Announcing the Domain Lease Draft, LIVE on Saturday at 10AM

Morning Folks!!

Are we having fun yet? Danny and I are going to keep moving this mountain and have some fun doing it and involve as many of you as want to be involved.

The 'Pick Your Properties' Reverse Domain Draft will be Saturday at 10am EDT and our 12 member sales force will select the domains they go to market with. So team, if you can make it, we'll do it live, right here on tomorrow. If not, see the P.S. below.

One BIG change to what was announced before and its one you need to take notice of: ALL of our listings are in play...y'all can have the pick of the pick and show people what you/we can do when you take a hungry tiger and take the bars off the cage. With one caveat. The 25 free agent domains below are off limits as far as exclusivity, however you can still market to your very targeted clients. We will also assign you one of these names IF you lease a domain OR you have a significant relationship with a specific domain name.

So, for every lease written you get to pick one domain from the following list to add to your roster. So there is a sense of urgency to all this because when we roll into T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in May, our goal is to have a handful of leases to waive around as we move the ball forward.

At 10AM tomorrow we will list the domains, announce the bidding order as far as the sales team. Each team member will be able to pick one domain per round for the first 5 rounds and then 2 domains a round for the next 5 rounds. That will give each of you 15 names to focus on. This is all subject to change but we are trying to keep it as simple and transparent as possible and will clearly state everything at 10AM.


























So print out the listings from the blog, sharpen your pencil, grab a highlighter, put your game face on and get your 'list' together of which properties you want to pick to represent that no one else on our official team but Danny Welsh will be able to market for 3-6 months...
If you want a tip on which of our 6 figure and up dollar domains you SHOULD pick to's simple:
1. If you already have C-level decision maker contacts in 'industry', pick an '' style domain names to represent (example '')
2. If you already have a hobby in an area and interest or passion for something that has a social group attached to it, then pick a domain name (example
3. If you already use a product, love it, and know just which types of companies should want, then pick that one (e.g.
And so on and so forth. It's not hard. Rick and I picked less than 1% of 70,000 domain names, and thanks to our inaugural clients we were able to get the best of the best in value.
Now you guys get to each pick 10 to start with, start selling that value at a very affordable lease price...and then away we go!

'See' you Saturday at 10 AM EST right here on
And maybe in person May 27th in Vegas too?
Up to you.

Danny Welsh

PS If you can't do Saturday, send me your preferred list via email in order from 1 to 200 and Saturday I'll pick on your behalf from your choices and what's still available.