What Does the $500,000 Sale of Gay.xxx Mean to Movies.xxx and 11 others??

Morning folks!!

Last night I heard about the sale of Gay.xxx for $500,000 with this Press Release that has just been issued moments ago. The first thing that came to my mind was what bargains we have at the auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and I think we will blow away a few of the reserves. BIG TIME!

We don't know the future, we speculate. Some speculations pay off and others do not. You hope at the end of the day you come up with a net positive. And like Steve Jobs said.....Ignore the NOISE.

The seeds you plant now may be 5 years down the road before they pop. But it could also be 5 months. There are $$ on the sidelines looking for solid investements and speculation.

But whatever you speculate on should be, MUST BE, PRIME. Prime gives you a shot. Sure, the peanut gallery can throw flowers.mobi in my face at every opportunity and I can cram 16 sales up their ass. They only can see one side of the ledger and have a one track mind. Losers and trolls have a way of hanging out together. But they won't be changing the world. We are all lucky if they change their underwear.

I know the real folks see through all that. The rest of us just put one foot in front of the other and miraculously we always seem to arrive in the destination we planned.

'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.' Jobs 2005

The 'Naysayers' are out in the cold and soon to be out of business. They focus on others at the expense of their own livelihoods. They can't kill success of others. They can only kill their own success.

There is a difference between having a difference of opinion and belittling folks that push the edges and trailblaze. My money, my risk, why do so may feel threatened enough that they have to yell from every bridge?

There is not one among us that can be certain how the future unfolds. We can guess, we can bet, we can speculate. And when you have nothing else........you talk down others that are willing to guess, bet and speculate. At that point, I will from today on refer to this little gem: 'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.'

I don't know if .xxx will or will not be anything, but that does not mean I don't take some dollars and speculate. If it hits, I win. If it doesn't I look for the next OPPORTUNITY! Just remember, opportunity does not come with any guarantees. Does not come with a sign that says 'This way'. Opportunity is something you do when everyone else tells you not to.

Let me count all the folks I met in 1995 and 1996 and 1997 that said buying domain names was smart? I know they said buying Porno.com was dumb. I know they said that Candy.com was not a valuable domain name. I know they said Property.com was not worth it for $750,000. I know that what I may know today may mean nothing tomorrow. Things do change. All you can do is try and get your share.

I own .info, I own .tv, I own .co, I own .net, I own .org, I own .Me, I own .xxx, I own .com i own .whatever I think could have value in the future and I have the patience to let it play out, one way or another. But none have EVER been a threat to .com. The chances are that none will for a very long time. 10-20 YEARS from NOW. And even at that point it does not make .com go down in value. The .com counterpart of any domain name of any extension will have value for the rest of your life.

But forget all that. The eyes of the world are now focusing on domain names. New frontiers. New ways to win.

Rick Schwartz

5. Juicy.XXX Reserve under $15,000
6. Vrtual.XXX Reserve under $15,000
7. Hotties.XXX Reserve under $15,000
8. Chatroom.XXX Reserve under $15,000
6. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
7. Orgy.XXX Reserve under $50,000
8. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
9. Blondes.XXX Reserve under $50,000
10. Singles.XXX Reserve under $80,000
11. Party.XXX Reserve under $60,000
100. Stars.XXX Reserve under $100,000101. Local.XXX NO RESERVE

Steve Job’s Place in History. A Small Tribute from a BIG Fan!

Morning Folks!!

Did you notice that the world is turning a little slower today? It is. When mankind loses the likes of Steve Jobs mankind loses something words can’t describe, When I look back, I would have to say he is as easy to replace as Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin or Isaac Newton. In other words, he is irreplaceable.

There is not a human being that is alive that has not benefitted from his visions and ideas. Talk about creating “Jobs”. Job’s created more jobs that perhaps anyone on earth and his legend will live on. What Beethoven is to music, what Shakespeare is to writing is what Steve Jobs was to progress and tech and of course computers and even more.

He may have departed but luckily for us he set a course that will keep producing innovation for more than a decade before the genius fades away.

Steve Jobs changed the world and changed our lives. Each and every one of us. I don’t know another person in my ENTIRE LIFETIME that has had more impact on more people, than Steve Jobs. Until last night......maybe John F. Kennedy.

All I can say is we are all very lucky that he was our contemporary. I admit I cried last night. I did this morning too. We lost somebody more special than words.

I still call for an “International Day of Mourning”. It will be interesting how this all unfolds today and in the days ahead.

I write this on my Macbook Pro. The last thing I set down at night before I go to sleep is the iphone and the iPad, well.....I am surrounded by them. It is part of me. All that since 2007 when the first iPhone came out and CHANGED MY LIFE! Still don't have an iPhone?? What century are you in? DINOSAUR! :-)

Here are my Blog Posts about the iPhone. I saw why it would be the #1 device in the world in my first MINUTE!


When I remember Steve Jobs, THIS will be the image I remember. LAST to market and became #1 with a bullet! A lesson to all.

'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.' Jobs 2005

Alexander Graham Bell and the others I mention now have a new member. What would 'Alexander' think of the phone today? Jobs did not invent the phone he just brought it to the highest level in 135 years. Commuication today? Watson is that you? Say hello to Columbus too.

Rick Schwartz