My Top 20 Questions When Buying a Domain Name

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I'll get right to this post from 2009. I just doddled and wrote down 20 items I consider when buying a domain name. There are others as well depending on the domain and the category etc.


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Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “My Top 20 Questions When Buying a Domain Name

  1. UFO

    Seriously, there is little value and only a few occassions where buying all the sub domains is worthwhile. Generally in branding situations.
    Google doesn’t index crap the way it used to.

  2. UFO

    Agreed that the sweetspot is in the middle ground.
    Once it was 3 char .com and 4 & 5 word .com domains
    Now its back to the lower end but not the trash.
    If I had 80k to put on a name. I’d prob go hunting in the 5k to 20k .com range.
    Most of the 5-10k range I picked up 8! years ago now must be around the 50k mark in value per domain.

  3. Sri

    Yes, of course! And the .info and .biz as well. Not only for branding but for resale value addition too. The more scarce it is, the more valuable it becomes.
    And, rather than parking them I would also put up a nice business model/network on the whole.
    And, this applies to good keyword/generic names too :)

  4. Chadi

    Hey Rick,
    Went back and read the List, its a timeless post.
    Most of the questions make prefect sense. However, I wonder
    how many people actually think before they register domains that
    pop through their head.
    Also, there is the issue of long keyword rich domain names which receive exact search with low competition. Those domains are not memorable, yet some people swear by them. Do you believe its a trend on its way up or down?
    Also, there are the short 4 to 5 letter meaningless genericless domains that however are highly brandable. What do you think of
    this category as well? Some online domain vendors base their business around making sense of meaningless domains (through exposing the sonic quality of those domains and their brandability) i.e. domains like,, etc… (not sure who own those domains – just came to mind)…

  5. Gino Orlandi

    Great post, it’s so essential to ask yourself questions like this. I find buying domains can be rather addicting and I always ask myself similar questions before making a purchase.


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