The Circular Firing Squad. Ready, Fire, Aim! Huh?

Morning Folks!!

Oversee suing Skenzo?? This one suing that. I can't even keep it straight. Is that
smart? Where is the ICA on this issue? MIA? Much bigger than just 2 companies and a domain sale. This is HUGE! The enemy is AOL. Why aren’t they aiming their guns at them? They are the boogie
man here. They are the ones making claims far from their actual rights. So is
this really a lawsuit about a domain name or one motivated by the competitive
nature of the industry? We now have all the major PPC companies involved in
serious litigation. Each will get weaker and none will get stronger.

Meanwhile all these folks need to
WAKE UP!! The domain is no longer worth $1.4M. The domain is now worth tens of
millions and all parties have taken their eye off the ball. Then putting the
owner against the buyer is just a bonehead move.

All that before we even talk about
the fallout from this. Meanwhile AOL must be laughing their asses off. They
created a civil war in an industry they probably hate.

See when I asked if the “Golden
Days of Domaining were over”, I was not kidding. Wonder how many times the
Skenzo Paddle will be going up for a Moniker auction in New York? Will this
scare others to bid?

Now of course I understand there is
a contract involved and perhaps this is the way to proceed. On the other hand
if you win the battle and lose the war, what exactly do you win? These are
extra ordinary circumstances. I think it is unfortunate or maybe even
calculated as I believe more went into this decision then just the sale of the
domain name. That is my BUSINESS opinion. These are two giants fighting. The domain may be the vehicle, but is it the true motive? I don't know, but certainly worth asking.

Anyway, I hope all the parties can get
together and do what is in the best interest of the industry which would be to
focus their energy on AOL because if they don’t, we are likely to face it
over and over and over again in the future. A floodgate of threats that
actually affect business transactions.
AOL will be the first, not the last.Stop the polictics and show AOL that this industry has some character and willing to fight.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz