Hype-Ins vs Type-Ins

Morning Folks!!

As you no doubt saw yesterday, the 'Big Hype' is already starting x 1900 coming soon. Here is where it all goes off the rails. The HYPE vs the real Type-ins that are not and will not be there. The foundation for WHY .com is the leader. Without that foundation, then the dynamics change. But even then there are other foundations left to support .com. Like every major company in the world operating and headquartering ALL operations from the .com.

So we are going to have to endure all this HYPE that may or may not be real and will be framed in certain ways. So when you hear the HYPE then ASK the right questions or you will be a victim of a hype-in not a type-in!

So the logical missing part of this equation is how many different companies and different owners actually registered those? How many were domainers less than an arms length and how many were end users that are going to make their mark on .heretodaygonetomorrow. I think 2 or 4 people registering 4000 names is different than 2000-4000 people getting one or two each for example.

I wish Div nothing but good luck as I will with each new .whatever. But when it comes to what I see in each, I will never color it up to please. Reality has to trump Hype or we have lost our minds and souls!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz