Parking 2009 VS Parking 2011. I don’t see Parking 2013. Not for the 20%

Morning Folks!!

About 2 years ago I wrote the following post:

I always like to see what I got right and what I got wrong which is why I put my thoughts in writing. It is a reference for me so that I can recalibrate and adjust and realize what I got right was not by accident.

I looked back at that post in 2008. Hmmmm…..

Not bad. Would have been better if Yahoo and Google were doing more than the lip service they have provided for as long as I can remember. But in time they will be forced to clean up what they do. In the meantime what was unthinkable on 2008 is common thinking now.

We all know we need to move domains away from PPC as fast as possible. That is no longer some silly post. That is now reality. But so many fallacy's now come to light.

For example, now that ppc is down 75% or more, do you still want to value your domain on a multiple of ppc??? It was flawed then and I said so more times than I can count and it is silly now and it is obvious. Glad folks finally figured it out. And for those still debating it. You lost. Give it up. Move on. Deal with the reality of now.

Every day that passes parking companies are getting weaker because the main domains are being pulled from ppc at an accelerating rate. Payouts are thinner and so the bean counters over at PPC land squeeze out the domainers end of the deal to make THEIR numbers work. So consolidation or even collapse may be coming. Some of these companies are already in a weakened state and are confused how to branch out and save themselves. Bean counters are not worried, they just count beans somewhere else and will destroy them next.

Then always looming in the background are new solutions that are heading our way. New partners are heading our way, new faces and businesses heading our way. BIG TIME!

The golden era of PPC is OVER! Admit it, deal with it. We are now in a transition stage. Many roads leading many places. However most roads lead into dead end walls. But one road will emerge and that will change the landscape faster than anything you have ever witnessed before. Mark my words on this one.

Don’t worry PPC companies, those of you that are adapting will still be in the game. The rest will die on the vine. That is what I see. Let's see what my post looks like when I do 'Parking 2013'. If there is even a need to do that post.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Complainers, Attackers and a FEW Domainers….80% vs 20%. Which are You?

Morning Folks!!

There is a problem in the domain industry. Not enough knowledgeable domainers and an industry about to have a massive change.

I can’t believe how many companies and domainers in the space are working in the blind. How do I put this tactfully? (Insert tactful BS here to your hearts content) Ok, there is no way to really be tactful and say what I see and what is on my mind. Leave “Tact” for the politically correct politicians that don’t seem to have much tact themselves these days.

Every day folks wake up looking for the secret that is right in front of them but won’t do a damn thing DIFFERENTLY to try and find it. They use their energy to whine and lash out. The MAJORITY of folks calling themselves “Domainers” fall into this category. I did not put them there, they pigeon holed themselves a long time ago. Locked their minds away.

I am not happy about that. There are 2000 “Domainers” but in reality we all know that the real number is a fraction of that. 400?? And then a lot of NOISE. Take that 80% noise. Combine them all and they will equal what the #400 domainer earns and knows. You can earn nothing but that does not mean you have to be and act like a loser. You can learn how to emulate a winner until you become a winner. You are what you practice.

Oh boy, they are all getting pissed off at me now. But be pissed at YOURSELF! You control your destiny not me. I just see what I see and point it out. I hope MANY of those 1600 will join the 400 or I would not waste my TIME pointing this out. Lashing out at me guarantees you will always be part of the 1600. Wrong direction.

But it is not up to me, it is up to them and they are so busy complaining, whining and attacking their chances are going down not up. WRONG DIRECTION. But attack me instead of looking in the mirror. I am just stating facts as I see them. If that makes you uncomfortable….change it. Don’t change me, change YOU!

So many are in an industry they don’t understand, get piss poor results and hang out in the forums where there are so many losers and loose cannons that it is increasingly difficult to actually spot a REAL domainer. There are so many competing agendas. They can't spot that either. You need to be aware. Aware of it all.

Having 5000 names does not make you a domainer. It makes you a guy with 5000 names and a bill. Think of it like this. Let’s go back 200 years or so. There is land in New York City where there are millions of people, there is land in Kansas but there are no people. New York will add a million people in the next 20 years before the first person ever gets to Kansas. Land in Kansas may have value at some point. But the key there was it would not happen in your lifetime. THAT is a big difference and since the DAY I got on the net, there has been 80% of the “Domainers” securing land in Kansas and the only folks in Kansas are domainers.

Some started as mediocre and then drilled down to be a loser instead of drilling up and being a winner. One small adjustment to gain huge results. Just a change in attitude and direction. The first step, stop hanging with losers. You are a product of your environment. Hang with winners. Losers are on earth for only one reason, to drag others down to their level and hinder their progress. Just look how they behave and stop supporting it. Support YOU, not THEM! DUH!!!!!!!!!!

How do you spot a loser? If you actually read this and can’t spot a loser after this, read it again. I can spot a loser in one thought. Can you? One sentence. Can you? And if you can spot losers that also means you can spot winners. The more you practice, the better you get at spotting either and then categorizing them. Losers have no place in your life. Do they??

Talk like a loser and you will be a loser. Think like a loser and you will be a loser. Act like a loser….well you get my drift. Talk like a winner, think like a winner and act like a winner, you won’t have time to be a loser. Losers spew shit. That’s what they do with their time. If you can’t spot a loser, there is only ONE REASON.

The worst part.....I don't know very many successful people that don't want to give back. To lend a hand up. To do whatever they can to help the next guy. But no good deed goes unpunished. What a shame. The ones they want to help are just too busy biting and struggling and lashing out to calm down, take a deep breath, stop where they are and recalibrate. They are slaves of their minds and while they think WE have the key, it is really them that have the key and our sin is pointing it out. You may not be able to control your circumstance, but you certainly can control how you react to your circumstance. Turn the impossible into the inevitable.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz