The Cure to Frustration and How Not to Waste Time and Energy with Morons

Morning Folks!!

In 1996 I made my first public post about domain names. My post was removed. I then made another post. It was also removed. By the third post, I was banned. I went to an early real estate forum in which these guys were flipping double wide homes. I came and explained something new to flip that would require less time, less paperwork and much more rewarding. Not a single one would give a listen. That was repeated many times over the years. Many times. Many sectors. To this day and beyond. Until recently that was very frustrating. Matter of fact I often say that TRAFFIC was born out of frustration and anger.

Then a couple weeks back somebody sent me a simple thought and it is like a pill you can use to tune out the morons of the world. The time wasters. The ones that will never concede a point and usually have an agenda. So, take a deep breath, and print out the following statement and keep it close to you because it will come in handy more often than you might thnk. It will save you time and energy and aggravation. That is if you value your time, energy and well being.

'It is impossible to defeat an ignorant person in an Argument'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

32 thoughts on “The Cure to Frustration and How Not to Waste Time and Energy with Morons

  1. Rick Schwartz

    Let me go on to say there are two types of ignorance. Those fighting to stay that way and those fighting to defeat it at every point in life.

  2. Mike

    That’s why I usually avoid arguments if possible. Most people would not change their views because it hurts to change one’s view. But some are receptive but they are very rare. I tried to point out once or twice if I saw they were not right. But after that, I regard them as one of”most people”.

  3. Trey G.

    Well said. To expand on Rick’s comment, many times this ignorance is based on folks”talking their book” as opposed to general ignorance. Case in point are the Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck, etc. shows on Fox News. If there’s money involved with their schtick, no matter how irrational or uninformed they are, you’ll never win because there’s turf to protect.

  4. Shaun

    This is the exact reason that I stopped participating in domain forums. They are a complete waste of time.

  5. Dean

    Posting posts about people who post posts is a waste of time.
    I would rather read about fascinating people who fascinate me with the fascinating things they say and do.
    Just my 2cents worth.

  6. Tia Wood

    Shaun, posting comments about people posting comments about postings of people’s posts are Hey look, a sandwich!

  7. Dean

    P.S. your post about my post about people who post posts in reply to other peoples posts.
    Err.. is still a waste of time…

  8. Tim Davids

    I posted a post once about a post someone posted about and the bastard ignored me!

  9. ScottM

    Yeah sure Trey, all the shtick is only on Fox?? Take a look at the ax-to-grind morons MSNBC allows to appear on their programs. I’m talking about hosts and guests. Watching a particular channel is democratic … and that says it all why Fox has higher evening ratings overall than MSNBC and CNN combined.

  10. LS Morgan

    Some of the greatest personnel machines ever assembled were those that brought together all points of view… often times, wildly divergent ones.
    I think too many people fall into the trap of immediately disregarding anyone who disagrees with them- or who offers a contrasting point of view- as being ‘ignorant’. It’s quite possibly the most overused buzzword in the English language today…
    That said, ignorance certainly does exist, but lets be careful to distinguish”disagreement” from”ignorance” and”ignorance” from”stupidity”.
    Stupid people cannot learn because they’re stupid. Sometimes, stupid people argue and are called ‘ignorant’ in the process, even though the truth of the matter is far less flattering; it’s not that they’re lacking knowledge, they’re just morons…
    Ignorant people aren’t always stupid- they’re usually quite capable of learning- but have yet to do so, or in some cases, are willfully ignorant- they’ve been taught, but they refuse to acknowledge it.
    The frustrating ones are the belligerent ignoramuses- the ones who are abrasive and confrontational with their ignorance. Those are the ones you’d like to shotgun in the chest since they belabor their own cluelessness.

  11. Altaf

    Hi Rick
    exactly so ignorant never wanna be defeated never ever to learn from others having knowledge, feels he knows everything but ….
    Good topic! But how to avoid such ppl we meet everyday? You will see you cannot talk before them..they keep on non stop argument,
    a time waster!
    Have a nice day!! Regards,


    Time is GOLD, so we should be wary of who to spend it with. So stay clear with Time Wasters.
    Good to see you back on the canvass. Your wisdom is a good investment. :)

  13. Rick Schwartz

    “Good topic! But how to avoid such ppl we meet everyday? You will see you cannot talk before them..they keep on non stop argument,a time waster!”
    Altaf, that is easy. Once they reveal they are morons (usually does not take long) then you avoid them. You have private chat boards to keep them out. You have by invitation only shows to keep them out. You get out of their orbit by creating a stronger orbit for yourself. It’s no secret how I feel about these type folks. I advertise it at every chance. Legit folks may not say anything, but privately, they appreciate it.

  14. Stephen Douglas

    Rick ol pal ol buddy – may I remind you that several of OUR arguments have manifested themselves into a nice symbiosis result.
    Look up”Symbiosis”. Very important in finding solutions, and the basic foundation for ALL INNOVATIONS throughout civilization.
    Don’t admit on your blog that you don’t like to hear competing ideas and arguments, dude. Come on.
    That’s what makes the best of two or more ideas combine into a workable solution. You’re talking as if your ideas are”it”, no debate, no other viewpoints accepted. Is that really the way you want to be perceived?
    I agree, if you ascertain that someone is not making sense at any level, and can’t give a logical response that makes you go”hmmm… maybe”, then ditch em.
    Hopefully that doesn’t mean me! ;-)

  15. John B

    Every successful person I have ever spoken with has culling out the time wasters, in one form or another, as one of their rules for success.

  16. steve cheatham

    Good post Rick
    “It is impossible to defeat an ignorant person in an Argument”
    Change defeat to educate and the outcome is the same. A waste of time.
    And yes, it is the reason I quit all the forums about our industry.

  17. steve cheatham

    Ignorance is defined as lack of education.
    I call those who want to stay ignorant as”Ignorant and proud of it”.
    I’m done. This is a waste of time.:)

  18. Logan Flatt

    I agree that DEBATE, not argument, can have positive outcomes for both participants and witnesses. However, my litmus test for ridding people out of my life is when I feel that I am”spinning my wheels” with them. As soon as that phrase hits my brain in thinking about or dealing with them, I know it’s time for them to go.

  19. UFO

    Common Rick, its good to pick a fight once in a while. If it wasn’t then us males wouldn’t watch sports.


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