“Raped by your sponsors, by Google, and by Yahoo. What are you to do?”

Morning Folks!!

Somebody sent me that this quote this morning in an email. Said that should be the headline for the TRAFFIC show.

I asked if he read my DNJournal Interview or looked at the schedule?

Take a few minutes and read. It may be worth MILLIONS to you in future earnings. Millions! I can add. I don't need to exaggerate. Probably already cost you millions if you have enjoyed some level of success or when you multiply what you used to make X your longevity.

But he said none of the reasons I gave on my earlier post were the ones he was coming to TRAFFIC for. He said the title of this post and his is RIGHT! 100% right.

So WTF are you going to do about it? Maybe time to speak up and speak out?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on ““Raped by your sponsors, by Google, and by Yahoo. What are you to do?”

  1. Rob Sequin

    Parking revenue is lousy.
    Adsense pays crap.
    Amazon pays crap.
    Commission Junction affiliate payouts are crap.
    I have not made one dollar on my Ebay partner network affiliate since September 5.
    Best thing that ever happened to affiliates and ad networks was the Recession. Allowed them to cut payouts and blame the economy.
    Even as the economy recovers and businesses FLOCK to online, payouts suck.
    Get used to being paid less for more traffic.
    Direct advertisers are the ONLY way to go.

  2. Matt

    In times like this you have to get creative. Think outside the box and put some effort into your business. The times of sitting back and collecting parking and affiliate revenues are over for small timers.
    What use to work does not work anymore. Life evolves, evolve with it.

  3. Theory or Conduct?

    Firstly, I think publishers would be upset… providing there was ample concrete evidence of said conduct.
    Secondly, I think publishers would be inclined to take remediate actions… providing there was ample concrete evidence of said conduct.
    But so far – said conduct looks to be more”theory” than”conduct”.

  4. Charles M. Lowe

    I think that a lot of sellers, and even experts like Rick, would see benefits if they would spend just a little time working on their grammar.”Recieve” is the worst culprit. If I see it on a website their credibility goes down the tubes. Holy Crap if I’m going to spend days putting a website together I’m at least going to proof it a few times.
    “Morning Folks!! Everyone always want to know what my technique is for selling a domain name is.”
    Rick, you can remove the”is” and check the rest of the spelling. Experts either do it right or have someone do it right for them.
    And no, I’m not an English teacher. I’m a 50 year old Mechanical Engineer and now full-time domainer.

  5. Danny Pryor

    You want crap? Work with Commission Junction, and have them tell you how you should be grateful you don’t have to PAY THEM for their advertisers. Who the F*!X to they think they are?!?!?!


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