Internet TROLLS Defined and More! Any Observation Can Push them over the Edge!

Moring folks!!

I am a student of Human Nature and I have written about it extensively over the years. Humans are very predictable. They pigeon hole themselves into a number of different groups. Once you define which group somebody is part of you can decide the most effective way to either deal with them or avoid them.

'Trolls basically come in two flavors: the intentional and unintentional. The latter are those folks who are so tightly wound -- so polarized in their thinking -- that almost any observation can push them over the edge. Like the Queen of Diamonds in the classic film The Manchurian Candidate, there are key words that trigger their hate. On our Web site, the mere mention of 'Obama,' 'Apple,' 'Sirius' or pretty much any biotech company will usually guarantee a flood of caustic comments, often hunt-and-pecked with misspellings ('moran' is a common insult), the grammatical command of a Nigerian scammer and a propensity for keeping the Caps Lock button pressed' Read the rest of the article here.

So what we see is every 'Pond' has the same thing going on you just have to insert the different names in the variables. Each 'Pond' is a different group, different business, differnt industry and so on. Change the names but the Human Nature aspect of it is the same.

Now that you see that we are just another pond it is easier to define what exactly is going on and that it is not just in the Domain Industry. Watch 'Lord of the Flies' and you will understand it even more.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz