RicksBlog.com gets TERMINATED by Reader

Morning Folks!!

So when I made yesterday's short but what I felt was an important post, I got the following as a comment:

'This your termination letter.

Over 6 month I've been subscribed to your blog with a desire to learn what makes a successful domain investor.

Here is what I picked up thus far.

1. You are very smart and people that buy your domains are also very smart.
2. You have a vision and people that buy your domains also have a vision.
3. You were in the right place at the right time, and that makes you very smart and gives you a vision.
4. Everybody else that does now share your vision is a looser and has no vision.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

And since there is nothing more (or ever) to learn I have no choice to remove your blog from my reader.

Good luck,
Your former subscriber.'

Of which this was my response:

'Anthony, sorry to hear you are GIVING UP at the start of things.
That's what will make you a loser in life. Nothing I can say can or can't do that.

Sorry I took you out of your comfort zone. Your ACTIONS or any ones ACTIONS are what makes winners and losers. Or in-actions.

So you went off the deep end on #4.

My vision does not invalidate somebody else's vision.
But if their vision fails....then what? Am I supposed to make believe there was a different reality?

Did Borders have a chance to stay in business? Who dropped the ball there?
Don't you think dissecting something like that has value?
Decision makers that were trusted to make good decisions ran their company out of business.
So is it off limits to point that out? Ask the CEO, President, 25 VP's how they did that?

Giving up is what makes somebody a loser Anthony. And if you are running away, then it is because I said something that hit close to home and pissed you off. Good!

So if you have been reading for 6 months and got nothing....you are either on a different planet or have something else going on. I wish you luck former subscriber. Whatever you are looking for comes from within, so blame away!'

What would YOUR response be to Anthony?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz