Morning Folks!!

If you have read Mike Berken's Blog yesterday you will know that there is a serious secuirty problem in the domain industry and it can't be ignored and swept under the rug any longer.

Identity theft, impersonation, and if one victim is correct, there is a thief among us, someone with a lot of knowledge about the domain industry, how the business works, who the players are.

Thanks to Mike Berkens and Dr. Christopher Hartnett, the danger that Domainers face everyday has been exposed and new ways of protecting and securing our assets will be brought out by a panel of experts, including Dr. Christopher Hartnett, Registrars, and security analysts. Also it is a PERFECT time to address this to Congressman Stearns. It is time to stop the slimeballs who prey on honest Domainers and take control.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

UPDATE: This is just the dirty little secret that so many DON’T want to talk about. Mostly registrars and auction houses. They NEED to be part of this panel. They NEED to be out front on this. They NEED to do more. They NEED to listen to their own customers or somebody will come and SWOOP them away!Domainers have certain responsibilities as well.To partake in this very important discussion. Please email me to be included in South Beach.