I Sell 16th Domain in 16 Years……235.com goes for $100k

Morning Folks!!

When is it time to sell? Well for years I have had inquiries and offers for 235.com and my other NNN.com domains. I have one price for most of them $100,000. They all come back and say it is too high and not worth $100k. My canned respose...'Come back when it is'.

Well is 'Is'. And so a $70 gamble in 1998 pays off about $10,000 in ppc over the years and now $100,000 in cash. What stock coud I have bought in 1998 that would have done better?? Passively?? Over a 1500X return over the years.

Why sell now? Because like a farmer, the item was RIPE! I knew what 'Ripe' looked like for a long time. $100k. When the market reached $100k, the domain was 'Ripe'.

Now does that mean I believe it has reached full value? Absolutely not. I have NNN.com's that will not 'Ripen' until the market hits $250k. Go ahead and laugh. You can't even hold a candle to the laughs of 1998 when I 'Wasted' $70.

Do you have the patience to wait that long? My strategy started out knowing it could be 20 years. Not 20 minutes, not 20 days, not 20 months. Each domain will ripen at a different point because each industry is at a different point on how they are harnessing the power of the Internet.

Breaking through the clutter is getting harder not easier. THAT is why domains will keep going up in value regardless of what know nothings know and say.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz