Do you Know Which Domains in Your Portfolio are Worth $1 Million or More?? $100k or More?

Morning Folks!!

At first glance you may just laugh when I ask “Do you Know Which Domains in Your Portfolio are Worth $1 Million or More??” That is a VERY serious question. I have made a living off of those that don’t know the answer.

Let me be blunt. Most domainers would not get this one right. The ability to OBJECTIVELY pick the potential million dollar names is what it is all about. It is the #1 factor. It trumps every other.

I guess the point of my writings are that there are plenty of $1M domains out there when you know the elements to look for. When you see it through the eyes of others. When you have the PATIENCE to let the market catch up to what we already forgot.

You can apply that to $100,000 domains as well. Much easier to pick those. They stand out on a list like they were in neon lights. Flashing neon lights.

Folks, we are many years ahead of the masses. For some that causes frustration. For others they just endure day by day as they watch the world around them change and evolve and understand. They all look for what we have but are still putting the puzzle together. For that matter, so are we. But we are a few exits past where they are. And many will leap frog over us. That’s a GREAT thing.
Like I have said this year….the net may have been around for 25 years but this is the first year of the net in terms of the masses. 2010 got their interest. 2011 got them and now they are going to discover what we already have while uncovering things we never thought of. I call that progress. I call that exactly where we should be at this point in the history of the universe. Sprinkle a little luck along the way and don’t second guess what you do. Celebrate it!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


14 thoughts on “Do you Know Which Domains in Your Portfolio are Worth $1 Million or More?? $100k or More?

  1. Kevin

    Yep :)
    And with a bit of patience, prospecting, and perseverence you can achieve those kinds of $$ Paydays $$.

  2. Domain Lords

    According to your 1% theory,
    1M Value = only 850 month revenue (yawn)
    100K Value = only 85 month revenue
    So how’s groupon look now with FACEBOOK DEALS being created to destroy it?
    If banks were in the domain biz or insurance companies, every name they own would show up as
    revenue x monthly income x multiplier
    ten years or 20 years would be the multiplier most likely
    so actually, 1% is too little
    120 or 200 times monthly income is how an insurance company or bank would list a domain name on an asset sheet
    The only difference between you and a real domain lord, is you don’t see the big picture, NEVER SELL
    And get domains that people will rent, like professionals
    But that takes work, something you don’t like to do
    L8r (later)
    A real DOMAIN LORD

  3. Domain Lords Who?

    who is @ Domain Lords? What have they done? What information are they offering to help or share? Everyone is entitled to their thoughts … But why leave a comment that doesn’t help anyone?
    At least Rick is giving his feedback on how he see things… Don’t like it don’t read it…
    Why compare Banks in the domain biz… Look how well they did with their valuations of actual properties and allowing people to borrow on assets at non realist values … Hence the state the US, UK, Europe are in at present is down to banks with Crap Assets on their Balance Sheets not worth 100x or 20 x….
    Well that’s my two cents…
    It is up to us as individuals to decide what we do with our assets and people like Rick help us realise there true value.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Many domainers including myself have had interested domain flippers blow smoke up their ass, to the point that they get confused and lose their own vision of what their names values really are. Add to that the many valuation services that low ball names for their own competing advantages and you wind up with a lot of confused owners.
    The domain name markets so called valuation model guidelines are designed to confuse and manipulate domainers into letting go of their assets on the cheap. Domainers need to know what they want and stick to their guns in getting it. Being able to say NO to a low ball offer is key to getting the right deal.
    Gratefully. Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. Tom

    Zig used to say,”Bathing is like motivation, everyone should do it every day,” or something like that. This post was like a few cupped palmfuls of water I might splash on my face in the early morning to chase away the grogginess. The future is indeed promising.

  6. Stan

    I think whoever brought for 100,000 the other day got a bargain I can see that selling for 7 figures in the years to come…maybe you and Mike should have picked that one up as well.

  7. Altaf

    Only we are looking at you Rick. Whatever so far I learned or have been motivated only reason is you. I know some people here will be jelous say I am flatering. Nope! They should come up with good feedback without any returns.
    Have a great day!!

  8. Karl Jackson just sold for $700,000. It was a Pvt sale. Google Adwords Traffic Estimator says for those exact keywords you can expect at least 667 clicks a day which you will pay Google $1,272.000 a Day for showing Running Shoes 667 times. I personally have domains that get 100 to 1,500 clicks a day.

  9. Mary

    In Rick’s defense… beacuse I gree with almsot all of his ideas and how he sees the market…
    You are comparing renting property to owning and selling for a profit. Both are very strong and profitable ways of playing this market. One is not better than the other. They are both excellent models. Why would you come here and proclaim that renting is better than owning and selling? Your way is your way, but its not the only or even the best way for everyone. You get your money on a montly basis, while sellers get theirs in lump sum. Its still profit. Interest can be earned on lump sum. Everyone has their own needs and this works for many of us. Renting works for you. No real contest.
    Domain lord is a cute name for what you do, domainlord, landlord. I like it, but you are no Rick. Sorry.


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