Steve Jobs DEAD!

Evening Folks!!

Sorry to hear Steve Jobs has died. A GREAT loss for mankind. :-(

He will rank up there with Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein along with only a handful of others. Prolific life changer for EVERY person reading this.

And for those that think life is open 56, he was younger than me and not that much older than many of you. The greatest idea man of our time is gone. He can't be replaced. I think it is okay to shed a few tears on this one. I am surrounded by all things Apple.

I think he deserves an 'International Day of Mourning'

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Rick Schwartz

2nd Bite of the Apple”Defined” for the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction

Morning Folks!!

Last week I described our idea about the 'Second Bite of the Apple' to help bring some liquidity into the domain market. It was just an idea and since then we have constructed the formula and put the infrastructure in place.

We will be working with who will be providing the financing, transfer and escrow service. The info can be found here.

This service is open to all sellers and they must advise us before the auction whether they want to be included in the 'Second Bite'. If the domain does not sell for cash, a seller can elect to offer 2-3 year (or more or less) financing with 25% down and then payments over the term. If the buyer defaults the seller gets the domain back and keeps all the funds. Likely eclipsing anything they could earn over the same term. However I believe most if not all will fulfill their obligation. Either way, it is a winner even if it goes south. The buyer gets a shot at a top line domain name with a fraction of the cash needed. That buys time!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz