So you Think is Best for Jewelry? I Think not!!

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It would be the knee jerk reaction of most to believe should end up with a jewelry store. But is that REALLY the highest and best use? Absolutely not! As we have it the value is $3.5 Million. But how can you make that same domain worth 10x that? I have the answer.

The PERFECT use for would be for to go after Google Circles. That's the single best use at this point in time. Imagine making that sale. Persuading folks in power to make a decision that what we have can be useful in what they are trying to achieve. SIMPLE!

Maybe showing a strategic way to a common end has value? Maybe more than you might think.

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Rick Schwartz

There IS no “.com” monopoly and so “.whatever” is doomed to be (at best) second best

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You are about to see a full court press from every registrar out there. Yesterday you saw Godaddy.NOTHING. They have a lot at stake here. If .crap, craps out....then what? So imagine all the dollars that are going to be spent trying to brainwash people that inferior is superior. That's gonna be some trick. Tulips anyone?

But that has nothing to do with this post and not sure why I even went down this road. Maybe just as a warning not to swallow the bait as tempting as it might be.

Have you ever thought there might be a “monopoly” on “.com” domain names because most of the best of them are owned and not being “used” as you see it?

Read this: and maybe you'll see more of what Danny Welsh saw when he had the 'ha!' moment that matched my own 'ah' many years ago. Ah+Ha = Ah-ha! Get it? BTW, I’m genuinely sorry your customers email me every day when they want to buy from your established company. But you can’t say I didn’t tell you it would happen…and all this unpleasantness could have been avoided if you just hadn’t RUSHED to make thewww.wrong.choice :(


Rick Schwartz

By Danny Welsh
There's no '.com monopoly' and there is no shortage of extremely valuable .com domain names available for your business idea. If you believe that, you’re wrong. So what happened and why can't you buy the eRealEstate property you've got your eye on?

Read this blog and you’d understand why it’s YOUR fault you were asleep at the wheel for all those years and now are about to CRASH head-first into a future others predicted, transparently TOLD you would happen, and you went forward with driving a www.domain.crappy vehicle anyway.

It’s just timing and circumstances and human nature that has proven to turn the exchange of cash for one $100 bet many years before into an asset such or, while all attempts to copy and sell, buy, market/promote or make money with a 'good enough' alternative for either has proven a risky gamble with SIGNIFICANT consequences.
Just ask the fine folks at how many calls and emails their customer service handles weekly because their customers are confused.
We're not even sure it'd be legal for us to read the “confusion email” from their customers who don't even know what “.net” IS and regularly email someone that doesn’t exist to an email address no one marketed to them…when they want to buy or need support of some kind from

So once we realize it happens, we don't want to read sensitive information. But if you think hundreds upon hundreds of customers and prospects don't regularly email email addresses --many times with credit card numbers, orders, personal information etc-- then you're in fantasy land that nothing more than a simple AUTORESPONDER EMAIL TEMPLATE I set up saying 'Sorry, wrong number!' would expose in a SHATTERING EXPLOSION that would have Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh and getting this huge problem you've been ignoring handled NOW an URGENT and IMPORTANT topic of conversation at every executive meeting in your company starting...RIGHT NOW.

Rick Schwartz TOLD companies like that it would happen and they built their online company on sand anyway, sand that might simply WASH AWAY as their profits ERODE handed off one customer at a time to a competing auction company that does the same thing Rick Schwartz knew a company in the future would WANT to do because he had their 'Big Idea' years before they did when he staked his claim on the eRealEstate property perfectly suited for an online auction company.

That doesn't make him a bad guy.
It makes him a bit of a sage, but even the most uncanny predictors of the future are rarely believed until that future unfolds.
Well, that future Rick predicted in 1993 is here....NOW
If your business wants to be 'good enough' for years, you can do that for an $8.99 gamble and register any old www.domain.crap such as a '.net' domain name.
If you want to be perceived as a market leader in MINUTES, protect your company from future leaks and can do that too.
Here's the part you need to understand if you followed the 'due diligence' bread crumbs we've left out for you to educate yourself on why doing business with us is a good idea...the same ones that led you without us in most cases spending a single PENNY for you to be right here, right now alonngside your customers AND competitors.

If you want or or or or
Then simply bring your checkbook and your big ideas because the guy who can make that happen for you ain't selling for nickels when there are millions to be made with the RIGHT buyer of their eRealEstate asset...ESPECIALLY with a flood of www.domain.imitations about to flood the market and make the confusion even WORSE.
Choice is each business owner's to make for themselves!
Gamble? (.net)

Invest? (.com)

Dicey? (.co)

Proven Sales Increase? (.com)

Who had YOUR 'big idea' first?

This is a fork in the road, Mr. Business Owner.

Which path do you want to take?
I know which path -I- chose to partner with and lease eRealEstate from domain owners among the '500' and while the path is not yet completely paved, the price and terms have been more than fair so far.

And the mountain to climb gets easier the moment you choose an ALLY who has already had your big idea (or something like it) and been to the top and can talk you through getting there too.

The guy's extending a hand of friendship...and if you don't take it and your competitor does...

Who is to blame?

Not the Rick Schwartz I know better everyday and am coming to trust as among the greatest allies I ever thought I might have the good fortune to meet.

Want to go to the top of your niche?

Then the first step up the mountain is to make Rick an offer he can't refuse...

See you at the Top!

Danny Welsh