TeaParty.com……The Single Most Valuable Domain in the World Today!

Afternoon Folks!!

It hit me a few days after I read Mike Berkens Post on TeaParty.com what exactly was at stake. Million Dollar domain according to Bloomberg?? Try Multi-Million Dollar domain name. Try the most valuable domain available in the world today. Laughing?? You shouldn't be. You should be trying to understand why this domain could be worth $5 Million, $10 Million, $20 Million! It is also worth a lot less if you don't pick it apart to see why the value is so high.

TeaParty.com is worth a lot of money. How much? Well let's figure it out. It is estimated that $2.5 BILLION will be spent on the elections in 2012 between the USA Presidential Race and the Congress as well as local elections. That works out to about $8 for every man, woman and child.

Last week a poll came out and revealed that 16% of those polled consider themselves Tea Party Voters. Let's say that 125 million people vote for President. 16% would translate into 20 million people. 20 Million. At a $5 Million valuation that would work out to just 25 cents per Tea Party voter. At $10 million that would be 50 cents each and at $20 million that would be just $1 each. Compare that to the $8 above!

But don't stop there. It will be that 16% that likely decide the election. $2 Billion may be spent on the presidency. How much is that domain worth if it secures the presidency??

So there would be a number of suitors.

1. The Tea Party

2. Another faction of the Tea Party

3. The Democratic Party

4. The Republican Party

5. George Soros

6. Huffington Post

7. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Those are just a few that pop into my head.

Why is TeaParty.com so important? Because the Tea Party itself is without central organization. That is both good and bad. One single domain name, TeaParty.com would change that instantly. The TeaParty.com domain name fixes the bad part. It becomes the central place for the Tea Party if it ends up in the right hands. Put in other hands.....who knows what the outcome would be.

That 16% will like grow between now and the election. And btw, it will be useful in ALL elections going forward. So what is TeaParty.com worth? Simply, IMO it is the single most valuable domain in the world today. Now few will agree, but the numbers prove my point. The power this domain represents is perhaps picking the next leader of the Free World. How much is that worth??

The TeaParty.com domain name that can change the course of history. How much is that worth?? How powerful is that?? Anyone on Madison Avenue even have a clue? Washington D.C.? We will soon find out.

Just remember the election of 2000 came down to 537 voters. When I say 'Change the course of History' I sure as hell mean it and most miss it.

And that is only in the Presidential race let alone thousands of local races. Value? You bet! Perishable? Perhaps. Meaningful? Without question. Mainstream clueless? Like the last 15 years never even happened.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz