Hocus Pocus, let’s try and Focus

Morning Folks!!

Let’s cut to the chase. Liberal or Conservative. Left or
Right, Democrat or Republican, don’t fall for the bullshit. Whatever the
government does comes to one thing. How much tax do YOU want to pay?

So if you earn $100,000, how much of that $100k are you
willing to give away to the government to do all they want to do? It’s a
number. It’s not any party affiliation. How much you wanna pay? Make sure you
ask yourself at what point are you a SLAVE or an Indentured Servant? So what is
your number? Now just remember that the 7% in sales tax you pay AFTER your
initial tax actually counts! Your state TAX counts! Your property TAX counts.
Your utility TAX counts. Your gas TAX counts. Your telephone TAX counts. All taxes after the TAX. That is a bigger percentage of the dollars you have left over.

So you have $100k. How much should you and your family keep? How much should the government take to support their programs and families of other people? $65,000? $50,000? $25,000? $90,000?

In my pea brain, anything over 50% and you are no longer a “Free”
person. What's your number?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz