Contest for a Cabana…..The GIRLS of TRAFFIC via

will be as hot as South Beach itself. Our Security Guards
will have the best legs on the beach. But, before the show even starts,
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. will be giving away a free Poolside Cabana to the
Domainer who can explain to folks why T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is virtually free
because of all the business they do. Perhaps just one event that changed
your destiny. One deal that will pay you forward for a lifetime. What
value did that really have as opposed to the expense of coming? Just post a short story or essay by midnight tomorrow.
Winner will be announced later this week.

cabana will come stocked with a bottle of Champagne, bottles of water
and soda, a flat screen T.V. (to watch football, of course), 6 Chairs,
towels and of course service by one of our HOT cabana girls. The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Cabana Girls will make your weekend a little more
enjoyable. A little more pampered. We expect more than 100 folks for the weekend before the show
even starts.

you want to rent a cabana, we have leased all available and can be
gotten for just $750/day for sponsors and $375 for domainers. There
are just 7 cabanas and 3 are already spoken for. So we must know ASAP if
you have any interest. This is open to domainers or companies. Network
SoBE style!! Domainers have First Dibs until 5PM tomorrow and then we
will release to sponsors on the waiting list we will set up.

who know Chad Folkening, know that Bianka runs the and
promises THE hottest looking girls for the Cabanas and Security.
has no corporate umbrella with a lot of do's and don'ts. Howard and I do what we
feel is the right thing at the best time and that is the only thing. The chips will always fall where they will.
to talk about the different sides and facets of the business. Some are
helping you, some have the ability to destroy you. Laugh if you like,
ignore at your own peril. It has been costly to you or haven't you
noticed?? If you want to be involved in your destiny, you know where to
be and when to be there. Renegades and trailblazers need to reach back and regroup.
I plan on continuing to give you an overwhelming number of reasons you
should want to come to Miami Beach. Many announcements. Many new things.
Many surprises because we have the freedom to follow the future as
opposed to a corporate bottom line via a mindless spreadsheet and one
dimensional decisions made. Many that do long term damage to folks
planning to do this for the rest of their lives. Our bottom line is
moving the
industry forward and steering it in the right direction.

want to thank Rick Latona for going
against the grain in what has been arguably the most challenging
business environment in decades and working hard to bring T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
and Domaining to new
corners of the world in spite of those factors. It did not work as well
as we would have all hoped
but that is what happens when you push the envelope and blaze new
Lastly, there are just 19 rooms left for Tuesday Night October 19th. So take a minute and book your room
before this becomes an issue. That's it for now.
Rick and Howard

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One thought on “Contest for a Cabana…..The GIRLS of TRAFFIC via

  1. Peter

    Hi Rick,
    What exactly is an Cabana girl and what are the services they provide. Let us all know. You got my attention on Traffic with this blog post
    Thank you


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