Ladies and Gentlemen of, START YOUR ENGINES!!

Morning Folks!!

Here is the bidding order. Please move your selections along. Once published and it is your turn you have 90 seconds to make your selection. That will insure that things move along quickly. Faster would be even better. ;-) So reload every 15-30 seconds when you are coming up and make sure you have another clean browser just in case cache is king. ;-)

You are picking the artillery you are arming yourself with to go battle the marketplace snd find homes for these great names and the opportunity that each domain name comes with. Priceless! Once again we enter a UNIQUE MOMENT IN TIME! A time that decisions made will be everlasting and permanent.

In every field there are competitors and one is always smarter than the other. More aggressive than the other. More focused than the other. More passionate than the other. More of everything you can think of. FIND THAT GUY! Your mission is to find the smart guy that gets it and is hungry as you and me! SIMPLE!

All I ask is that you go in order and do it as timely as possible as not only are others waiting, but the eyes of an industry are on us. We try big things and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. So, each does their job on this TEAM and we WIN!

Michael Hudak will start the process at 10:05AM if this posts timely. Once a selection is made, please cross off your list if you have it on there.

If you pick any of the following domains you will LOSE YOUR PICK POSITION. DELETE THESE NAMES FROM YOUR LIST FOR TODAY. We will focus on these names in the coming days.

























Bidding Order
1. Michael Hudak
2. Brian Facaro
3. Joshua Fahrer
4. Anthony Silva
5. Cate.TV Colgan
6. Brandon Breshears
7. Dr. Domainer
8. Angela (Newgrl)
9. Dara Celestin
10. Eusorgio Guzman
11. Christian Calvin
12. Toshi Endo

The available list is here less the list I posted yesterday that will be treated as special cases.

T-Minuus 2 Hours and Counting!

Morning Folks!!

In just a little over 2 hours we will do something unique and different and it will be done transparently right in front of everyone. The naysayers can continue wasting their time and energy while you watch a dozen motivated folks take the positions and begin to move these 18 wheelers over the crest of this monster of a mountain. While they root for our failure each success will be a dagger to their being.

If nothing else we have defined progress! We have done this entire undertaking in front of everyone. Each day methodically moving just a little bit closer to a HUGE goal. A goal that if and when achieved will change the way all non pigeon shit farmers do business.

You can own 100% of pigeon shit the size of a grape or you can share in the rewards of 5% of an asset the size of a watermelon. 5% of something vs 100% of NOTHING! or .NOTHING or .Pigeonshit

See you at 10AM EST TODAY!

Rick Schwartz