Don King the END USER!

Morning Folks!!

Some spirited comments after the announcement of Don King. Pretty surprising given the industry we are in.

But unlike any other speaker we have had, Don King is coming to us to learn about domains. He has a fascination for domain names and wants to learn more. So Don King is coming as an investor and end user. Now there is a criteria for that??

Why would anyone come to TRAFFIC and want to hear from someone that knows little about domains?? Because he comes to talk about success and that transcends domains. Talk about the real world and that also transcends domains. Domains are a vehicle. So many of you don’t have a clue what that means. You should!

So the ones making the loudest comments are the ones that are the most clueless.

Now I do understand disagreeing. I only see a couple of non-agenda driven commenters that just disagrees and that is fine. I respect and appreciate that. It was not personal.

Then it becomes MY JOB to convince that person or persons to look at it in other ways. Those are the only people I am writing to and I hope that is obvious. Some already can see where I am coming from and either understand it or have faith because of my track record. The rest I don’t care about because they are agenda driven, anon cowards that crow at every chance. Exposing them is sport.

The bad reasons are obvious. That is why I believe you always have to look past that and I believe fair minded people will do that and in the totality, I hope to sway them. If not before the show, then after. That is my goal. But if I don't, I understand that as well. I guarantee we will never call each other names because it is not about either of us. It is about a viewpoint.

Don King did some very bad things, paid his dues and turned his life around. You can do that in America! You can’t do that in many other places.

He is in a tough business and in that business anything goes. Boxing is not a “Clean” industry. But either is the domain business. Plenty of wrong doing . Does not excuse either, but what is… So there is something to learn.

I have never met anyone that has seen life from both ends. I want to hear what he has to say. How he as a promoter sees domains. We have a chance to pitch the #1 promoter in the universe. And unlike any other speaker we have had, Don King wants to come to see what we are doing. He is interested. All other speakers I had to personally develop their interest and hope they would end up to be our “Carrier Pigeon”.

Don King is much more than a speaker. He is an opportunity swooping in for a few minutes. In those minutes he may say just one thing that will change how you look at your business. One word, one sentence, one thought that is priceless.

Zappy Zapolin wrote to me one word when he heard it was Don King….”Brilliant”
Then 10 minutes later an Anonymous poster says it is “Idiotic
Which comment has more value????

Mike Berkens commented. He is the only one of us so far that has actually met him. He had some pretty kind things to say.

So there is an entire spectrum of opinion. My job is to show those that disagree that there are other ways to look at this man and a one lane myopic view just won’t work here. You can’t ignore his accomplishments just because he did some bad things along the way. It is his accomplishments that are valuable to us. It is his accomplishments that we can learn from and apply to our businesses.

And then I always hear, “Where are the End Users?”

Well here is a WHALE of an end user who I would like to convince to stay around for the auction.. I am sure it would have no value to have a headline about Don King buying a domain name at the auction.

What value does the greatest promoter of our time have to an industry that has been ignored? Now let me think.

I always KNOW I am on to something GREAT when I get this much resistance. I will change minds in TIME. TIME. TIME is what it is all about. Time is my best ally. I don’t have to be right in the short term, I have to be right in the long term. Nothing new for me. Just the path I know that I will find great things on.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz