The Juan Williams Firing Revolution, Reaction and Calibrating Your Gut by Numbers

Morning Folks!!

One of those moments. I don’t want to get political here so I will stop and just focus on the numbers. So bare with me as I make my way through this political mine field and try to make my point that is not political.It is hard to ignore the Juan Williams Story. If you are not up to speed, take a moment. Read both stories and others. Was he unfairly fired after 10 years with NPR without so much as a hearing? Was what he said so over the line that it merited firing or is something else going on? Free Speech on attack? Did he say something that perhaps the majority agree with? Shut him up, you are shutting up too many too keep quiet. Lots of people and groups between a rock and a hard spot.

Juan said something that many feel. They won’t take a poll on what he actually said because the number they would get would be unsettling and the media does not know how to deal with it nor want to. But they are about to be forced to and it will unfold in front of all of us. This is a BIG story about to get bigger. About to explode. NPR will be the biggest loser. Juan Williams a big winner.....but more important, read on.

There are watershed moments in history or at any point of time that shifts people in a real and effective way. Jolts them! Here is what I see because of the Juan Williams episode. I am a numbers guy. Just follow the numbers.

With the U.S. elections just days away, there is a significant number of Americans that remain undecided. On the fence. Can go either way. Like a feather and a breeze. That is in the midst of a huge change and it will be the Juan Williams story that may do it. I don't want to go any further or get political. All I do is follow the numbers and RARELY do you see numbers when 75%-90% agree about his firing. That cuts across political ideology. Just the numbers. And to have it play out over the days preceding the election is could be powerful and the impact could be absolutely stunning. If it happens, it will never even be reportrd on. It's invisible.

That's what I see and I am sharing it with you because it is an invisible wave. This time it may play out in votes. Other times it can play out in sales. But picking these points in time out are vital to benchmarking your gut. Right or wrong the answer calibrates that gut.

When you focus on the numbers you can predict a reaction. In domaining, we predict reactions before the event even happens. There is a connection. Predicting human behavior after they are exposed to a catalyst can be rewarding. That is why there is advertising. But things like this is an advertisers dream and a political dream all rolled into one at exactly the most important time. Invisible to the naked eye. But that is what THESE eyes see. I am simply sharing what I see and how it may play out based on the numbers with a keen gut for the current pulse of things.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz