The Socialization of Business and the End of Domain Names

Morning Folks!!

It wasn’t until Howard did “Man on The Street” in Fort Lauderdale that I realized just how Facebook was so important to the masses. The folks not on the Internet 24/7. I had thought it was Twitter that was surging, when in fact almost 100% said Facebook and Twitter was never even mentioned.

Follow the masses. Always follow the masses. The masses have one thing on their mind and merchants have another thing going. So we get to see another advertising blunder? Businesses looking to be cool. Businesses looking for more business. Businesses trying once again to make sales and do it without Google.

I usually understand things very well. But not this. This is an EXPLOSION IN PROGRESS! You can take that BOTH ways. They are both true and accurate. It is in progress and we are watching progress. That’s no spark, that is an explosion.

When such an explosion occurs, it will be some time before things shake out. For folks to get their heads around it and use that info. Companies may want to be cautious. Inflicting your business in a social atmosphere and doing it in a wrong way can backfire. Could collapse a business as well as grow it.

So socialization may be a serpent we still have to tame and adjust to. To understand. To use.

One thing I don’t understand at all is the negative link between facebook or twitter and domain names. The link is not there. It is invented. Once you find a new sales channel, if you do, then you don’t close up your old channels. It’s just another “Tributary” into the river of your business that resides on a DOMAIN NAME.

Your address is your address. Your name is your name. Your location is your location. Facebook is not a domain killer. It is quite the opposite. 1000% percent the opposite. Facebook will drive MILLIONS to create their own websites and own ideas. That all starts with a domain name. Unless they just want to be in Facebook with no real presence anywhere else. But why would anyone do that? We are looking to increase audiences not make them smaller.

And while it surprises me that domainers would think this, it should not. Why? Because I have seen this nonsense play out so many times it is comical at this point. I can go through history, business history, social history and every time something is pronounced this or that, they are wrong. EVERY time.

Radio is dead. TV can’t exist with 500 channels. The Internet will kill TV. Home theaters will put movie theaters out of business. Satellite will destroy cable. Electric will make FIRE unnecessary. Fill in your own. I could sit here ALL day and just rifle those babies off.

And if you still believe Facebook is ANY threat to domains whatsoever........

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All roads lead to Rome. Domain Rome!

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Rick Schwartz