BULLETIN: Legendary Boxing Promoter DON KING to Address TRAFFIC Attendees

Afternoon Folks!!

WOW!!! Major announcement!

I have the great pleasure to announce that T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is getting one of the Legends of America to come and speak to us. Not since Steve Forbes have we had someone of such esteem. While Steve is a billionaire he was born into money in a way few have. But earned his wings when he could have been a goof off like me.

Now we have a self made man quite like no other. That proves that ANYTHING is possible in America. Living proof. Perhaps the greatest promoter since PT Barnum himself.

I am here to announce that DON KING is coming to TRAFFIC. If some of you don’t know who Don King is, you have some homework to do.

Mr Don King 'Only in America!'

'With his trademark 'gravity-defying' hair, the image of Don King

has hovered over professional boxing since he helped put together the 'Rumble in the Jungle' in 1974, in which Muhammad Ali regained his championship title from George Foreman. All the elements that have marked King's career came together in his first big match: brilliant showmanship, the ability to massage outsized egos, and shady financing that left a number of people—though not Don King—unpaid and unsure where the money went. Since then, King's legend has grown to the point where his own fame, with a few exceptions, eclipses the various heavyweight champions and challengers he's promoted.'

We are really happy and proud that Don will be joining us and want to thank Rick Waters of Webcast 1 for making this happen in behalf of TRAFFIC and the industry.

Folks, this is what I always envisioned should happen with such a dignified groups as us. EACH of us has a role to play and it is nice to see folks working so constructively in behalf of everyone. I hope we can continue this spirit as we are all in this together.

Rick and Howard