts and I don't even know a comment was made. Go figure.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz