Rick’s 36 Tip Checklist to Help you Start Successfully Domaining TODAY!!

Afternoon Folks!!

So you want to be in the Domain Game? You are sick of Pigeon Shit. You are ready to see what you are doing wrong. Here is MY VIEW on domains. MY step by step guide to free yourself from Pigeon Shit!

If you seriously want to do this, just abandon all the bullshit you think you know. Before you can progress you have to cure the disease. The posts of the last few months and particularly the last few days was to do that. Now onto the real method.

1. You are planting a SEED not buying a domain name.

2. You are staking a claim not buying a domain name.

3. Seeds take time to germinate, mature and bear fruit

4. You are planting trees not grass.

5. This is a 5 year plan

6. If I just lost you, you may be lost forever. Don’t have 5 minutes? You will piss away the next 5 years and still end up right here to figure out where you went wrong.

7. Your mindset has to change from the immediate gratification to that of investor. Hooker or Call Girl. One gets $50 and stands in the rain one gets $5000 and sits in a penthouse. Choose!

8. Why am I wasting my time with this? Because the start is where folks go off course. THIS is the PLACE they all goof at.

9. Don’t quit your day job! Seriously. You need $$$ to fund a hobby into a business.

10. If you don’t have a day job, get one unless you don’t need to.

11. Take a deep breath

12. You FIRST purchases are VERY important so you MUST get these right or you are off course and out of the game until then and by that time you will likely be broke and confused and frustrated and angry.

13. Pick a category. Any category.

14. Make sure there is a Yellow Page listing for that category.

15. Find the listings with the most advertisements

16. Start drilling.

17. You will see that vein picked apart like a Friday Morning Turkey after Thanksgiving.

18. Try xylophones. Less crowded.

19. Work up to better categories.

20. Start with a noun like Insurance.

21. Add adjective to the beginning like: DiscountInsurance.com, NewYorkInsurance.com, CheapInsurance.com. THOUSANDS to try and find. Drill. Don’t be lazy. Drill. Thousands.

22. Use Verbs. GetInsurance.com, BuyInsurance.com, They are taken. buyxylophones.com is available as I write this. The audience there is tiny. So look for bigger audiences. More common items.

23. When you know the difference between a domain and Pigeon Shit, THEN you will recognize domains of value the INSTANT you see them. Just like I know Pigeon Shit the instant I see them.

24. Drop lists now come into play. When you know what to look for you can go thru a list of 100 in 3-5 seconds.

25. Domains of value standout

26. Set a realistic budget. You buy your car for $20k or whatever, invest in yourself

27. Buy with a rifle not a shotgun.

28. Don’t be a spammer.

29. Be creative

30. Don’t buy and try to sell 10 minutes later

31. Activate the domain and monitor for traffic.

32. Don’t be a whore and try and sell 30 minutes after that

33. Just put it in inventory and assuming it was a value, pat yourself on the back for a good grab! It’s a fish!

34. Repeat, repeat, repeat

35. There will be a time for selling.

36. If you do it right, you will be too busy getting domains to worry about selling them and then they will be chasing you too.

Yes, I hear ya. You have no money and you need to flip fast. Fine! But you still have to go through these steps to find a domain of value. And if you do it right., you will find a liitle income along the way.

My test for a truly valuable domains is if it stands alone can I build a business around it if all I ever did was focus on that one domain from now on. That’s the test. I have the luxury of not having to do that. But you MUST do that if you want to start in the right direction.

Of course you can’t start going the right direction until you come to a complete stop and change course. Folks have a choice. Buy pigeon shit and make pennies and lose dollars or understand what makes a domain have value and transform what you do.

Clear out the inventory and start fresh again if you are losing $$$.

Just KNOW there gems that sell way below what pigeon shit sells for.

No one post will give you all the answers. But almost all the answers lay within the confines of these several hundred blog posts.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

25 thoughts on “Rick’s 36 Tip Checklist to Help you Start Successfully Domaining TODAY!!

  1. BullS

    Pigeonshit domains are also known as BS domains -for those who do not know what Pigeon shit is
    #37– Is is all about Marketing, Marketing, Marketing and BS-ing around the pool.
    Be Creative—by smoking marijuana.

  2. Don

    I like number #7. Very visual.
    I like #21 for personal reasons. The insurance example for state insurance names are fetching 75k to 300k now. Thanks to the insurance.com sale:)

  3. Will

    Thanks, Rick, for confirming my instincts as I’m getting my feet wet in domaining. Domaining success is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m in it for the long haul.

  4. WebDomainsBuy.com

    I took your advice and bought BuyXylophone.com with out the”s”. I figure people only want to buy one instrument.
    EstiBot gives it a value of $1200 is this a good site to look to for an appraisal?

  5. Anthony

    Rick, once again another,”Post of the Year.” Seems like you are the only blogger with substance these days. I would have to say this post and what constitutes a domain name found in your achieve are the best posts in all of domaining.
    Necomers should re-read these two posts over and over because it will save you a lot of money buying the Pigeon Shit Rick is talking about.
    Thanks again for your insight and taking this industry to another level!

  6. Poor Uncle

    Thanks for sharing. You have a couple of nice insightful posts today. This newbie is grateful. Very fitting…as I’ve spent a good part of the day reading some old articles in 2005 & 2007 regarding the genesis of the domain name industry. I am getting very close to telling all of my friends, nieces and nephews about my newly found hobby in the past few months.

  7. Anunt

    All good domain names have been registered already…only pigeon shit domain names left.
    A new domainer can forget about making parking income…you are too late for this game.
    But a new domainer can still register a decent name like in your example BuyXylophones.com, but parking this name will not make you shit….you will have to create a website on there and spend $$$$ on marketing to make any money…and this can not be done by your average domainer….making a profit after all expenses and considering the time you spend on this task… is not as easy as you think.
    Conclusion: A new”Average Joe” domainer has no fucking chance in this game…so dont waste your fucking time and energy in this bullshit. One in a thousand will succeed in this game now…and that one person will have to be very very smart and creative and also have money to invest…if your an average Joe with no money…dont fucking waste your time!

  8. Perchboy

    Awesome, Rick.
    I’ve long considered domaining as akin to Scrabble with money.
    Your insights make it even more fun.
    Thanks again.

  9. Bill

    You need to think outside the box. There are plenty of opportunities perhaps the best being domain names that fit future technologies and trends. Takes a little work, but plenty of online resources ie. wikipedia to get you pointed in the right direction. I am also investing in some nice generic keywords and geo .coms in foreign languages in particular Japanese and Russian that get traffic and revenues. These were bought as a 5 year+ investment.

  10. Jilo

    I took some of these steps earlier this year. I’ve chosen a category; lll.nets, with a plan to move up to lll.com. I’m only interested in pronounceables with good end user potential.
    I made a profit of $4k in august and a profit so far this month of $1k. From end users contacting me.
    Thanks for all this advice Rick. I’ve bookmarked this and your previous post about sales

  11. Chadi

    I like the part about dropping all and starting brand new. The 2nd best feeling in life I get is when I throw the garbage… The best is the moment I decide to let go (in the name of garbage)…

  12. chris

    hey Anunt,
    I beg to differ with all the good names are gone comment.
    for example i got ‘tineacream.com’ 2 weeks ago. fair enough its not the best but for the niche that it sits in ….. its great.
    fair enough Rick was there first but I have noticed a domain for a company i was contracted to lavender.at, and check out duiattorney.co……so the next thing COULD be cctld’s and the well is still very deep and ‘all profit is good profit’ so save your earnings from the cctld’s and buy a few nice .com’s
    with the lemons, make lemonade instead of sucking on the lemon and telling us it tastes bad.
    business is not rigid so adjust your approach when needed and adapt to your environment.
    if you have a product niche…dont park, use amazon affiliate shop or something?
    Rick, you must be having a slow week or just motivation from coffee has kicked in LOL’s

  13. Attila

    Someone said up there all great domains are bought up. Well I tell you something, almost every single day there are a few thousand expiring. Just got to filter through these and know how to pick them up.

  14. George

    Maybe this biz is not for you at all or you could consider an other strategy.
    I’m one of those”Joe Domainers” and I’m doing very well considering I don’t have lots of money. But I do have a good working brain that helps me a lot.
    Thank you Rick for your excellent info.
    I’ll apply it accordingly.

  15. Altaf

    Congratulation for the great tips.
    If youngsters & newbies take a few tips from it
    they would make great future!
    Pesimist like Anunt who once left this esteemed
    blog, again back with negative thouhts & filthy, vulgar
    language.let him give some good insihts if he claims of
    capable of that.
    In your busy time you managed time for others
    is great& we must appreciate it.
    Have a great day!!

  16. Vern

    I’m so happy to see that Rick’s blog contains the ultimate step by step way to the way I’ve been domaining since 2006. The thing I have to learn is patience.
    I wonder how much money I have made other domainers by finding amazing domains and selling them from $100-$1000. I can only imagine if I still had most of them and they were aged 3-4 years by now.
    Makes me wonder if I’ve even make our hero, Rick, any money, lol!
    Love it Rick, keep em’ coming!

  17. Ofrager

    This is exactly why I am so high on RS because these were exactly the kind of posts he made on his board daily for over ten years. Rick you are the award winning hero and pioneer voted so by peers that are qualified to judge. Don’t lhe assholes bring you down. Understand your power. Seize it. Traffic was built on the brand and sales skills of you.
    Come back and be leader who is not a cold hearted profit seeking enterprise disguised as a conference.
    Lead us into the promised land. Take the stage and you BE keynote speaker and see how fast you sell out.
    Excuse fast fingered typos from air and space museum. My friends are all riding on simulators and I’m here typing this under a drone.

  18. Stephen Douglas

    Rick, I think in all fairness you should credit your post to the six or seven $79 domaining ebooks on how to invest in domain names.
    This is regurgitation of basic domaining kindergarten advice. But, you have your fans writing that you’re a”genius” showing all of us how to invest in domains…
    @Owen, really? You’ve lowered yourself to this? I’m weary of posting on these blogs now…
    People, this is standard domain investing info available for cheap at about 30 different sources. Want to know about how to get into domaining? Read Elliotsblog.com

  19. brent

    Like anything else at some point you have to be a seller. but i have to says there’s a point where certain domain names will have more value than just registration.
    also recent search engine news shows that keyword target domain names may become less valuable with the search engines. how will this effect the domain game?


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