If you are not Making Money in Domaining YOU are doing Something Wrong. Very Wrong

Morning Folks!!

I look at Domaining and see so many ways to make BIG money that it strikes me when those, some of them good friends, are making NO money. First you have to come to the reality you are making no money. Then, as I have stated for years, then you just must STOP. If you are going the wrong way, why would you want to get FURTHER from the goal not closer? So stopping is the first thing you MUST do. There are no other ways. That is why you are frustrated. You have tried everything but the #1 thing. STOP. Stop. Take a weekend off.

I hear ya, you can’t afford to. I am telling you that you can’t afford not to. Go back to the base of the mountain. Look at it via fresh eyes. Look at it in a new way. Some of you have been doing this for many years now and that means you know more than you did when you tried the first time.

Go back to the base of the mountain. Go 1 mile away. Look at the big picture. You don’t need money in domaining to make money. You just need know how and that part you already have.

There are many paths at the base of the mountain. There is no path where you are at. Start again!! When you get to the base, you are way ahead of the others there. Just choose your path. Not the same one you were just on. Go to the other side of the mountain and start there. Do the opposite of what you did the first time.

Stop delaying. Pick your best domains, get rid of all the other crap and hit that mountain with a lighter load. The opportunities are there. They are everywhere. But you need to be on the right path to begin with to see those things. Look, I don't have to prove shit. I see what I see and I am giving you the best advice I can so that hopefully you can get a better result.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz