On The Way Home to Florida…..

Morning Folks!!

Had a great week with Danny Welsh up in North Carolina and we ended our 5 day pow-wow with a Disney movie last night. Best part. The end where Walt Disney says 'Keep Moving Forward' because every day, and at each point of frustration I say all you have to do to reach a goal is keep moving forward. As long as you are doing something proactive to keep you moving forward....it is a GREAT day!

The future is exciting and we are going to peel it right in front of your eyes each and every step of the way. Then anyone can come back here later this year, next year and the years after to see our words and then to measure them against our achievements.

The BS we are goiing through is nothing compafred to the sales job Disney must have done to share his vision. And folks, it is a vision. The clearer that vision is, the better chance at success. This baby is CRYSTAL CLEAR!

Friday again?

Have a GREAT Day!