Yahoo Carol Bartz to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch……”So Fu*k-off”

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Every once in a while the real world cuts to the chase and here is one of those moments. So if you want to see Michael Arrington get taken to the shed, this is your chance.

There is a 57 second clip 


and the entire 25 minutes 


Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

PS: I like women that know how to say F**k and Sh*t in business and in the board room. 

26 thoughts on “Yahoo Carol Bartz to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch……”So Fu*k-off”

  1. jeff

    that guy is nothing but a punk and hates domainers but yet its ok for him to work at
    he is a no body at techcrunch and shaddy character

  2. DP

    Arrington is a piece of crap who adds no value to anything and makes a living essentially pulling things down. As the previous poster mentioned, it was fine for him to make $$ on domains at then turn on domainers completely when that’s what his audience wants to hear. Little punk bitch got owned. Wonder if he’s crying like a baby on his blog same as the time he got spit on.

  3. Joe

    I think it is irresponsible for a corporate CEO to tell someone to ‘fuck off’ in a public forum, joking or not (she did not appear to be joking). It is crass, rude, and a terrible example of diplomacy.

  4. jeff

    @joe but yet its ok to ask the woman to say how the fuck are you?
    and his previous remarks on techcrunch
    arlington i would say go fuck yourself and your a piece of shit..

  5. event hire

    @ Charley
    really? 62?
    she looks bloody good for 62.
    as we would say in England, a ‘2 pinter’ lol
    seriously though, i thought she was quite a good laugh, came across pretty well

  6. Rick Schwartz

    I think in public and memorialized on video, not the smartest thing to do as far as the stockholders. On the other side, he was as thick as a 2 x 4 and she was a bit fed up with a history of being thick. So she stuck up for every employee of Yahoo! and that was cool.
    In the 25 minute clip the context is slightly different. On one hand I really admire her for letting loose without losing it and the other is obvious of course. But I still like a lady that can use 4 letter words at appropriate times which this may not have been. Then again, maybe it was. We’ll see how it plays out.

  7. Dean

    God I love it when well heeled powerful women talk dirty.
    Such behavior should not go unrewarded, why if it was up to me, I would hike her skirt up, pull her knickers down and give her a good spanking over my knee. Yes indeed, that it what she needs.

  8. M. Menius

    Michael’s interview seemed more of a camouflaged dig at Yahoo. Designed to create gotcha moments. Could have conducted a better interview by dropping the snide attitude. Questions intended to elicit a defensive reaction.

  9. Rick Schwartz

    That was not an interview. I agree, that was a guy looking for a gotcha moment. The worst part was that he could not accept some of the most simple answers because it did not fit in with the snide attitude that was so evident. Arrington reminded me of Perez Hilton.

  10. Logan

    When he called her out for only being a good financial manager, improving profits, increasing stock price, she should have responded,”Yes, that is correct. My fiduciary duty to Yahoo shareholders is paramount in all that I do at Yahoo. Yahoo shareholders, through their Board of Directors, are the ones who hired me as a professional manager to lead the business for them. I’m ecstatic that I’ve been able to succeed for them.” Her defensiveness precluded her from giving this correct answer that any Yahoo shareholder would want to hear from their CEO.

  11. steve c

    @Logan Good one. That’s what I tell people who just don’t get it.
    On the other hand, she has some kahunas and got fed up with the bs.

  12. UFO

    I have to say after having watched the long version the guy was pretty civil, she just didn’t like the questions.
    He was right, Yahoo isn’t anything, it isn’t at the top of the game in anything.
    How can the woman defend Yahoo when their servers are so F*CKED using her technical verbage. Any decent architecture employee must have long fled to a real IT company (And I don’t count MS in that space).
    Must agree with the guy when he infers she’s just an accountant and paring off excess fat to make the org lean.
    To me, Yahoo is like an AOL… its stull floating, but gently sinking. Like teaming up MS is the bling leading the blind (Sorry Typo) ha, searching in the dark.
    Don’t know how many years to go, but Google will set the big guns on MS and take them out, it just needs to free online office etc and it will slay MS. I could happily use MS 98 suite and be as productive as 2010.
    Anyway, liked the guys questioning, he did seem a bit slow in some aspects but that might have been part of the act. She couldn’t handle it and just started getting offensive, shows shes not that smart or skilled with people at exec level, she is out of her depth, would last 5 minutes in the city here.

  13. Stephen Douglas

    Everybody here who thinks it’s”unprofessional” to curse at someone, let’s get real. When the VP of the U.S. Dick Cheney can say it, and nothing happens to HIM, then it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
    This is especially important when you want to sum up who you’re talking to, and when it’s said to this hypocritical piece of shit, it works perfectly.
    Put a point up on Rick’s Blog”Good Article Count Board”. There’s not many points up there, but this one I’ll say is a fair”GOAL!”

  14. Stephen Douglas

    Just watched the full version. This woman kicked Arrington’s ass, cuz he can’t compete. The”tiny company” quote just showed you how a woman can hand a man his flabby ass — and you talk about Yahoo as a company”pre-Carol Bartz”.
    If she can shrink this”host’s” balls with a few well placed comments, (and she had to find his teeny balls first), then I think she can move mountains.
    Don’t be apologetic for the host. He can’t, and never will, reach her status in the internet world. That’s what stood out the most. As far as Yahoo’s success, don’t count them out yet.

  15. Danny Pryor

    @Rick … as a former reporter, I can tell you unequivocally that Mr. A was definitely looking for a”gotcha” moment. He was not being fair, and he certainly did not contribute to any discovery about the company. I suffered through the first 14 minutes of this interview and then stopped. I would have said F-U after the third or fourth comparison to Steve Jobs. Jobs is brilliant, and I love Apple, but I am also impressed by a company that can develop heuristic active server pages that detect and store user preferences, post ads according to gender and age group, region, language, etc. Does Mr. A know how F-ing difficult that is? Probably not … Way to go, Carol!


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