Time to Reveal Career Earnings. I’ll make the leap!

Morning Folks!!

In every Sport stats are kept and are made public for annual
and career earnings. You see it at
the box office every weekend. They keep track and the $$$ brings in more $$$
and interest. That is the reason they do it to begin with. They do it in Real
Estate to both create competition and interest among other things.

I believe domainers should begin to do this. It is not
enough to have a list of folks that made a million or more. Even restaurants
and car dealers keep score by dollar volume.

So I will take the lead. Not because I want to. Not to brag
either. But it is interesting. It is something that should be known. It is a
number I actually know. I did a Quicken Report. Voila!

Let me state that I am WAY down on the list of earners in
the domain business. I can name DOZENS that have earned more. Much more. They
have each earned hundreds of millions and or have assets equal to that and
more. So I am just doing this to start the conversation.

This does not include future payments. Ok, maybe I should not reveal. But it even surprised me.

So my question is why is everything so
secretive in domaining when we see just the opposite everywhere else? Are we stunting our own growth?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

41 thoughts on “Time to Reveal Career Earnings. I’ll make the leap!

  1. Daniel Dryzek

    There’s Russian saying:”Tisze jediesz, dalsze budiesz” (~ ride quieter, ride further).. maybe that’s the reason. And in fact still most of the money is made on typo and tm domains, so probably that’s the reason too. Am I right or wrong?

  2. Anthony

    Generally, Domaining is not a team sport, it is a solitary journey sans the backing of a big, corporate PR sound machine (i.e. as seen in real estate sales, insurance sales, auto sales, etc.)
    Each individual domainer lives on a seperate individual island (like Frank Schilling :-)
    Unfortunately, also NDAs prohibit the mass self-promotions of big sales (ex: hey look, I just sold iMe.com to Apple for $3.5 million)

  3. Sammy

    I will guess 30 million if including clicks from the early days with adult sites, etc… Looking forward to hearing.
    Obviously much more successful than most businessmen.

  4. Will

    Rick, I wish other domainers realized the importance of your (pending) revelation. Too many in this industry are misrepresenting their talents and level of success. Thanks for taking a critical step in legitimizing domaining as a business.

  5. ScottM

    Don’t reveal Rick, why give this incompetent administration another industry to go target and pick on and find another way to tax to feed their next worthless stimulus frenzy!

  6. WebDomainsBuy

    Great idea, will probably bring more people into the business. Everyone needs to be online to make money now a days. How are you going to reveal your stats? I think it should be a website for you and everyone to be able to upload their sales. I will build it for you. We should use TopSecret.com, that would be cool!

  7. mitchell

    >>> I can name DOZENS that have earned more. Much more. They have each earned hundreds of millions and or have assets equal to that and more.
    Dozens who have earned hundreds of millions?…. I know there are a few very big players in this space but dozens who have earned hundreds of millions? Not sure ’bout that one, Rick. Let’s see some figures!

  8. DNB2B.com

    I propose to create a network of domain investors at DNB2B.net or perhaps Domain Name b2b information at DNB2B.info
    BTW, Where is the figure?

  9. Biggie.us

    Hi rick
    sure, it may be good to share the price of a sale now and then to excite the industry.
    but i think you should keep your yearly/overall earnings to yourself.
    it will only make others more jealous or envious.
    we all know ….”you’re in da money”
    i like virtualtours.com,
    i have virtualmonopoly.com and always wondering who has or who will have a”virtual monopoly” over domains right now?

  10. LS Morgan (Not Morgan Linton)

    Ego has been the downfall of men a helluva lot more important than you, Rick. There’s nothing good that can come from this, other than to stroke your own latent need to constantly be reiterating that you’re some sort of a ‘big shot’ (which itself is motivated by other, more unflattering personality dynamics)
    I know you’re smart enough to realize the potentially negative implications of this, yet I guess the forces of your own ego are stronger than those of reason.
    Whatever, though. You will regret this. Mark my words, here and now.

  11. dtagr

    Is this the domainer version of the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert gag?
    “I’m announcing that very shortly I’ll have an announcement…Really, any minute now!…Here it comes…” :)
    I don’t say any positive or negative consequences either way.

  12. Sammy

    Some people run legit businesses if you get me ;)
    I don’t think Rick has anything to worry about, as he posts many high number sales publicly and often. I am sure he doesn’t need you worrying about his taxes.
    The fact that you said that makes me wonder about your character Richi. Like school in summertime Richi, you got no class!

  13. richi

    i guess some people like to live dangerously ;) and i guess your just not that type ; .. you can run with your bags of money to the tax all you like ;) i’d be willing take the risk an pay half that shouold be due ;)
    thats if i was a multi-million $$$ domainer living in the cayman islands like frank schilling is ;)

  14. Dave Wrixon

    Legitimate point though really. If bucks were as big as advertised, why would it not be wrapped up in a company that puts the figures into the public domain? Tax benefits for corporations are very substantial. Of course if you are really making megabucks then seeking a tax haven also makes a lot of sense. Puzzling when people do neither.

  15. Kyle Jennies

    Richi that’s a really good point you made! It is best to keep your own financial details to yourself to avoid any unwanted hassle!
    With regards to Sammy: leave Richi alone saying by he has no class.. Do you have such a serious chip on your shoulder that you try to mock people? I have some Sauce here for your chip on your shoulder if you would like it, or perhaps you want some salt and vinegar? LOL
    I don’t think people come on here to be attacked by your suggestions and i dont think he was talking to you in the first place from what i read.. LMAO!
    Dave excellent point! As Richi pointed out i do believe Frank Schilling relocated to the tax haven which i dont blame him for doing so! Plus he also has it all wrapped up as a company too, NA – Name Administration..
    Good luck with it all Mr Schwartz!

  16. jberryhill

    I’ve made a few good friends, and managed to do a good thing once in a while.
    I doubt my banker will be attending my funeral.

  17. berryhill's banker

    “I doubt my banker will be attending my funeral.”
    I’ll be there… dancing on your tombstomb.

  18. Dalelorenzo

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