Breaking: Announces Entire 2013 Sales Team!

Afternoon Folks!!

You can only climb a mountain one step at a time if you want to get there and get there safely. We are about to announce our 12 member sales team and this is a very big step in building a 'Gung-ho' organization. What is a 'Gung-ho' organization? Well that is pretty simple. And there may be a variety of definitions. Mine is when every member of a team is passionate and motivated striving for a common goal.

We advertised for 12 we got 12. We advertised for a sales manager and we got a sales manager. Before you do something you have to have the idea and the dream and then tell the world. That is the same with selling or leasing a domain or anything else you might do in life.

As early as Saturday we will have a LIVE 'Domain Draft' similar to pro sports. We expect 10-15 rounds of which each sales team member selects up to 20 domains to personally market. The first 3 team members that secures 3 paid leases by TRAFFIC, will get a FREE ticket to TRAFFIC and join Danny and myself on stage.

This will not be easy but it will be easier as time goes on and that is the thing to remember most. There will be resistance but that can be overcome with solid arguments backed up by numbers and examples.

The top 25 domains may or may not be up for Draft. To represent those domains, you will have to earn that privilege by demonstrating results. Those domains Danny and I will personally work until things shake out. But we will announce all the other details by Friday.

So without further blah, blah, blah from me. Let me present the 2013 sales force. Each of which you can meet via their video applications. I see a lot of desire there and I think their hunger and desire may just get this monster of a movement to be a success.

Angela (Newgrl)
Brian Facaro
Anthony Silva
Cate Colgan
Brandon Breshears
Toshi Endo
Joshua Fahrer
Eusorgio Guzman
Dr. Domainer
Michael Hudak - Sales Manager
Christian Calvin
Dara Celestin

None of us knows where this journey will lead. For some it may lead nowhere.
For others it may be life changing or it may just turn into an education.
There will be headwinds and there will be noise, but nothing will hold back the wave of domain leasing!

We believe it will and can be profitable for many years.
With each lease will be more oxygen to work with.
With each lease the next one gets just a tiny bit easier.
With each lease we demonstrate the viability of this model.
With each lease there is one more reason not to sell your domains.
With each lease it will point to the elements that make certain domains attractive to lease.
With each lease you will once again see a rapid rise in domain name values and demand.
With each lease you are watching something unfold 20 years in the making.

But it does not stop there. It only starts there.
Next is a success, longevity and an exit plan for both sides.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Breaking: Michael Hudak Named Sales Manager

Morning Folks!!

Each day we blaze a little bit further down the trail. Some days are not easy. Some days we make strides. Today is such a day.

Danny and I are thrilled to announce the appointment of Michael Hudak to lead the sales team. There were 2 other folks we seriously considered and that means we will have a deeper bench than I fist thought.

Other members of the team will be announced soon.
'Michael Hudak is a self motivated entrepreneur with a deep understanding of sales, start-up ventures, financial services, high level corporate structure, domain branding, investing as well as leasing and selling.
He holds a Bachelors degree in finance and has a self proclaimed PHD in people and real world business. Michael's joint startup has recently been covered on some big blogs and across many internet event partners and sites. He is also a partner of the first in person monthly venue for professional networking for finance professionals in New York-
Michael has achieved success with buying and selling domain names, creating revenue producing online properties, building businesses from the ground up and building a vast network of like minded professionals- both online and in person. Recently, Michael has taken the lead of a sales force headed up by Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh at and is ready to help set the gold standard in the domain leasing space.'
Congratulations Michael and spread the news!! Building the future one day at a time right in front of everyone! Maybe someday this will be something more than just a blog post.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz