TRAFFIC Vancouver Opens TODAY! South Beach to Announce Keynoter!!!

Morning Folks!!

Vancouver TRAFFICopens today and it marks our first trip to
Canada. In the past year or so TRAFFIC has gone to Australia, Holland, Italy
and still have Ireland and Hong Kong before year’s end plus the big bash on
South Beach. We know Rick Latona and his team have been working hard to make Vancouver another history making event before heading to
Dublinin August.

In a few days I will be sending out the first detailed
information about our South Beach show in October. Unlike past years, the
schedule is mostly complete. Howard and I have contracted for our guest speaker. Somebody
you may never have heard of but will change your life with his words and
thoughts. I really mean, change your life. He will reveal secrets that have
long been locked deep because who was keeping those secrets. But when you get
fired from a company like that, there are tales to tell and laundry to sort out. I have heard some of those
tales and they are captivating and will help all of us in our journey.

At TRAFFIC we take great risks to get great results. When we
don’t do it right, everyone knows. So we have no choice but to hit perfection
each and every time. We have to nail it each and every time. We have to make it something special
each and every time.

So stay tuned for more news as it develops in Vancouver and
then spread worldwide in the coming months. TRAFFIC means business and the sprint is on!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “TRAFFIC Vancouver Opens TODAY! South Beach to Announce Keynoter!!!

  1. Altaf

    Good Morning Rick,
    Congratulations for the VC TRAFFIC event. We are sure it will be again a great success.
    We will stay tuned to know more news-we are hungry for.
    with best wishes!
    Have a great day! regards,

  2. Michael Hallisey

    Hi Rick, I made a new list for the Pigeon Test. If your not too busy maybe you can check it out and give me your top 10. :) I picked out 50 $1000 domain names for sale from Sedo’s website. Not easy seeing how they have a few hundred thousand at that price. I linked them to all there for sale pages so if people buy them I get $25. LOL I think people would really fine this fun.

  3. George

    @ Michael… I don’t think I’d give anyone $1000 for any of those… maybe only All the others are $50 at best.
    But that’s just my $0.02.

  4. mini diggers

    I agree with George.
    Michael, go back to your pigeon loft, lol.
    incidentally, and ironically, is for sale on sedo for about $1k (£695) and i would say it’s worth that.

  5. Michael Hallisey

    George… I am sure your right. I searched through about 2000 domain names and these where the best I found. There is this ugly world of crape domain names everywhere you look. They didn’t make any sense, their spelled wrong, there is page after page of 4 letters! (creepy voice)”Buy me, Buy me for a $1000 I am :)”

  6. Michael Hallisey

    OK MiniDiggers, Maybe will just have to add a few more domains too the list. is now on the list!
    Anyone else that fines a good domain for a thousand on Sedo let me know!

  7. Altaf

    We could always provide you better names provided you are ready to spend higher $$ to get the good ones, type ins & well searched names.
    Best wishes & luck Michael.

  8. richi williams

    damn it! i know this is totally unrealated but i was reading that Rick was banned from google adsense a few months back for 3 of his domains that he paid to have developed into mini sites. well today i woke up with a smack in the mouth for me, slapped with a disabled account for my development of my shopping network damn it all! had about £700 in earnings for the previous month in it and it was picking up good too! now they decide its coming to payday that my accounts too risky! i even passed their verification week to verify last months earnings, god i hate those idiots, how an i meant to set up my shopping network when i cant even get any ads to run on it because im not part of their game! feels like they keep the best for themselves and even dish out arbitrage licences for themselves and their close chums but were not even allowed a slice of the pie even if its done legitimately! sorry about the rant, but i now know how rick felt. nothing worst than developing a domain so well and for so long that its rendered useless when the ad-network pulls out, not good practice from them google folks! so its being parked at trafficz while i decide what the heck to do next! good luck in Vancouver! thats a bargain.. surely some enthusiast will want that 5 years down the line to make someone a nice profit..!

  9. DomainParking

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    I wish i was going , i will the next time the next one is on
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