My 11th Sale

Morning Folks!!

I will be announcing another domain sale later this week.
This is a geo domain. Of course when I bought it and even before I sold it I
did not categorize it as a geo domain even though it is. This was an early
purchase back in 1996. Not a 7 figure domain. But a pretty good return if you
have patience.

More and more I look at domains as more than mining. In the
early days it was mining. Today it is watching fruit tress ripen and sweet
fruit to pick. I always do one
thing in life. I plant seeds. I plant seeds every day of my life. I don’t worry
about when or even if they will ripen. I know it is all about a percentage. If
you do your homework and you plant good seeds, then the chances of them getting
ripe are extremely high.

Most of my life I was a “Schlepper” . Not sure if I spelled that right. But
it means a salesman making money on a daily grind. Not the true translation. But it took on a new meaning over time. In furniture it was a cross between moving sofas from one part of the store to another or a guy on the road trying to sell his goods. Buying for $1, selling for
$2. No work, no money. Like a waiter. No work, no tips, no money. But when I
broke my back in 1988, I had to think of a different way to make money. A
smarter way. How do I make money from bed? It evolved over time. But what I
learned was not to worry about turning $1 in $2 today. I learned to plant the
seeds for tomorrow and allowing them to germinate, grow, mature, sweeten and
ripen. There was never a timetable involved. Just patience. If you plant enough
seeds and the seeds are good and the seeds germinate, there was never a sense
of urgency to do anything but keep planting seeds.

Each of these posts is a seed. I plant something each
morning. Alone they may or may not mean much. Together they may have great
value. Each sale I make is a piece of the puzzle. A clue into the direction and
pace of things. Stay tuned.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz