Come on Down the Weather is FINE!!

Afternoon Folks!!

The South Beach weather forecast is as follows and it is going to be GORGEOUS!!:

Friday High 84 Low 67

Saturday 81/65

Sunday 80/68

Monday 82/72

Tuesday 82/72

DRY and SUNNY and about as good as you can ever wish for in Beautiful South Florida.

Bon Voyage to our friends taking the Domain Cruise! As a cruiser, you are in for a great time I am sure.


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My Big Secret of Being Mediocre for Nearly 40 Years!

Morning Folks!!

I went to 3 different High Schools in my last 3 semesters of school that were 3000 miles apart. It was not easy then and it is tough when I look back now. The longest I went to any school was 3 years. In total I went to 7 different school systems in 6 different states. I was a good student until about 13 and then with so many moves and different levels of this and that I began to lose my way. I was always the “New Kid”. I started falling behind and losing interest. By the time I hit the middle of 9th grade, I gave up and never applied myself again until the day I dropped out of college and my life began.

But even then I paved a road of mediocrity. I never used all I had. I used enough to get me through life. I was homeless in those days but not without a roof. I traveled the next 15 years living out of a suitcase. Jimmy Carter was President and the economy was MUCH worse than it is now because there were much fewer options in life. Gas lines. Some towns were basically out of business. Long distance phone calls were expensive and there was no Fed Ex. No Computers. There were 3x5 index cards and I was too lazy to use them.

And then one day, things started to change. It was 1993 and I was playing Duke Nukem and just lost $65,000 in options. (Remember iOmega?) It was a devastating loss because I never lost that much money at one time in one day. The good news is that I learned to lose even more and that taught me how to make money.

Then I got these Tony Robbins tapes. Life changing and to this day I still have never heard 16 of the 20 cassettes. That was the last day I was ever “Mediocre”. That put me on a new path. Instead of playing Duke Nukem, I developed a novelty Wrist Watch and never left my office as I designed the product and got a source and began shipping. From idea to first shipments in 6 weeks! And I never left my office. I was on the NBC Nightly News the day I got my first shipment of OJ Watches.

Now while I sold thousands, I just broke even with the watches.But it was a learning experience that made it so valuable. I was able to break loose of those chains in my MIND that were keeping me mediocre when I should have been tasting excellence. I now had a road map in place to do things.

That was the moment. That was the event. That was what changed my life. Not that it was bad before, but I worked way too hard to just be mediocre and I deserved to be better than that.

So I changed my outlook and like magic my life changed. That gave me the fuel to keep making more improvements. Manage my time better. Finish projects. Enjoy a level of success that I never had before and all I did was look at things differently and instead of the lip service of talking about things I just went out and did them with less energy than it would take to EXCUSE FAILURE!

My only regret is I did not learn this in my teens or 20’s. Not until I was 40 did I figure it out. After that life is like cutting butter with a hot knife. Failure is harder to achieve than success. Failure hurts and success does not. Just so many realizations I wish I had figured out earlier. And while I will never fear failure, today failure is only a step closer to success. In those days failure was end of the road.

The single biggest thing I learned was that failure or success is determined at the beginning not the end. You arrive at failure in the last hour, but your failure was predetermined during your first hour. The only thing I can do is share what I have discovered along the way and help you apply it to the domain business or any business.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Last Call, Last Deal. $300 Price Roll-Back for TODAY only! See You In SoBe!

Morning Folks!!

The Monster in Miami is about to take center stage and when it is over, the industry will know that once again TRAFFIC not only made history but will always be on the cutting edge of history. From Don King to Simon T. Bailey to Congressman Cliff Stearns TRAFFIC is wall to wall with qualified speakers taking on important issues and even more surprises to come.

After a year of planning and gaining the momentum needed during a year that saw more domain shows than any of us can even keep up with, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. SOUTH BEACH is about to take place.

New products and new companies will be unveiled at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. That s what T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is, your first glimpse at the future as it affects you and your business.

If you have had second thoughts about not signing up at the lower levels, we will give you one last chance to reconsider and be where everyone else will be when we talk domains.

In the past I have explained that we polish our schedule to the moment an event happens. As you see with Don King, we just keep doing until the BELL RINGS! And we are not done. Even more surprises are in store. Besides should be interesting when Don King Meets up with Domain King. (Sorry could not resist)
Why Don King?? Perhaps the greatest promoter since PT Barnum himself? Ali, Oprah and countless others. More eyeballs watched the 'Rumble in the Jungle' than any other event of it's time or in history. Against all odds, criminal background, poor and then proved that anyone can pull themselves up as high and as far as they choose. It's a story worth hearing and understanding and more importantly, applying to our medium. If you don't know Don King, Google him and learn..

So, TODAY only, until 6PM EDT, We will roll back prices to the $1495 level. Shake the trees one last time and then right back to $1795. For those who have already paid $1795, we will issue you a full credit for the difference. But this is for TODAY ONLY! Just send a return email for further instructions.

Now a few notes. The hotel has filled all of our room block and then some. If you have a problem booking a room, we have 5 rooms set aside. But they may not last long. Check this link first.
On the very first morning before brunch, there is a special Speed Networking session. You must sign up before the show to participate. We have long heard that putting the speed networking early on would be helpful so folks can meet others they need to talk with and focus on that early on. The early bird gets the worm. Sign up here.

Lastly, all further updates will either be emailed or appear on our FaceBook Page. Since Facebook is the quicker method, most updates during the show will be there.

That's it folks!! Safe travels. Come ready to network. Come ready to have the time of your life. Seize opportunity when it comes and TRAFFIC brings a lot of opportunities all in one place at one time. Best bang for the buck in the universe if you really work TRAFFIC to the degree you can. Make things happen or read what you missed and regret missing out. You will see that not only is TRAFFIC back, but it never left! Once again just facilitating the course for the future. Your course, your future, should be in your control.
Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz