How to Make Money Out of Thin Air in a Desert. It is all About Approach!

Morning Folks!!

To be successful in domains or in anything you do there are certain things you must achieve. When I approach a project it is a “Mission”. In an earlier post this week I talked about losing time when you start a project or mission while others all are so focused on the $$$ that they sabotage themselves right into failure.

I gave a 10 step process to help you gain success in nearly anything you do. When you get the basics right, the BIG things right, then failure is subdued into submission. Just folks are always in a rush to do it. And wrong or right is just a passing thought. They always say.....'I'll do it right next time' as they get on the trail to suffer another failure.

I get the BIG things right and no detail is too small or ignored. That means improvements and updates and revisions are continuous but not paramount. They never stop but the BIG thing MUST be right or the little things don't count. So I watch a lot of folks wasting time with details when the main item is a no go. Perfection takes time, patience and employing what you learn every time you learn something new. Then testing and see how if may affect something else for the good, the bad or not at all. But only after you get the BIG thing right.

I look at every project like this. I start in a desert and my job is to make water appear. When that water appears my job is to make it run thru my haphazard pipeline and get to the other side. Just a trickle is all I need. Nothing more. A trickle. No matter what the flow, I need a trickle to start. There may be many leaks along that haphazard pipe, but I have the luxury of TIME once I get that water from point a to point b. Most others are working on perfection but perfection does not count unless you get that water to trickle.

I then know that each day as I fix that pipeline to perfection, that I will increase the flow on the other side. I don’t care that I lost 100 gallons the day I made it work. I care that I constructed a pipeline that when my improvements are made it will carry millions of gallons of water.

All in the desert. That’s how folks create money. Out of thin air. Ideas. Buying low selling high. Buying junk and knowing it is gold. No desert in the domain business. Much easier. Realize how easy it is and perhaps that will break some of the chains that have harnessed you until now.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz