100% of One Business….or…..25% of 1000 Businesses?

Morning Folks!!

I have often talked about my 20 year plan but have NEVER talked about what happens after 20 years. See it is 20 years to the starting line. I think I have helped to shorten that time. I believe at about 17.5 years things will just POP!

So what happens after 20 years? After 20 years the dealmaking really begins in earnest. I don't want 100% of the pie. I want 25% of 1000 pies. Maybe 2000 pies. I mean businesses. Can you imagine that? I sure as hell can. I have dreamed it for a very long time. But as it gets closer, I can taste it. I already have several of these deals in place. Partners I may or may not have met. They have a talent to do something profitable specifically with one of my domain names.

Like every mountain you have to climb slow at first and then it begins to accelerate. Candy.com started with just 2%. Property 5%. Luv.com 25%. Depending on the attributes and ideas and profit potential, each one will have a different number. But the one that seems to be the path of least resistence where you allow a third party to use one of your domain names to make a go of their idea is worth 25%. They need no money, they need a profitable idea.

So the profitable idea is really like carrying American Express. It goes anywhere. Your GREAT idea is your passport to other places and dimensions and success.

So 100% of 1 business is 100%. Could be gold mine and then some. 25 businesses at 25% each comes to 625%. (Like owning 100% of 6.25 businesses. 100 businesses at 25% ownership comes to 2500%. 1000 businesses at 25% ownership comes out to 25,000%. So you can own 1 business as a whole or you can own 100% of 6250 different business entities.

Follow that??

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz