A Key Domain is Being Part of a”Recognized Group”

Morning Folks!!

A 'Recognized Group' is something I have never written about until today. A 'Recognized Group' in domaining is sort of a franchise with no organization or franchise fee. Just a wave that establishes a stream of sorts and credibility at the same time and is memorable. Many of the domains I registered over the years fall into these categories.

For example in 2008 'Joe the Plumber' got notoriety and joetheplumber.com was a great domain name that got repeated and and copied. JoeTheBarber.com, JimThePlumber.com, TonyTheWaiter.com. All of these are examples of a train or trail and a branding not done by you but taken advantage by you with the draft of driving behind an 18 wheeler truck.

In the 800 era it was 1-800-THE-CARD by American Express. If you were lucky enough to own one of the other words followed by 1-800-THE-???? well you were in business. You were part of a 'Recognzed Group'.

Being part of a Recognized Group gives you credibility without earning it. Just instant street cred. Human nature. Never fight it.

Here is another example. I used to own a Pizza place with my brother on the boardwalk on Cape Cod. When we were having our sign made, we had to decide what to put on it. Did we put the name of our pizza place there? NO! We did not do that. But we did put one word there. Big, bold, seen for 2 blocks away because nothing else really mattered. Branding would mean our name would be bigger and our product would be smaller. On a boarwalk you don't have time to brand. You don't need to brand. You need to sell.


That was the day I learned about 'Recognized Groups' but TODAY was the first time I have ever been able to put a name on it and also put it in words with examples.

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Rick Schwartz

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